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Introduction to Computer Science 1 1231 1 Semester Course Grades 9-12

For students who have never programmed before, ICS is an optional starting point for the PLTW Computer Science program. Students work in teams to create simple apps for mobile devices using MIT App Inventor. Students explore the impact of computing in society and the application of computing across career paths and build skills and awareness in digital citizenship and cybersecurity. Students model, simulate, and analyze data about themselves and their interests. They also transfer the understanding of programming gained in App Inventor to learn introductory elements of text-based programming in Python to create strategy games.

PLTW Computer Science Principles 1234 & 1234A 2 Semester Course Grades 10-12

Using Python as a primary tool and incorporating multiple platforms and languages for computation, this course aims to develop computational thinking, generate excitement about career paths that utilize computing, and introduce professional tools that foster creativity and collaboration. This course can be a student's first course in computer science, although we encourage students without prior computing experience to start with Introduction to Computer Science. CSE helps students develop programming expertise and explore the workings of the Internet. Projects and problems include app development, visualization of data, cybersecurity, and simulation. This course aligns with the AP Computer Science Principles course. Prerequisite successfully complete Intro to Computer Science 1 or teacher approval if coding experience elsewhere. **Quality points 4.5

Pathways to Careers 1465 1 Semester Course Grades 9-12

This course helps students identify and evaluate personal goals, priorities, aptitudes, and interests with the goal of helping them to make informed decisions about their careers. Additionally, students will be exposed to various sources of information on career options as well as the different pathways available for career and training options - certificate, 2 year, 4 year, etc. Finally, the course will assist students in developing employability skills as outlined in the Iowa Core.

Tutoring Practicum 0760 1 Semester Course Grade 9-12

Provides student with the opportunity to offer tutorial assistance to his/her peers or younger students. After an initial training period during which students learn how to work with other students and how to make use of the available resources (e.g., staff, written material, computer skills, and so on), students engage in tutoring and assisting others who need or request help. Tutors will fill out an application form prior to enrollment in the course. Minimum requirements are: trustworthiness, positive attitude, desire to help peers, GPA of 3.0 or higher, excellent attendance, reliable. See Mr. Ahouse for application.

Technology Aide 0730 1 Semester Course Must be preapproved Grades 10-12

Provide students with opportunity to help set up and maintain school network and computers. Duties may include installing software, adding/deleting users, troubleshooting computer problems. Contingent upon teacher approval, no more than one student per semester will be selected. Interested students need to apply by talking to Mr. Greenfield prior to online scheduling. This course will be manually scheduled, not scheduled via PowerSchool online registration.

Library Aide 0745 1 Semester Course Must be preapproved Grades 11-12

Library Aide courses provide students with the opportunity to work in the library or in media and audiovisual centers. Duties may include collecting, distributing, and categorizing materials; operating audiovisual equipment; assisting students and teachers; and performing clerical duties. Students typically gain experience in library science and/or media and audiovisual technology.

Office Aide 0740 1 Semester Course Limit1 per semester, must apply and be approved Grade 12

Office Aide courses provide students with the opportunity to work in campus offices, developing skills related to clerical office work. Duties may include, among others, typing, filing, recordkeeping, receiving visitors, answering the telephone, and duplicating. Emphasis is placed on appropriate work attitude, human relations, and proper office procedures. Limited number, preference given to those with interest in secretarial related field.

Science Aide 0742 1 Semester Course Must be preapproved by teacher Grades 11-12

Course offers student the opportunity to assist instructor in preparing, organizing, or delivering course curricula. Students may provide tutorial or instructional assistance to other students and may serve as laboratory assistants.

Introduction to Teaching 0750 1 Semester Course Grade 12

This course is a senior vocational training program that is designed to closely parallel a teachers' assistant in a school setting. Students will gain exposure to life as a teacher in a junior high classroom. This class will help prepare students to become a certified teacher and will acquire greater knowledge of the educational field. Students will engage in a variety of activities such as working one on one with a student to making lesson plans to actual teaching.

Internship 5020 1 Sem Course Must apply and be approved, credits depend on hours completed Grade 12

Area 10 Student Internship Program is coordinated through the Workplace Learning Connection. Local employers partner with schools to offer this unique opportunity for work-based learning. Students may apply for a career specific internship opportunity within their pathway of interest. Interested students must successfully complete an application and interview in the selection process. Applications, internship job descriptions and session schedules can be found Students learn new skills, apply classroom knowledge and develop successful work place behaviors. The AREA 10 Student Internship Program can help students gain the insight necessary to make an informed career choice. Students must complete 45-90 hours of on-site learning during the term, attend and participate in 6 hours of career skill development meetings and complete a guided student journal in order to receive elective high school academic credit.

Driver Education summer course 9998 0 credit 14 years and have current IA drivers permit

This course is available to all students who have reached the age of fourteen and have a state permit. If the maximum class size is reached, students will be selected by age (oldest students having priority). This course is designed to teach students the correct attitudes and skills of operating a motor vehicle. The content consists of a minimum of 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of behind the wheel driving. Classes will be two hours long. The instructors will allow 2 excused absences from class and the third will result in being dropped from the class and placed at the bottom of the priority list. Any student who fails driver education will only be re-admitted with the high school principal's approval and availability of space in the class. A student who fails driver education will be placed last on the priority list for student admittance, and will be charged tuition each time taken. Course fee is determined by the board of directors each year and is due by the 1st day of class.

Special Education

Students are staffed into a Resource Program or Self-Contained with Integration Program by evaluation of Grant Wood Area Education Agency. Credit is earned based on individual IEP's and/or classroom performance (assignments and exams). Each program is governed by state, federal and local guidelines. Credit earned in these programs can be applied toward graduation requirements.

Functional (or Transition) program is an IEP based program that focuses on independence within the community. Every student that participates in the program will have different goals based on their needs, thus the course descriptions are defined by the individual student's educational program. Reading, math, science, and language arts are taught throughout the functional curriculum with the primary focus on life skills.

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