Monday, August 01, 2016

Language Arts

Instructors: Miss Rebecca Cahill and Mr. Craig Wilson

English Language Arts I 1300A & 1300B Full Year Course Grade 9 Students will read and analyze a variety of short stories, poems, plays and novels. This class will also consist of writing a variety of papers, possibly including a research paper. In addition to reading and writing, speaking and listening will be a focus.

Language Arts Lab 1327A & 1327 1 or 2 Semester Course Grades 9-12 This elective course was created and is supported by the Iowa Department of Education to help students improve reading success through the use of a variety of strategies, including graphic organizers and writing. Strategies taught will be applicable to all content area courses and beyond. *Students are recommended for this program based upon ITBS/ITED scores. ** Elective credit only, not an English graduation requirement course.

English Language Arts II 1320A & 1320B Full Year Course Grade 10 This required course concentrates on reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students will read, analyze, and evaluate short stories, plays, novels, non-fiction, and poetry. Students will also review the fundamentals of writing and develop a variety of papers and essays.

English Language Arts III 1338A & 1338B Full Year Course Grade 11 Students will read and analyze a variety of pieces of American literature including short stories, novels, plays and poetry, with a focus on reading, writing, listening, speaking, and 21st century skills. Students will continue to hone and develop their writing skills with an emphasis on literary analysis of selected works.

English Language Arts IV 1332A / 1332B Full Year Course Grade 12 This course will teach students communication skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking, concentrating on real world applications. This course will emphasize the practical application of communication as a business tool, using technical reports and manuals, business letters, resumes and applications. In addition, this course will emphasize language arts skills as applied to scholarly and literary materials.

Nonfiction Studies 1337A & 1337B Full Year Course Grade 12 Students will be given the opportunity to research world events through non-fiction literature and film. Students will write a variety of papers including a major college-style research paper. This thematic course emphasizes the improvement of the following skills: formal writing, public speaking, critical thinking and writing, peer response, and small group cooperation.

Composition (Writing) 1334 & 1334B Full Year Course Grades 11 & 12 Composition focuses on students' writing skills and the development of their ability to compose different types of papers for a range of purposes and audiences. This course enables students to explore and practice descriptive, narrative, persuasive, or expository styles as they write paragraphs, and essays. In addition, students will explore, develop and improve their technique and individual style in poetry, drama, short stories and other forms of prose.

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