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20-21 Lunch Application How To Apply.pdf7/1/2020476 KB
20-21 Lunch Application Letter.pdf7/1/2020623 KB
20-21 Lunch Application.pdf7/1/2020165 KB
20-21 MCSD Master Calendar Revised.pdf2/23/2021257 KB
20-21 MMHS Master Course Schedule.pdf7/22/2020581 KB
20-21 School Fees.pdf7/22/2020115 KB
20-21 School Supply List.pdf7/22/2020922 KB
21-22MCSDMasterCalendar.pdf3/23/2021178 KB
8th Parent Letter.pdf9/22/2020504 KB
ABScheduleDays.pdf7/22/2020686 KB
activities pamphlet HS.pdf8/21/2019369 KB
Activities pamphlet MS.pdf8/21/2019249 KB
AdministratorApplication.pdf2/21/2019313 KB
AlteredSchedules.pdf3/25/2021422 KB
Announcements.pdf4/16/2021365 KB
Application Classified Staff.pdf2/18/2013149 KB
AppropriateUseofTechnology.pdf3/25/2021435 KB
Athletic Parent-Coach Relationship.pdf7/11/2018141 KB
Athletic Physical Form - for grades 7-12.pdf2/18/201341 KB
Athletic Physical n Concussion Form.pdf3/2/2021177 KB
AthleticBoostersFoodStandSignup.pdf1/28/20201239 KB
AthleticParentCoachRelationship.pdf7/11/2018141 KB
AttendanceImportance.pdf11/1/2018374 KB
baseballRecordsMHS.pdf5/24/2016111 KB
BoysBasketballRecords.pdf5/24/201651 KB
BoysCrossCountryRecords.pdf5/24/201616 KB
BoysGolfRecords.pdf5/24/201645 KB
BoysTrackRecords.pdf5/24/201622 KB
Building Use Form.pdf3/2/2021115 KB
ClassifiedApplication.pdf2/21/2019287 KB
College Checklist.pdf2/18/2013432 KB
ComputerLaptopAgreement.pdf8/13/2014435 KB
ComputerPolicyStudent.pdf8/13/2014150 KB
Concussion form.pdf9/3/202077 KB
ConcussionSheetFor7th-12thAthletes.pdf2/18/201316 KB
Covid4.8.20.pdf4/8/2020110 KB
DrEdInfo2021.pdf3/4/202188 KB
ElementaryHandbook.pdf3/2/20211212 KB
FamilyHandbook.pdf7/30/20201895 KB
FoodStandSignUp.pdf3/26/20211115 KB
Football11ManRecords.pdf5/24/201617 KB
FootballRecordsALL.pdf5/24/201630 KB
Foundations2.pdf1/22/2020547 KB
GallonGradPoster.pdf11/17/2015711 KB
GirlsBasketballRecord.pdf5/24/201649 KB
GirlsBasketballSchoolRecords.pdf2/18/201349 KB
GirlsCrossCountryRecords.pdf2/22/201616 KB
GirlsGolfRecords.pdf5/24/201617 KB
GirlsTrackRecords.pdf6/27/201894 KB
GwaeaOnlineResources.pdf10/23/2013385 KB
HallofFame.pdf8/6/2020134 KB
hard surface 2021.pdf2/12/202111 KB
HomelessAwarenessMaterials.pdf2/18/20131885 KB
Horizon iCan.pdf2/18/2013259 KB
Iowa School Alerts.pdf2/18/201366 KB
Laptop Agreement.pdf3/25/2021443 KB
Mask Letter 10.8.20.pdf10/8/2020217 KB
MCSD Technology Insurance Information.pdf7/22/2020562 KB
MCSDLaptopAgreement.pdf3/25/2021443 KB
MCSDStaffTechnologyPolicy.pdf3/25/202189 KB
MCSDStudentComputerPolicy.pdf3/25/2021150 KB
MCSDTechnologyDeviceAgreement.pdf3/25/2021443 KB
MCSDTechnologyInsuranceInformation.pdf3/25/2021567 KB
MeaslesQnA.pdf4/16/2019171 KB
MHSBaseballRecords.pdf11/26/2013103 KB
Midland Building Use Form.pdf12/18/201780 KB
Midland Bus Routes and Transportation Plans 20.21.pdf2/12/2021724 KB
Midland School Drivers Permit Application Form.pdf8/1/201768 KB
Midland Staff Technology Policy.pdf3/25/202189 KB
Midland Student Computer Policy.pdf3/25/2021150 KB
MidlandBusRoutes21.pdf2/12/2021725 KB
Mission Statement.pdf3/24/2021112 KB
MMHS Course Schedule.pdf7/20/2020581 KB
NewsletterNov19.pdf11/1/20191778 KB
NHS Criterion.pdf3/25/2021106 KB
NHSCriterion.pdf3/30/2021106 KB
notifi.AnnualNoticeRecords.pdf7/10/20189 KB
NurseMeningococcalVaccine.pdf5/24/2017133 KB
OnlineRegis_StudentInstructions.pdf7/12/2018412 KB
OpenEnrollmentApp21.22.pdf1/25/2021143 KB
ParentCoachRelationship.pdf2/18/2013137 KB
phoneext.pdf4/16/2021420 KB
Physical Education.pdf2/18/201318 KB
PPFApplication.pdf11/19/2019644 KB
Principal Application Form.pdf2/18/2013174 KB
RegistrationHandbook20.21.pdf1/29/20201770 KB
RegistrationHandbook21.22.pdf1/29/20211766 KB
Resources for Students.pdf3/17/202022 KB
rSchool Made Simple.pdf7/7/20141816 KB
S1HonorRoll12.22.20.pdf1/7/2021100 KB
SchoolAlertSignup.pdf2/18/201367 KB
SchoolPermitApplication.pdf3/2/2021107 KB
SchoolSupplyList20.pdf6/9/2020922 KB
Sharing.pdf7/24/201831 KB
Silver Service.pdf3/25/2021153 KB
SoftballRecords.pdf11/6/201934 KB
SpectatorExpectations.pdf10/9/2018126 KB
StandardsBasedGrading9.30.16.pdf9/30/2016123 KB
SuicidePrevention.pdf4/8/202192 KB
teacherapplicationform.pdf2/26/2021306 KB
TechDeviceAgreement.pdf3/2/2021545 KB
Technology.Insurance.Info.pdf3/2/2021567 KB
TRC Activity Guidelines.pdf11/18/2020124 KB
TRCActivitieGuidelines1.8.21.pdf1/8/2021118 KB
TRCWinterActivityGuidelines.20.21.pdf11/18/2020124 KB
VolleyballRecord.pdf5/24/20167 KB
Volunteer,Chaperones,Drivers.pdf9/26/2018187 KB
VolunteerForms.pdf7/1/2019190 KB
When to Quarantine.pdf10/8/2020122 KB
WrestingRecords.pdf3/29/2021396 KB

Contact Us
Main Phone: 563-488-2292
Elementary Extension 7
Middle/High School Extension 8
Secretary Extension 0


Midland Elementary
510 3rd Avenue North
PO Box F
Oxford Junction, IA 52323
Fax: 563-826-2681
Grades: PS-5

Midland Middle/High School
106 West Webster St.
PO Box 109
Wyoming, IA 52362
Fax: 563-488-2253
Grades: 6-12

Contact: Webmaster


Summer Drives Ed Info 2021

Ways to view MCSD events during covid, thanks to our partners:

Varsity: Wyoming Telephone YouTube Channel

JV: Midland Middle / High School Facebook


MCSD 2021-22 Master Calendar


MCSD 2020-21 Master Calendar revised 2.22.21

MCSD 2020-21 School Supply List

MCSD 2020-21 Midland School Fees

20-21 Lunch Application Letter

20-21 Lunch Application How To

20-21 Lunch Application Form - this can be used all year and resubmitted if your family income changes during the school year!

Midland Guidelines for Volunteers, Chaperones, Drivers - needs filled out by anyone who wants to do one of these things for the school this year. Needed once every 3 years by repeating volunteers.

Midland Building Use Application - needs filled out by any individual/group wanting to use a room in either school.

To nominate someone for Midland Hall of Fame complete this form and return to the HS office.


All Sports Food Stand Sign Up - to sign up contact Michelle in the HS office via email or phone call. These are assigned on a first requested, first filled basis. If not signed up, a time will be assigned to the parents of ALL athletes.

Vision Statement
The vision of the Midland School District is to prepare students to think, lead and serve.

Mission Statement

Helpful Links

Notice - Powerschool upgrades will be installed every 2nd Sunday of every month from 6:45-8:45AM so it will not be accessible during those times.

Midland Middle High School Facebook Page

Midland Elementary Facebook Page


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Thanks to MHS grad

Shawn Woodward

who helps us troubleshoot our website when needed. His donation of time and talents is greatly appreciated!