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Teacher: Jamie Christiansen and Jason Smith

CASE: Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources 1031A/1031B Full Year Grades 9-12

Students will experience hands-on activities, projects and problems. Student experiences will involve the study of communication, the science of agriculture, plants, animals, and natural resources while surveying the opportunities available in agriculture and natural resources. Students will learn to solve problems, conduct research, analyze data, work in teams, and take responsibility for their work, actions, and learning. Students will understand specific connections between theirlessons and Supervised Agricultural Experience and FFA components.

Ag Leadership 1030 1 Semester Course Grades 9-12

This course is designed to give the student a chance to express their communication and leadership skills. Students will work in groups to solve problems and situational scenarios to develop personal growth and human relation qualities. Students are expected to communicate, voice opinions, and concerns relating to goals and visions for personal development. Students will prepare for and present an agriculture literacy program to the elementary.

Home Horticulture 1070 - 1 Semester Course - Grades 9-12

Students explore areas of plant production and use focusing on decorative and aesthetic purposes. Information covered includes: care and propagation of plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs. Students will work with areas of landscape, design, and floriculture.Hands on experience will be used to cover information.

Ag Business 1 1042 - 1 Semester Course - Grades 10-12

This course will focus on the personal skills necessary for success in entrepreneurial ventures in the agricultural industry.Topics include goal setting, recordkeeping, evaluating financial progress and success, and exploring differing business types.

Ag Business 2This course will focus on writing and developing marketing plans, understanding and developing sales presentations. Students will also explore concepts related to the markets of the world.

FFA: Chapter Leadership & Development 1095A & 1095B - Full Year Course -Grades 10-12

This class is designed to allow for daily communication between four very important parts of the local FFA Chapter, the advisors, officers, committees, and general members. CLD is designed to allow for all of these areas to work together in a continuous manner that will allow for more chapter success. This class will work to lead and direct the Midland FFA Chapter and its partners towards the achievement of their goals. The class will be broken into the following areas: Chapter Officers, Program of Activities Committee Chairpersons, Program of Activities Committee Members. The Midland FFA Officer Team will be selected from the membership that registers for this class.

Independent Ag 1012A & 1012B - 2 Sem Course - Grades 11-12

Instructor approval required. This independent course allows students to explore a topic of interest related to agriculture, food, and natural resources. This course may serve as an opportunity for students to expand their expertise in a particular application, to explore a topic in greater detail, or to develop more advanced skills.

In The Kitchen 1073 - 1 Semester - Grades 10-12

Every day food is needed for nourishment to provide a healthy life. In this class we will explore the substances we eat, their make-up, and the processes used to alter these substances to make them more suitable and available for consumption. Food industries will be examined including Beverage/Dairy/Meat/ and Cereal. World Hunger and the Future of Food (Biotechnology) will be explored as it affects the student's daily life and others around the world.

CASE: Ag Research and Development 1046A & 1046B - 2 Semester Course - Grade12

This is an independent course and is only recommended for students who are highly motivated, organized and can work independently. The Agricultural Research and Development (ARD) course is the capstone designed to culminate students' experiences in agriculture, based on the pathway of study they pursued. Woven throughout the course are projects and problems based in practical applications and designed to develop and improve employability skills of students. Students will further enhance research, critical thinking, and teamwork skills as they expand on content knowledge from previous CASE courses. Students will work to solve complex, real-world problems through a focused research project. This process will include conducting research, data analysis and communication, and the development of new products. Prerequisites:CASE: Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, CASE Plant Science or CASE Animal Science and CASE Food Science and Safety

Ag Internship 1047 - 1 SemCourse - Must apply and be approved - credits depend on hours completed -Grade 12

Local employers partner with schools to offer this unique opportunity for work-based learning in an agricultural area. Interested students must successfully complete an application and interview in the selection process. Applications, internship job descriptions and session schedules can be found at Students learn new skills, apply classroom knowledge and develop successful work place behaviors. The AREA 10 Student Internship Program can help students gain the insight necessary to make an informed career choice. Students must complete 45-90 hours of on-site learning during the term, attend and participate in 6 hours of career skill development meetings and complete a guided student journal in order to receive elective high school academic credit.

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