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Midland FFA Ag Issues Team participated in the state competition on April 20th and were named STATE CHAMPS for 2015! Way to go guys and gals!

Participants include: Rylee A, Madi M, Tommy O, Ethan W, Eli S, Madison G, Landon H, Colin F, Mackenzie P and their sponsor is Miss Jamie Christiansen

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The Jones County Auditor called Mr. Rodenberg on Monday afternoon to update him with the final results of the special school election held on April 7th. After the final last minute absentee ballots were counted, Measure A passed with 61.9% approval while Measure B passed with 60.2% approval. The District can now look ahead to the planning phases of the improvements and addition. Thank you to all who voted! You HAVE made a difference for our students!

Mr. Rodenberg said "The people of the Midland school district have spoken. They have made a critical decision that will have a huge impact on our school district and our students.

With this victory the work is just beginning as we will be held accountable to follow through on a facility that truly will impact learning and teaching. The community deserves this, the faculty deserves this, but most importantly, the students deserve this.

A great number of people put in countless hours by attending meetings, writing letters, putting up and displaying signs and having those difficult conversations. On behalf of the school board, I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The world has changed a lot since 1914. This project will be a testament to our community's resolve and willingness to invest in the future.

Thanks again and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity you have given me to serve as your superintendent."

~ Mr. Brian Rodenberg, Superintendent/Curriculum Director

Here are the plans for the Wyoming building project, it is surely an exciting time to be a Midland Eagle:


Building Layout

Exterior Drawings

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School Start Date Approved

Midland will start school on August 24 for the 2015-16 school year. Here is the calendar:

2015-16 School Calendar

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Upcoming Events:

Apr 21 - Eve of Arts - Grades 3-5 Spring Concert 6PM in WYgym

Apr 22 - 1:00 Dismissal for teacher inservice - WY run AM schedule

Apr 25 - Prom Dance 8-Midnight @ OJ Legionnaire; Grand March doors open 7:30, $1 per person admission, starts 8PM

Apr 25 - Post Prom Party 12:45-3:30AM @ Calkins Barn, Wyoming

Apr 29 - 1:00 Dismissal for teacher inservice - WY run PM schedule

May 1 - Wyoming center Earth Day community service project 1-3PM

May1 - OJ Field of Dreams Ribbon Cutting 6:00 - behind the elementary building

May 4-15 - DIBELS Testing @ elementary

May 6 - 1:00 dismissal for teacher inservice - WY AM schedule

May 7 - GWAEA Hearing screenings @ WY AM

May 10 - Happy Mother's Day to all the moms in our district!

May11&12 - Senior semester 2 exams

May 13 - 1:00 dismissal for teacher inservice, WY PM schedule

May 13 - Senior class trip to Wisconsin Dells

May 13 - Athletic booster meeting 7PM room 125 WY

May15 - Graduation practice 9AM SHARP in gym

May 17 - Commencement Ceremony 2PM in gym - all are invited to help us celebrate all of the accomplishments of the Class of 2015!

May 18 - School Board Meeting 7PM room 125 in WY

May 19 - Fine Arts Banquet 6PM - family style pot luck supper & awards in cafeteria

May 20 - 1:00 Dismissal for teacher inservice - NOTE: THIS IS A CHANGE FROM ORIGINAL CALENDAR!

May 21 & 22 - Semester 2 tests for middle/high school students

May 25 - NO SCHOOL - enjoy your Memorial Day!


May 28-Aug 23 - ENJOY YOUR SUMMER!

July 28 - On site school registration @ elementary bldg. in OJ 9AM-7PM

July ?? - On site school registration @ middle/high school in WY 9AM-7PM

Aug 24 - School begins for 2015-16 school year

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Makeup days for snow days so far this year are as follows:

Jan 7 will be made up on Fri, May 22

Feb 2 will be made up on Tues, May 26

Mar 3 will be made up on Wed, May 27 - as of now this is our last day of school and would be a 1:00 dismissal

Any further no school days due to weather will be added to the end of the school year, so May 28, 29...

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Betty Anderson was awarded the 2015 Athletic Booster of the Year Award at the high school winter sports banquet on March 5th. This is the second time Betty has won the award, the first being back in 1999. Since that time she has been THE most visible volunteer in a broad variety of activities at Midland, both athletic and other. You can always find "Grandma Betty" (as some of the students call her) in the bleachers at any sporting event both home and on the road, keeping stats in the baseball dugout, driving suburban when needed, bringing treats or gatorade for the team, and many other things. Non athletic support includes chaperoning the Prom dance and the Post Prom Party, chaperoning the homecoming dance, being a float judge for homecoming, serving on the Post Prom Planning Committee, etc. She also donates an afghan that she has crochetted each spring for a Post Prom Prize, so some lucky senior gets to think of Betty often after leaving MHS.

Most people are true supporters when someone they are related to is involved in some way or another with the program but Betty has gone year after year after year during her time as a parent to her time as a grandparent and has shown such great support for all teams - both boys and girls - that it is truly outstanding!

Betty was nominated by Baseball Coach Ryan Steines saying "Betty does so much for our school district and most of it is without any payment. I know during baseball I do not know what I would do without Betty and I know the boys would not either. She drives a suburban if needed, does our book, and brings everything the boys need to get through games."

Betty is one person that students at Midland for decades have felt warmth and affection from. She is always encouraging kids to do their best, to go the extra mile. She is there with whatever they need, be it a smile, a hug, gatorade, etc. Strangers can tell within a minute of meeting her that Betty is one of Midland's biggest supporters. She is always positive and always lending a hand.

Another nomination for Betty came from Michelle Hansen who said "My first memories of Betty were as my bus driver when I was an elementary student coming from Center Junction, then as my little league softball coach. Betty has been a constant in my years at Midland both as a student and an employee. It was fun when she ended up driving bus for my children off and on throughout their school years. Betty is the one constant you see at all Midland events, always pleasant and smiling. She is such a good representative of the Midland Community and sets such a good example of generosity and love for our students! I truly think Betty would give her very last dime to a student if she thought they needed it. I am so happy that Betty was given the award, she is so deserving of it and so much more."

Congratulations Betty, Midland just would not be the same without your involvement! THANKS for ALL you do! We hope you stick around and share your time and talents for years to come, who knows maybe you will be the first three time winner in another 15 years or so!

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The Midland District would like to have information on the number of Preschool students to be enrolled next fall for the 2015-2016 school year. A student must be 4 years old by September 15, 2015 to attend Preschool.

Half day preschool (7:45 - 11:30 am) is free. If you would like your child to attend full days, it costs $150 per month, and there are scholarships available for those who may need them. We only have 40 slots available and we have been full the past 2 years, so please get signed up as soon as possible.

Please contact the Oxford Junction Center by calling 563-488-2292, extension 3270 or email the information below to dlarkey@midland.k12.ia.us.

Child's Name, Date of Birth , Parents' Names, Phone number, Address, City/Zip

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Kirkwood will again be offering Kirkwood for Kids from June 23-26th for students currently in 1st-8th grades. Information and registration will be sent to schools in mid to late April. Questions can be directed to Emily Martensen at Emily.martensen@kirkwood.edu.

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Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our Midland students and their families the school was able to donate over 4,100 items to the three food pantries within the district. Your care will be felt throughout the district this holiday season!

Mrs. Reilly had challenged her students/staff to have a 1,000 Can Monday but much to her amazement they collected over 2,000 items on that final day, pushing them to 2,648 items donated while the elementary collected over 1,500 items. Because the Wyoming center won, Mr. Wendler had to come up and sing Christmas carols to all three lunches. Mrs. Reilly and Mr. Rodenberg joined him so he didn't have to sing solo. Here he is serenading the students....

Thanks to all who helped coordinate this project and to the administrators for their good natured spirit throughout this competition. Mr. Wendler is now an experienced singer and is taking bookings for future engagements if anyone is interested (you might want to check with one of the students at the Wyoming center to see if they recommend him).

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Thanks to those who came out to vote at the special school election on December 2. Measure A - PPPEL Tax for 10 years was approved 126-51 and Measure B - SAVE (penny) tax change of use was approved 132-45. Nikki Rushford was voted on to the school board with 148 votes, there were also 13 write-in ballots cast.

We appreciate the support of the patrons of our district!

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The Midland FFA members were overwhelmed with the generous outpouring of support shown by the Midland community to their request for donations of shoe boxes and items to fill them for Christmas gifts for kids. They received a wide variety of items that they were able to put to good use. Here are pictures of just some of the items donated:

They created about 70 WE CARE packages and distributed them to kids in grades PS-8 throughout the district. They hope this will bring a smile to the faces of some of Midland's youngsters this holiday season.

FFA members came home with this idea from the National FFA Convention. They hope this simple act of kindness will bring smiles to the faces of youth in our community who might not otherwise have such a happy Christmas season.

A BIG THANK YOU to all who donated to this program! For a first year it was a very big success! It is nice to see the students get involved and know that they CAN make a difference in the lives of others.

Happy holidays everyone from Midland FFA! We hope you all receive a package filled with joy this holiday season!

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The Midland chapter of National Honor Society sponsored a Veteran's Day Program on Tuesday, November 11. Community members submitted photos of veterans in their family, which were then turned into a slide show. Each of the local American Legion Posts helped out with the presentation and were represented by members at the ceremony. NHS sponsor Mr. Ahouse said "The number of veterans that turned out this year was outstanding and we hope that number continues to increase in time."

Guest speaker was Kevin Reilly who shared his experiences as a vet. Kevin spoke of his experience in Afghanistan, why he joined the military in the first place and the importance of serving those who need the help most. His understanding of the conflicts in both Afghanistan and Iraq is to reestablish a form of government with cooperation, collaboration and democracy at the forefront.

When asked what he wants others to know about Veteran's Day, Mr. Ahouse said "That Veteran's Day is NOT solely for war era veteran's. I am just one of many veterans that served their country during peacetime and am proud to state that! I feel that our military is simply looked upon as war-mongers whereas large aspects of it is to serve."

The high school choir sang "Patriotic Compilation" and the band performed "The Star Spangled Banner " during the ceremony. NHS member Madison Gravel spoke on Boys and Girls State and helped lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

A reception was held following the ceremony for all of the veterans in attendance. All NHS members participated in the ceremony in some way. Thanks to Shayna Hilmer took on the challenging responsibility of designing and updating both the flyer and the script. The senior members were more than eager to present at the ceremony and all of the members rose to the occasion and made all of the veterans feel welcome in our building by making, baking and supplying a scrumptious snack.

Thanks to all who contributed in any way helping make this an awesome Veteran's Day program! We would like to continue to invite the veterans of the Midland CSD to participate and attend annually this well-deserved occasion. It is the least we can to for our veterans.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Order your 2014-15 Midland yearbook now by logging on to www.treering.com to buy and personalize your 2 free custom pages. You still have until the end of the school year to customize your personal pages. If you have not yet logged on to treering you will need the school code : 1013464327822344

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RSchool Website

RSchool Made Easy Instructions

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We STRONGLY URGE ALL PARENTS to sign up for this free program that sends you an alert the moment something changes at school. This includes changes to the school day for weather - early outs, closures - as well as any emergency situations. They can send you an email or text to your cell or computer immediately, and it would include all information you need to know.


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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Iowa School Alerts

We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE parents to sign up for Iowa School Alert system to receive email or text messages when emergencies occur that relate to the school, whether they are weather related, crisis related, or etc. This will be your quickest alert that something is occurring that may affect you or your child. We would prefer parents to use this system over any other as it will be the first one we inform in an emergency. It is a free service, so sign up today!

Midland is again taking part in the notification system offered by the State of Iowa called Iowa School Alerts. This program gives parents, the media and others the opportunity to sign up to receive e-mail notifications directly when we have cancelled classes, or will be dismissing early or starting late due to weather or other factors. This service is free of charge to you and the school. It is state funded through the IOWAccess initiative, which seeks to bring more e-government services to the people of Iowa. Your email addresses will not be sold to anyone and you will not receive advertisements or spam due to enrolling in this program.

Here's how you can take advantage of this free service:

1. Click on Sign Up! in the Main Menu at https://schoolalerts.iowa.gov

2. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter your name and e-mail address, and create secret questions and your password. This step involves obtaining a code from an e-mail sent to you to confirm your registration.

3. Once you have created and confirm your account registration, you will be taken back to the School Alerts site where you can click on My Subscriptions to add the school districts/buildings you would like to receive notices for. Once you've selected a school, you are asked to enter the e-mail addresses or cell phone numbers where you would like notifications sent. You can add as many e-mail addresses as you'd like! (Please note that some wireless services providers may charge for receiving incoming e-mail or text messages. You are responsible for those charges.)

We will still make sure that local media outlets are notified when there's a change in our classes so notices will still be made on TV and radio, but we hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to be directly notified as well!



Midland wants to expose our students to technology as we believe that is a life skill they will need. Every student and his/her parent will need to sign a technology policy each year.

Students in grades 6-12 are all assigned a laptop as part of our 1:1 Program, upon turning in appropriate papework (available at registration day or the first day of school). Grades 7-12 can take their laptops home, 6th graders will store theirs in their classroom at school.

Please read the TECHNOLOGY POLICY (click here) carefully, discuss it with your child, sign it and return it to the school office at your earliest convenience each year.

If questions, feel free to contact Dan Greenfield, District Technology Director, or the building principal.



I would like to take a moment of your time to introduce myself and invite you to come meet with me. I am Carrie and I work at the Area Substance Abuse Council in Anamosa. As a part of my job I am here at the Midland Middle/High school (in Nurse Gent's office) on Wed mornings till 12. I am here to talk with any student free of charge. All conversations are confidential. Students can have a substance abuse evaluation and receive outpatient treatment here at school free of charge. Students also can discuss other issues of concern topics that can be discussed with me are alcohol and drug use, family issues related to someone's use, concerns about friends use as well as receiving support for positive decisions like avoiding use of alcohol and other drugs. I am also available to any parent or guardian or family member who would like to discuss concerns with their student or would like assistance in accessing treatment options. Thanks for your time feel free to call anytime. Carrie Johnson

Email me at: Carrie Johnson or check out the ASAC Website



We would like you to be aware of some great resources available to help families.

HACAP (Hawkeye Area Community Action Program) has several great programs:

-Low-Income Heating Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP): helps with the cost of heating and cooling your home. This program is for low-income households and the elderly and disabled.

-Weatherization Program (goes along with the LIHEAP program): HACAP will check over your furnace, make minor repairs, and help insulate your home to help reduce utility costs.

-Housing Rehabilitation Program: If you own your own home but need help with the cost of home repairs (such as a new roof, stairs, flooring, etc.) this program can help with these costly repairs.

-Emergency Food Boxes- If you are in a pinch and cannot afford to buy food for your family, the Emergency Food Box will feed a family of four for four days.

For more information about these programs go to www.hacap.org or call Mitch Finn at HACAP at (319) 739-1539 or e-mail him: mfinn@hacap.org.

Need additional resources to meet your basic needs? Contact Sandy Hein, Midland Elem. Counselor at 563.488.2292 ext 3250 or Ed Ahouse, Midland M.S./H.S. Counselor at the same number but call extension 2210.


GWAEA Online Resources for Midland Students, Parents and Community


School Comparisons

The Iowa Department of Education has a website where you can compare school profiles. Go ahead and compare Midland's progress in all areas to those of any surrounding district.

We are proud of the quality of education offered at Midland and our wonderful faculty and staff. We are preparing your children to go into the world prepared, no matter where their path may lead.





Life-Line Resources is a mental health and counseling agency that was birthed out of the desire to not only help individuals, but transform their community. We currently offer Behavioral Health Intervention Services, Therapy, and Counseling services in and around Jones County.


Jones County Safe and Healthy Youth Coalition Newsletter


Thanks to Royalty Free Music for providing Midland staff free access to their Royalty Free Music Library for Education. Their diverse and comprehensive musical selections include all genres of music including Pop, Country, Urban, Classical, R&B, Jazz, Latin, New Age, and Rock. Perfect for all projects requiring music; video, multimedia, electronic presentations, and Web projects. For more info check out Royalty Free Music flyer for education.



Thanks for your help! Most of these you can collect and help us raise funds without spending a penny! They can be dropped off at either Midland school office. Thanks for helping us to help our kids! Many "extras" can be purchased with these funds - field trips, recess toys, etc.


OLD CELL PHONES - Music department

COKE REWARDS - Middle/High School Incentive


CAMPBELL'S LABELS FOR EDUCATION- PATS organization collects (now includes Post cereals) Midland Elementary recently cashed in Labels for Education points for over 30 balls for PE and recess, bases for PE, clay, paint, colors and other art supplies. These labels allow for us to buy things that enhance every child's school experience that we otherwise would not have a budget for.

BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION - We earn $0.10 for each box top. We are using these funds to provide $180 for each grade level in the elementary school to use to pay for field trips. Thanks for your support in submitting Box Tops to help our school.

TYSON PROJECT A+ - PATS saves labels off of Tyson chicken products

USED PRINTER INK CARTRIDGES - PATS organization collects

POP TABS - we collect pop tabs and donate them to Camp Courageous. They convert these into money to help with transportation fees for campers when needed for medical treatment, etc. These can be dropped off at either center or to Cheryl Westphal.

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MIDLAND DISTRICT NEWS from 2013-14 School Year


Midland held their annual commencement ceremony on Sunday, May 18th at 2PM in the gymnasium. The class of 2014 was the 100th class to be educated in the Bronson Building in Wyoming. This year 30 students received their diplomas.

This year the Valedictorian was Gabriella Martens, daughter of Eric and Deanna Martens of Wyoming with a 3.9832 GPA and Salutatorian was Hagan Ackley, son of Mike and Rhonda Ackley of Wyoming witha GPA of 3.9692. Together they gave an entertaining speech that painted a picture for the audience of their years in school. Principal Carol Reilly addressed the class with her advice for the future.

Academic Excellence Awards were presented to students who received at least a 3.25 GPA every semester of their high school career including Hagan Ackley, Cole Lineburg, Gabi Martens, Alaina Martensen, Bri Schurbon. Students who received Honor Roll Awards for having a GPA of 3.0-3.2499 every semester of high school included Cody Barnes, Ryan Eganhouse and Tyler Mullins. Students earning Silver Service Cords for performing at least 225 hours of community service outside of school and organizations included: Danelle Clark, Tiffany Feuss, Gabi Martens, Alaina Martensen and Bailey Strait.

Several guests were on hand to present various scholarships. This year's senior class earned $100,459.56 in scholarships. 2014 Scholarship List Congratulations to all of our scholarship winners!

To see a variety of graduation photos, please click here.

Thanks to all who made Graduation 2014 a success and for those to came out to celebrate the accomplishments of these young men and women. We wish them happiness and success in the future.



Retired Athletic Director Kirk Park was honored by the Iowa High School Athletic Association with an Administrator's Award at the boys state basketball tournament this month. Mr. Rodenberg nominated Kirk for this award after he taught at Midland for 39 years and served as A.D. for 30 years.

Park said ":Over the span of 39 years, I have worked with such great people who made the administrative portion of my job easier and a whole lot of fun. People not only in the school business but community people who helped out a whole bunch when asked to give a hand to the school and the kids."

Kirk's family was all present when he received his award including wife Kathy and children Kris, Kara and Kelli. "It made it really neat to have all of my family there to walk out with me in Des Moines."

Congratulations Kirk! Special thanks to Shirley Jones from Midland Times for contributing to this article.



The Midland Athletic Boosters presented Karla Bowen with their annual Booster of the Year Award at the 2014 Winter Sports Banquet on March 6, 2014. Karla was nominated by multiple people due to her constant support of Midland athletes of all ages!

Karla was a very active Midland Athletic Booster member for the past several years, holding each office. She has volunteered countless hours to that organization from cleaning food stands, to filling coolers, to making fruit cups, to precooking maidrites, to talking to administrators, basically whatever needed done.

Karla has been a volunteer scorekeeper for the volleyball team for 8 years, running the clock or score book and when she wasn't able to attend she would get a family member to fill in for her. She and her daughter Samantha also helped by coaching a club volleyball team.

She has been counted on by many athletic teams to take their team photo and was instrumental in implementing printing of team posters each season.

Karla and her whole family have been lifetime supporters of the Midland Wrestling Program as well, including not only high school but Little Eagles Wrestling too. She was one of the original members who started the Little Eagles Wrestling Program, volunteering all day each year at their tournament. This year she also volunteered her help with the high school tournament. The varsity wrestlers also insisted that Karla make their smoothies, "cause no one can make them as good as Karla."

Although all three of Karla's children (Spencer, Samantha and TJ) have graduated from Midland, she can still be found volunteering in the food stand during halftimes of home basketball games when the other volunteers are swamped.

We want to wish Karla a HUGE THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS on a well deserved honor! We do appreciate all of your efforts!



Current and past Midland employees and school board members gathered on Monday, December 16th to help Marcia Hainstock celebrate her retirement at the end of the calendar year. Marcia is retiring from her position as board secretary and treasurer after 36 years of service.

Marcia, pictured above with her family Travis Hainstock (4th grade teacher at Midland) and grandchildren Damon and Emily, has held a number of positions with the Lost Nation and Midland school districts.

Superintendent Rodenberg said "Her service and professionalism were exceptional. I want to wish Marcia the best of luck in her retirement and thank her for the work she has done for the school district."

Good luck Marcia, we will miss you! We hope you have time to do all those things you've always wanted to now! She says she plans to work on some family geneology projects she hasn't had time to do and reading her Kindle. Enjoy it!



The Midland For Kids Program is in its third year at Midland. Reaching students in grades PS-12, it provides students who qualify and apply a backpack of food to take home each Friday to help get them through the weekend.

We have a great need for this program in our district and want to say a huge THANK YOU to Tom and Jennifer Orr and Christine Gent who helped take this idea and turn it into a reality for our families in need. A big thank you to Virginia Pace and Shirley Wright who help stuff the backpacks each week. Also thank you to the school personnel and students who help distribute the bags each week, at the Wyoming center it is Jan Henkes and Kasper Heiken while at the elementary building it is Sheila Moore and Nurse Gent.

Tom applied for and received a couple of grants for the program this year, from Walmart for $250, Jones County Community Partnership for Protecting Children $500 and the other a $2,000 Theisen's More for Your Community Grant.

Also thanks to the Onslow Alturian Club and Shirley Petersen for their financial support of this program.

In this season of giving, how can I help?

Donate funds the program can always use more money to reach more families. Donations of $20 or more will be recognized on our sponsor page of the Midland webpage.

Donate duffel bags - the program can always use any new or gently used duffel bags to pack food in so students can take it home.

You can drop off any type of donation at either school or call us to try to make arrangements for pickup of items.

THANKS for showing that our kids come first and for showing you care Midland District!



The Midland District wishes to extend a sincere thank you to 1997 Midland Graduate Shawn Woodward for his help in updating our website to the new look.  He generously volunteers his time and talents to be sure our website is as current as possible.  We truly appreciate everything he does for us!

Thanks again Shawn for ALL your help!  It is graduates like yourself who make the Midland District a truly great place to be from!

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Little Eagles Nest Learning Center is raffling off "Stars Over Midland" quilt on May 1 at OJ ball diamond dedication. Tickets available at the learning center for $1 or 6 for $5.

OJ Field of Opportunity Ball Diamond Ribbon Cutting Ceremony May 1 Ghost Players Flyer


2015-16 School Calendar - Aug 24 Start Date

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