Monday, November 13, 2017


Advisor: Jamie Christiansen

2017-18 Officers:

President: Brett Schoenherr
Vice President: Anna Roseland
Secretary: Emma Paulsen
Treasurer: Ethan Orr
Reporters: Emma Vacek and Griffin Gravel
Sentinal: Delanie Uppena

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These FFA members earned Greenhand Degrees: Koree M, Carson H, Jensen O, Nicolo C, Lillian S, Kole M, Callie P, Hope S

These young ladies earned Chapter degrees: Kirstin S, Kristina A, Shianne R, Kaeti T, Taylor B, Brennah R

These young men earned chapter degrees: Eric T, Brennan H, Sawyer H, Austin W, Trevor F

Congratulations one and all, keep up the good work!

Monday, August 01, 2016

2015-16 FFA Info.


The Midland FFA Chapter had 24 members attend the FFA Sub-District event held at Albunett High School on February 24th. Austin Parker, Ethan Orr, Mikayla Dosland, and Morgan Soper all participated in the Green-Hand quiz. Ashley Franzen, Kristin Guenther, Emma Vacek, Emma Paulsen, Kaylyn Gent, and Garet McAtee took the Chapter Quiz.

The Conduct of Meetings Team consisted of Nicole Guenther, Sara Flores, Delanie Uppena, Drew Jensen, Lauryn Eganhouse, Brenden Ricketts, and Payton Lasack. The team did a wonderful job and finished with a gold rating. Rylee Andresen, Sydney Stender and Calli Markmann participated in Chapter Program where they placed second and received a gold rating. Cole Fishwild did Job Interview where he received a silver rating. Brandon Dirks participated in the Ag Broadcasting event and received a bronze rating. Eli Slouha participated in the Ag Sales event where he went through a mock sales presentation with Slouha's Fine Signs. Eli received a bronze rating and Brett Schoenherr participated in Freshman Creed speaking and received a gold rating. The Chapter Program team and Brett Schoenherr both received high enough rankings that they are moving on to the District FFA Convention held at Midland to compete for a place at State. We wish them the best of luck and congratulate all participants on their work put into these Leadership Career Development Events.


Four Midland FFA members participated in the FFA proficiency competition. For this competition each FFA member wrote a detailed report over their Supervised Agricultural Experience.

Brandon Dirks' was a landscape management that was an entrepreneurship. His SAE involves the care of lawn and landscaping of an apartment complex in Wyoming, Iowa. This involves snow removal, mowing/trimming lawn on a regular basis and spraying weeds when needed. His biggest challenge was mother nature. The weather was always unpredictable and didn't always allow him to get the job done. The two years he did it he experienced drought which it made it more difficult to decide what to do. His two greatest achievements were time management. Brandon is involved in sports, showing cattle, and working on the farm but still found time to get the work done. His second is learning the right height to mow grass and how often to do it. Along with that learned how to pick plants with the right soil zone so plants don't die. Brandon placed first at districts and advanced to state. Brandon is the 2016 State Champion in Landscape Management and his proficiency will now travel to the National Competition.

Eli Slouha's was agricultural sales which was also an entrepreneurship. His ag sales started the summer of 2014. He created a sign that was made to show at fair and when fair was over he started getting requests to make them for other people. This turned it into a busy hobby for him. His business has reached out to many people by his Facebook page “Slouhas Fine Signs”. Today, he is purchasing many new items and is continually expanding his woodworking knowledge. His greatest accomplishment is selling over 60 signs in a year. Each sign could take him from four days to two weeks to make. He is also growing and expanding the business to where he can purchase many new things. His biggest challenge was managing his business. Being a full time high school student made it so he had to manage his time wisely and make the most out of each opportunity. Eli placed first at districts and also advanced to state. Eli is the 2016 State Champion in Agriculture Sales and his proficiency will now travel to the National Competition. Cole Fishwilds was beef production that was an entrepreneurship. His SAE pertains to his cattle which is cow/calf operation as well as feed lot operation. Coles biggest challenges is when his cattle escape from the feedlot and pasture. It is very difficult to get them back home after they get out. He is always fixing fence so he wanted to come up with a more efficient way where he decides to put up 5,000 feet of new fence. His greatest achievement is how far he progressed with his cattle operation. He purchased a feed wagon and has two of his own bulls which have led to an increase in profitability and control in his entrepreneurship. His responsibilities have increased to where he now is managing the breeding, vaccinating, and taking care of the calves. Cole placed second at districts with a gold rating and received a silver rating at the State level.

Sydney Stender's SAE is baking and falls into the Agriculture Processing category. She bakes and decorates cakes for her grandmas business and her business, Sydney's Sweets where she sells at farmers markets. She bakes cakes, cookies, pies, candies, and other confections. A challenge she faced was deciding what items to bring to the market. During the week she makes more cookies and bars compared to the weekend where she makes pies, breads, and cakes. One of her biggest achievements was attending her first farmers market. She had to attend other markets to get of an idea of what it was like and also how many ingredients to buy. Another achievement was she completely sold out at a farmers market. It was a huge accomplishment knowing what she need for each market. Sydney placed first at districts and advanced to the State competition. Sydney is the 2016 Reserve Champion in Agriculture Processing. Congratulations to these four members. We wish you luck in your future endeavors within your Supervised Agricultural Experience. Good luck to Eli and Brandon as they compete Nationally.

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By Brandon Dirks

This year's Midland FFA Seniors Eli Slouha, Brandon Dirks, Kara Gnade, Rylee Andresen, and Ethan Wherry will be receiving there FFA Iowa degree in April at the State Convention. To receive an Iowa degree the candidates have to keep a record of an SAE which is a supervised agricultural experience. These students have kept these accurate records over the four years they were active in FFA. They also have to have at least 25 hours of community service, enroll in FFA for at least two years, worked at least 300 hours in their SAE, and have received there FFA chapter degree.

Eli Slouha's SAEs were his cattle, Slouha's Farms, Thordsen Farms, and Slouhas Fine Signs. He was a farm hand at Slouha farms and Thordsen farms and his cattle were ones he took care of to show at the fair and sell for profit. Slouha's fine signs were a sign business he started.

Brandon Dirks' SAEs were lawn mowing/snow removal and Dirks farms. Brandon mowed an apartment complex and removed the snow when needed during the winter. He was also a hired hand on his parents' farm.

Kara Gnade's SAE was cattle, pigs, and chickens. She took care of her cattle and pigs that she showed at the fair, she also bought laying hens to raise and take care of.

Rylee Andresen's SAEs were lawn care management, doing a citizenship project at the cemetery, and chores for Andresen farms. Rylee is responsible for taking care of the land around the house and she also helps on the farm by doing chores and getting cattle ready to show at the fair. She also took on a community service project at the cemetery to plant a flower bed and care for it.

Ethan Wherry's SAE project was agricultural mechanics which was working at his dads shop. Ethan helps his dad at his automotive shop as often as he can changing oil and repairing tires for customers.

All of these students have showed their hard work and dedication by logging many unpaid hours. The degrees were due on February first and were judged a week and a half after. Congratulations to these five FFA members on their outstanding accomplishment.

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On February 24, 2016 members from the Midland FFA and Chapter Leadership Development class went to the Anamosa Care Center to deliver over 40 tie blankets to the residents. The CLD class has been working on tie blankets for a few weeks after deciding what group we would like to work with this year. After discussion it was decided to make blankets for the residents. It was a great experience to be able to go and hand-deliver the blankets to the residents, stated Ashley Franzen. As a class we saw it was an eye opening activity to be able to see how the little things can positively impact someone's life. In the past the Midland FFA has done different blanket activities for the Ronald McDonald House and the Children's hospital, along with pillows for the Jackson County Humane Society, it was fun being able to do something new and different.

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Kara Gnade and Fisher Bisinger showed their FFA heifers and steer at the Iowa Beef Expo during the Iowa Junior Beef Breeds Association Show in Des Moines on February 20. Kara enjoyed the warmer weather that she experienced this year compared to the freezing weather last year. They both learned more about grooming and fitting their calves for the show. On Friday, Fisher attended two grooming clinics put on by Stock Show U by Sullivan Supply. Kara showed an Angus heifer while Fisher showed a Shorthorn heifer and a crossbred steer. Kara summed up her weekend as, It was a great time and I had a lot of fun!

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Midland FFA has received a $2,500 donation from America's Farmers Grow Communities, sponsored by the Monsanto Fund and directed by local farmer Gary Willimack of Jones County. The donation will help the organization give back to the community, by covering the expenses for the World Food Day hosted by the chapter where meals are packaged for the community and supporting the We Care packages program.

The Midland FFA chapter greatly appreciates the donation from Mr. Willimack. An important role of the FFA is community. With this donation, the Midland FFA chapter is willing to give back to those in need in our community. Being involved with the community leaves a positive impact on our members, because they know they are striving for a better and safer community.

For six years, America's Farmers Grow Communities has collaborated with farmers to donate over $22 million to more than 8,000 community organizations across rural America. Winning farmers will direct donations to nonprofits to help fight rural hunger, purchase life-saving fire and EMS equipment, support ag youth leadership programs, buy much needed classroom resources, and so much more. America's Farmers Grow Communities partners with farmers to support local nonprofit causes that positively impact farming communities across rural America. Grow Communities is one program in the America's Farmers community outreach effort, sponsored by the Monsanto Fund. Other programs include America's Farmers Grow Ag Leaders, which encourages rural youth to remain in agriculture and provides $1,500 college scholarships to high school and college students pursuing ag-related degrees and America's Farmers Grow Rural Education, which works with farmers to nominate rural school districts to compete for $10,000 and $25,000 math and science grants. Visit to learn more.

A huge thank you to Monsanto AND Gary Willimack!

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Congrats to FFA students who fared well at yesterday's judging: Moving on to state competition: Eli Slouha 1st place Ag Sales, Brandon Dirks 1st place Landscape Management; Sydney Stender 1st place Agriculture Processing; Cole Fishwild 2nd place Beef Production Entrepreneurship. Kara Gnade, Brandon Dirks, Ethan Wherry, Eli Slouha & Rylee Andresen will all be receiving their state degree in April! Way to go all!

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On January 30th the Midland FFA took fifteen members to district bowling in Manchester. The members that participated in this event were Rylee Andresen, Sydney Stender, Kara Gnade, Jonathen Hunter, Cole Kerner, Delanie Uppena, Payton Lasack, Kaylyn Gent, Austin Parker, Gracie Wink, Mikayla Dosland, Kristin Guenther, Nicole Guenther, Lauryn Eganhouse, and Sara Flores. This event was hosted by the West Delaware FFA chapter. As a team the Midland FFA chapter was able to bowl three games. The Midland Chapter had one member place in the top ten which was Mikayla Dosland and she placed eighth. Midland teams placed fifth, sixth and eighth out of nine totals. As a Chapter we really brought the fun and it was a great opportunity to get to know each other and their bowling skills.

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Congratulations to Cole Lineburg on earning his American FFA degree. Requirements include having earned and productiv5ely invested at least $7,500 or have earned and productively invested at least $1,500 and worked 2.250 hours in excess of scheduled class time, have a record of outstanding leadership abilities and community involvement (50 hours documented).Only .5% of FFA members achieve this recognition. Cole is the 11th member of the Midland FFA to be awarded the American FFA degree by the National FFA Association.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Congratulations to the Midland FFA Ag Issues team for competing at the National Competition and earning a bronze award. Members of the team are Madi Markmann, Madison Gravel, Tommy Ostrander, Ethan Wherry, Rylee Andresen, Eli Slouha, Sydney Stender, and Kara Gnade (alternate). This group of students became educators themselves as they were able to teach others about the pros and cons of the regulations associated with school lunches. This is the first team that has won the state competition and advanced to Nationals.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Midland FFA Ag Issues Team participated in the state competition on April 20th and were named STATE CHAMPS for 2015! Way to go guys and gals!

Participants include: Rylee A, Madi M, Tommy O, Ethan W, Eli S, Madison G, Landon H, Colin F, Mackenzie P and their sponsor is Miss Jamie Christiansen

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If you are interested in being a member of the FFA, contact Jamie Christiansen at or call 563-488-2292.
Mailing address is:
Midland High School
PO Box 109
Wyoming, Iowa 52362

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

FFA 2014-2015

Midland FFA Website

Advisor: Jamie Christiansen

2014-2015 FFA OFFICERS

Landon, Ethan, Madison G, Colin, Eli, Rylee, Madison M

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Midland's FFA State Champion Ag Issues team was lined up to present to Senator Chuck Grassley in Moline on May 27th. Unfortunately due to airplane mechanical difficulties they were not able to do that. They did however stop at KMAQ radio in Maquoketa on their way home and presented their program there. It will air on the radio on Monday, June 1 from 9-10AM. So catch them on AM 1320 or FM 95.1 then!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Midland FFA Ag Issues Team participated in the state competition on April 20th and were named STATE CHAMPS for 2015! Way to go guys and gals!

Participants include: Rylee A, Madi M, Tommy O, Ethan W, Eli S, Madison G, Landon H, Colin F, Mackenzie P and their sponsor is Miss Jamie Christiansen

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Congratulations to Madi Markmann (Home and Community Development) and Rylee Andresen (Landscape Management) as their Proficiencies placed 2nd in the state.

Four Midland FFA members will be receiving their State FFA degree in April; Colin Feuss, Madison Gravel, Madison Markmann, and Mackenzie Petersen.

Five senior Midland FFA members were recognized at District Convention with the Academic Achievement Award; Kayla Bisinger, Madison Gravel, Madison Markmann, Mackenzie Petersen, and Morgan Petersen.

Congratulations to the 2015 Ag Issues and Perceptions team of Madison Gravel, Madison Markmann, Tommy Ostrander, Rylee Andresen, Eli Slouha, Ethan Wherry, and Landon Hunter as they received 1st at District Convention and will be competing at State Convention in April. Their issue is Iowa School lunches; stayed tuned as they will set up some presentations for the community before State Convention.

Kudos to the 2015 Experience the Action team of Kyrstian Heiken, Aubrie Soper, Ashley Franzen, Sydney Stender, Trace Jensen, and Garet McAtee as they competed in a tough field and received a Gold rating

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The Midland FFA members were overwhelmed with the generous outpouring of support shown by the Midland community to their request for donations of shoe boxes and items to fill them for Christmas gifts for kids. They received a wide variety of items that they were able to put to good use. Here are pictures of just some of the items donated:

They created about 70 WE CARE packages and distributed them to kids in grades PS-8 throughout the district. They hope this will bring a smile to the faces of some of Midland's youngsters this holiday season.

FFA members came home with this idea from the National FFA Convention. They hope this simple act of kindness will bring smiles to the faces of youth in our community who might not otherwise have such a happy Christmas season.

A BIG THANK YOU to all who donated to this program! For a first year it was a very big success! It is nice to see the students get involved and know that they CAN make a difference in the lives of others.

Happy holidays everyone from Midland FFA! We hope you all receive a package filled with joy this holiday season!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


FFA sub district Volleyball tournament was hosted by Anamosa. We had three teams compete with one placing first. Team members were Rylee Andresen, Ashley Franzen, Aubrie Soper, Kyrstian Heiken, Libertie Uppena, and Fisher Bisinger.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


On Thursday, October 23, Midland 4th and 5th graders participated in farm safety day. This event is hosted every other year by Ms. Christiansen and the Midland FFA. Students learned about proper use of chemicals, PTOs, balers, combines, farm animals, and other various agricultural topics. Even with the rain, students really enjoyed themselves and learned a lot.

In these photos, Brandon teaches some students why it's important to not stand in front of or behind a combine and Emma shares information about raising rabbits.

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