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Instructors: Mr. Zach Hebl and Mr. Ryan Steines

Algebra I 1825A / 1825B Full Year Course Grades 8-10

Algebra I has a scope far wider than traditional algebra books, highlighting applications, using statistics and geometry to develop the algebra of linear equations and inequalities, and including probability concepts in conjunction with algebraic fractions. Applications motivate virtually all lessons. Considerable attention is given to graphing. Manipulation with rational algebraic expressions is delayed until later courses.

Geometry 1830A / 1830B Full Year Course Prerequisite: Algebra I Grades 9-12

UCSMP Geometry, diverging from the order of topics in most geometry texts, presents coordinates, transformations, measurement formulas, and three-dimensional figures earlier in the year. To teach students how to write proofs and construct other mathematical arguments more effectively, the course lays a foundation of prerequisite understanding step by step. Again, applications abound throughout.

Transition Algebra 1832A/1832B Full Year Course Prerequisite: Geometry Grades 10-12

Transition Algebra courses review and extend algebra and geometry concepts for students who have already taken both Algebra I and Geometry. Transition Algebra review and extend topics such as properties and operations of real numbers, evaluation of rational algebraic expressions; solutions and graphs of first degree equations and inequalities; translation of word problems in equations; operations with and factoring of polynomials; simple quadratics; properties of plane and solid figures; rules of congruence and similarity; coordinate geometry including lines, segments, and circles in the coordinate plane; and angle measurement in triangles including trigonometric ratios.

Algebra II 1840A / 1840B Full Year Course Prerequisite: Algebra I Grades 10-12

This course emphasizes facility with algebraic expressions and forms, especially linear and quadratic forms, powers, and roots, and functions based on these concepts. Students study logarithmic, trigonometric, polynomial, and other special functions as tools for modeling real-world situations. The course applies geometrical ideas learned in the previous years, including transformations and measurement formulas.

Precalculus 1891A / 1891B Full Year Course Quality points 4.5 Prerequisite: Algebra II Grades 11-12

This course covers foundations of real analysis, analytic geometry, sequences, series, limits, exponential and logarithmic functions, deferential and integral calculus (an introduction only). Recommended taken by all students planning on a 4 year college or technical school. It is highly recommended that the student have for their own permanent use a TI-83 calculator.

Calculus 1850A / 1850B **Quality points 5.0 Full Year Course Grades 12 Prerequisite: Precalculus Offered if enough interest.

This course uses technology, group work, and individual study. This class will study functions, parametric equations and polar equations. The student will do mathematical modeling of the real world. We will work at limits, the derivative and the integral and discover what they really are. It is highly recommended that the student have for their own permanent use a TI-83 calculator. The expectation is for the student to take the AP exam in the spring.

Consumer Math 1800A / 1800B Full Year Course Grades 11-12

Consumer Math reinforces general math topics such as arithmetic using rational numbers, measurement, ratio and proportion, and basic statistics, and applies these skills to consumer problems and situations. Applications typically include budgeting, taxation, credit, banking services, insurance, buying and selling products and services, home and/or car ownership and rental, managing personal income, and investment.

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