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13-14AYPData.pdf9/5/201425 KB
18-19 MMHS Course Schedule.pdf7/24/2018306 KB
18.19MidlandMasterCalendar.pdf7/10/2018192 KB
18BookAngelFlierAllBanks.pdf11/15/2018446 KB
19classphotoorders.pdf9/25/201896 KB
ActivitiesCalendar.pdf11/1/2018621 KB
AdministratorApplication.pdf2/18/2013213 KB
AlteredSchedules.pdf8/22/2018195 KB
Announcements.pdf11/16/2018226 KB
Application Classified Staff.pdf2/18/2013149 KB
Athletic Parent-Coach Relationship.pdf7/11/2018141 KB
Athletic Physical Form - for grades 7-12.pdf2/18/201341 KB
AthleticBoosterSponsors15-16.pdf8/28/201520 KB
AthleticParentCoachRelationship.pdf7/11/2018141 KB
AttendanceImportance.pdf11/1/2018374 KB
Ballfield.pdf1/24/2014739 KB
baseballRecordsMHS.pdf5/24/2016111 KB
BBApparel18.pdf11/7/20181246 KB
Bond building design.pdf3/12/20151560 KB
Bond building exterior.pdf3/12/2015456 KB
BoysBasketballRecords.pdf5/24/201651 KB
BoysCrossCountryRecords.pdf5/24/201616 KB
BoysGolfRecords.pdf5/24/201645 KB
BoysTrackRecords.pdf5/24/201622 KB
BuildingDirectionsForFamilies.pdf7/18/2017465 KB
BusRoutes.pdf8/21/2018432 KB
Care and Share Application.pdf9/12/201871 KB
ClassifiedApplication.pdf7/18/2017149 KB
ClintonCoMasterGardenScholarship16.pdf1/13/201611 KB
College Checklist.pdf2/18/2013432 KB
ComputerLaptopAgreement.pdf8/13/2014435 KB
ComputerPolicyStudent.pdf8/13/2014150 KB
ConcussionSheetFor7th-12thAthletes.pdf2/18/201316 KB
ConditionsForLearningSurveyLetter.pdf4/9/2018360 KB
ConstructionPlan.Oct16.pdf12/2/20169127 KB
ConsumtionLaw.pdf3/28/2013172 KB
CounselorJFastFlier.pdf8/29/2017349 KB
CounselorJobDescription.pdf3/3/2017176 KB
Course Registration Handbook.pdf7/11/2018874 KB
DentalForm16.pdf3/3/201669 KB
ECigarettes.pdf4/12/2018830 KB
ElementaryHandbook.pdf7/24/2018632 KB
ElemHandbook.pdf7/24/2018626 KB
ElemSupplyList.pdf7/19/2017196 KB
ExteriorDrawingsDec16.pdf12/5/20162006 KB
FamilyHandbook.pdf7/24/20183713 KB
FAQ from Parents on Iowa School Report Cards.pdf12/18/2015343 KB
FFANewsletter.pdf2/18/20131079 KB
FoodDrive.pdf11/16/2018281 KB
FoodStandSignUp.pdf11/1/2018863 KB
Football11ManRecords.pdf5/24/201617 KB
FootballRecordsALL.pdf5/24/201630 KB
GallonGradPoster.pdf11/17/2015711 KB
GirlsBasketballRecord.pdf5/24/201649 KB
GirlsBasketballSchoolRecords.pdf2/18/201349 KB
GirlsCrossCountryRecords.pdf2/22/201616 KB
GirlsGolfRecords.pdf5/24/201617 KB
GirlsTrackRecords.pdf6/27/201894 KB
GwaeaOnlineResources.pdf10/23/2013385 KB
hardsurface.pdf3/6/201880 KB
HomelessAwarenessMaterials.pdf2/18/20131885 KB
Horizon iCan.pdf2/18/2013259 KB
IA.AssessmentsLetter.pdf1/6/201625 KB
Iowa School Alerts.pdf2/18/201366 KB
MasterCourseSchedule.pdf11/11/2015210 KB
MedicalStatementNutritionProgram.pdf9/6/2013189 KB
MHSBaseballRecords.pdf11/26/2013103 KB
Midland Building Use Form.pdf12/18/201780 KB
Midland School Drivers Permit Application Form.pdf8/1/201768 KB
Midland Student Computer Policy.pdf6/9/2014150 KB
MidlandApparelOrder.pdf11/7/2018362 KB
NHS Criterion.pdf2/18/201371 KB
notifi.AnnualNoticeRecords.pdf7/10/20189 KB
NurseHealthCareCoverageApp2019.pdf11/1/2018875 KB
NurseMeningococcalVaccine.pdf5/24/2017133 KB
OnlineRegis_LunchApp.pdf7/2/2018449 KB
OnlineRegis_ParentInstructions.pdf7/12/2018729 KB
OnlineRegis_StudentInstructions.pdf7/12/2018412 KB
ParentCoachRelationship.pdf2/18/2013137 KB
phoneext.pdf10/24/2018301 KB
Physical Education.pdf2/18/201318 KB
PostPromFundraiser18.2.pdf11/7/201879 KB
PostPromFundraiser18.pdf11/7/201886 KB
PPFApplication.pdf8/1/2018411 KB
PreenrollmentHealthRequirements.pdf5/19/2015156 KB
Principal Application Form.pdf2/18/2013174 KB
ReadytoLearnFlyer.pdf8/3/2017539 KB
Registration Handbook 18-19.pdf4/25/2018874 KB
RegistrationHandbook 18-19.pdf10/29/2018888 KB
RegistrationHandbook18.19.pdf10/29/2018888 KB
rSchool Made Simple.pdf7/7/20141816 KB
SchoolAlertSignup.pdf2/18/201367 KB
SchoolFees.pdf7/16/20189 KB
SchoolSupplyMidlandElementary2018.pdf7/17/2018187 KB
SchoolSupplyMidlandMiddleHigh2018.pdf7/9/2018575 KB
Sharing.pdf7/24/201831 KB
Silver Service.pdf6/17/2014117 KB
SoftballRecords.pdf5/24/201633 KB
SpectatorExpectations.pdf10/9/2018126 KB
sponsors 12-13.pdf8/20/2013141 KB
Sponsors14.15.pdf10/5/2015178 KB
Sponsors2011.12.pdf2/18/2013197 KB
SRC Parent Letter.pdf12/18/2015195 KB
srclassphotoorderform.pdf9/5/2017692 KB
SrLetterCounselor11.10.17.pdf11/10/2017184 KB
SS Kaftan.pdf2/18/2013266 KB
StandardsBasedGrading9.30.16.pdf9/30/2016123 KB
StudentParking10.1.18.pdf9/28/201831 KB
teacherapplicationform.pdf3/11/2013196 KB
ToysForTots.pdf10/22/201876 KB
VetsDay.pdf11/7/2018152 KB
VolleyballRecord.pdf5/24/20167 KB
Volunteer,Chaperones,Drivers.pdf9/26/2018187 KB
Weightlifting Board.pdf10/20/2016269 KB
wreathorder.pdf11/6/201817 KB
WrestlingRecords.pdf2/18/2013126 KB
Wyoming Bus Drop off 9.25.18.pdf9/24/201834 KB
Wyoming Center Bus Map 2.2018.pdf2/21/2018185 KB
WYVetsDay.pdf11/7/2018192 KB

Contact Us
Main Phone: 563-488-2292
Elementary Extension 7
Middle/High School Extension 8
Secretary Extension 0


510 3rd Avenue North
Oxford Junction, IA 52323
Fax: 563-826-2681
Grades: PreSchool-5

Middle/High School
106 West Webster St.
PO Box 109
Wyoming, IA 52362
Fax: 563-488-2253
Grades: 6-12

Contact: Webmaster


Midland Fall Food Drive Thru Dec 14

Midland Apparel Orders due 11/16

Midland Basketball Shirts

High School Band/Vocal Fundraiser Century Rich and Seasonal Sensations - due Nov 19, delivery Dec 10-14

Midland Post Prom Gift Card Fundraiser Gift Card Fundraiser Sample Order Form Order deadline is November 15 for Thanksgiving delivery. Those ordered by early December are to be back by winter break.

FFA Wreath Order Form

Thanks for supporting the Eagles!


MCSD 2018-19 Master Calendar

2018-19 Elementary School Supply List

2018-19 Middle/High School Supply List

Activity Calendar 2018-2020

2018-19 Lunch Application

2018-19 Lunch Informational Letter

2018-19 TENTATIVE Bus Schedules - if you are not listed and need to be call the school!

School Fees

Midland Guidelines for Volunteers, Chaperones, Drivers - needs filled out by anyone who wants to do one of these things for the school this year.

Midland Building Use Application

PowerSchool Parent Account Setup for E-Registration


2018-19 All Sports Food Stand Sign Up - to sign up contact Michelle in the HS office via email or phone call. These are assigned on a first requested, first filled basis. If not signed up, a time will be assigned to the parents of ALL athletes.

Vision Statement
The vision of the Midland School District is to prepare students to think, lead and serve.

Mission Statement

Helpful Links

Notice - Powerschool upgrades will be installed every 2nd Sunday of every month from 6:45-8:45AM so it will not be accessible during those times.