Monday, August 01, 2016

Physical Education Department

Instructors: Mr. Casey Hack and Mr. Eric Smith

Physical Education 1620 1 Semester Per Year Required Grades 9-12 This course is designed to present each student with a well-balanced program emphasizing a wide variety of developmentally appropriate activities to promote social interaction, total wellness and lifelong fitness. Students in this course will be introduced to core concepts of cardiovascular endurance, agility, muscular strength, and muscular endurance. Each class will incorporate these concepts with the intention of enhancing their physical fitness levels.

Health I 1602 1 Semester Grade 9-12 This class is a required course. This is a comprehensive course designed to provide the basis to help students adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. Health education should contribute directly to a student's ability to successfully practice behaviors that protect and promote health and avoid or reduce health risks. Students in this course will learn essential health concepts, determine personal values that support healthy behaviors and develop skills necessary to combat societal problems. Priority areas taught in this course include, promoting health and wellness, physical activity, healthy eating, promoting safety and preventing unintentional injury and violence, promoting mental and emotional health, a tobacco-free lifestyle, sexual education and an alcohol- and other drug-free lifestyle.

Health II 1615 1 Semester Course Semester Course Grades 10- 12 This elective course is designed as an extension of the Health I class. This class will expand knowledge gained through Health I and look more in depth with issues pertaining to upperclassman. Students will evaluate and analyze topics more in the framework of discussion, problem solving, and evaluation. Whereas Health I is more of an introduction course, this class will be more skill driven and prepare the student for proper decision making in regards to healthy life choices. *Prerequisite successfully complete Health I

Weight Training 1640 Elective credit 1 Semester Course Grades 9-12 OR Weight Training/PE 1641 PE credit 1 Semester Course 1 time during grades 9-12 This is a course offered only for those with a strong interest in improving their physical potential and who want to work on a daily basis to reach their goal. Students will work somewhat at their own skill level, but many of the exercises will be physically demanding and exhausting so a serious commitment to physical improvement is a prerequisite for the course. The purpose is to develop power, coordination and quickness as well as muscle strength and endurance; all of which will prepare the student for a variety of activities and sports. Along with this will be a goal of improving balance, agility, flexibility, and running and jumping form and explosiveness. Included in this course will be an emphasis on stretching to increase flexibility and plyometric training.

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