Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Midland Athletic Boosters

2017-18 Officers:

President - Sheri Dosland

Vice President - Paula Klein

Secretary - Pasha Bales

Treasurer - Stephanie Kaftan

Athletic Booster meetings are scheduled the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30PM usually at the high school. All parents of athletes in grades 6-12 welcome and encouraged to attend!

There are a lot of ways you can help the boosters - attending meetings and giving ideas, organizing food stand workers, inventorying food stand supplies, picking up food stand supplies at Sam's Club, inventorying/ordering beverages, coordinating apparel orders, etc. If you can help in one of these other ways it can replace food stand worker assignments. Please let an officer know how you can help them out.

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After years and years of the Athletic Booster officers having to cart all of their food stand items back and forth on carts across the school, they finally have found a home of their own by the new Gold Gym. The officers say they are enjoying their new space and that it will make their lives easier when everything is just in one space and they are not invading someone else's space.

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Cindy Dirks has been very actively involved in Midland High School athletics for over 10 years. She passionately supports all Midland athletes and programs. She has been an active member of the Athletic Booster Club for over 10 years. She served as treasurer for three of those years. In that capacity, she placed orders, picked-up orders, and managed income and expenses. She made the transition to the next treasurer very easy by taking the time to explain things well, offer suggestions and answer questions.

One other project that Cindy was brave enough to take on was making fruit cups. If you've ever made these you can truly appreciate what a task it is to make them in large quantities. It can take up to 5 hours a week to make these to keep up with the need in the food stand.

Thanks for your years of dedication to the Booster Club Cindy! We hope you continue to attend Midland activities and can sit back and relax from here on out! Congrats to Cindy on a well deserved award!

Thanks to all who help the boosters selflessly each and every year! Nominate someone you feel is deserving next February for this award!

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NOTE: The concession stand at home athletic events is run by parent volunteers. The profit from the concession stand is used to purchase uniforms, equipment that the AD can't purchase, and supplies to support our student athletes (posters and stuff for Homecoming mostly at this time). If other groups want to sell food at a home event or use Booster equipment at a event, please have that sponsor attend a meeting and ask us. It is not OK for a group to just assume they can hold a supper during a basketball game. We plan inventory and schedule our workers accordingly. We can't give up every Friday or Saturday quad basketball date to other groups. I can't remember when we have ever told any group they could not sell food, but it is only right that the sponsor and students learn that one must ask and be given permission to do something of this nature.

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Previous Midland Athletic Booster of the Year Winners:

1993 – John Meyer
1994 – Frank Fishler
1995 – Craig Muhl
1996 – Dave Buchholtz & Larry Meyer
1997 – Albert Boots
1998 – Ronnie Martensen
1999 – Betty Anderson
2000 – Bob King
2001 – Rick Westhoff
2002 –  (didn’t issue – forgot)
2003 –  Wyoming Fair Association & Jerry Sorgenfrey
2004 –Walters Lumber Co. (Kenny & Bill Walters)
2005 – Ann Reid
2006   -  Daryl Schepanski
2007 – Janet Burke
2008 – Michelle Hansen
2009 – Paul Petersen Foundation Committee
2010 – Midland Ambulance Service
2011 – Kim Buchholtz
2012 – Lennie Miller
2013 – Casey Huston
2014 – Karla Bowen
2015 – Betty Anderson
2016 – Wyoming Legion Post 259
2017 – Cindy Dirks
2018 – ??

Nominate someone you know who is supporting Midland Athletics by getting a short nomination letter to the Athletic Boosters by February 15 of each year.

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