Thursday, April 25, 2019

NURSE'S NOTES from Christine Gent, School Nurse

Nurse's Schedule:

7:45-1:45 Monday @ OJ

7:45-2:15 Tuesday & Thursday @ Wyoming

7:45-2:15 Wednesday & Friday @ OJ

PHONE: 563-488-2292 x 1180 ~ FAX 563-488-2253

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Due to the recent confirmed case of measles in Northeast Iowa, Iowa Department of Public health has release the attached Q&A regarding Measles and the procedures that will be carried out if there would be a confirmed case at Midland.

I strongly encourage everyone to consult with their doctor to ensure they have received 2 DOSES of the MMR vaccine.

In the case that we would have a case diagnosed here I need all parents to be aware of the following:

What are the requirements for non-immune persons (including K-12 students and staff) determined to have been exposed to a person with confirmed measles? Last Updated April 10, 2019 In most cases, non-immune persons exposed to a person with confirmed measles will be required under a public health order to stay in their home from five days after the first possible exposure until 21 days after the last possible exposure to the person with confirmed measles. If a person with confirmed measles is identified in a K-12 school in Iowa, will nonimmune students and staff in that K-12 school be excluded from school for a period of time (even if they are NOT identified as having been exposed to the person with confirmed measles)? Yes; generally non-immune students and staff will be excluded from the school until 21 days after the last possible time a person who had confirmed measles was at the school. Public health officials will work directly with K-12 school officials to determine which exclusions are appropriate. If the non-immune students and staff (who have NOT been identified as exposed to the person with confirmed measles) get vaccinated, they will be allowed to return to school.

What are the symptoms of measles?

First symptoms: high fever (may spike to more than 104F), cough, runny nose, red watery eyes. Three to five days later: rash o Flat red rash (sometimes raised bumps on top of flat red lesions) o Rash begins on face (at hairline) and spreads to neck, trunk, arms, legs, and feet o Fever may spike to >104F when rash appears After a few days, the fever subsides and rash fades. Please feel free to email or call me at anytime if you have any questions or concerns.

Measles Questions and Answers for K-12 Schools 2019

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Thanks to Nurse Gent our parents in grades K-8 saved THOUSANDS of dollars in dental care thanks to the extra work that Nurse Gent took to get the iSmiles Dental Clinic to come to Midland.

Here are the stats for the Elementary. K-5th grades (Heather Roller RDH)

Yes-121; No-60 91% return

196 sealants = $4,012.12

120 fluoride = $1,719.60

120 screenings = $1,964.40

Total in services= $7,696.12!

Here are the stats for the Middle School. 6-8th (Alesha Lamos RDH)

Consent Screenings: 57= $933.09

Sealants: 262= $5,363.14

Fluoride: 57= 816.81

Total: $7,113.04

Urgent Referrals: 0; Referral with Decay: 10; Dental Home Need: 3

The dollar amounts are based on Medicaid reimbursement fees and would be nearly double for kids without insurance or private insurance.

The gals here performing these services said they are glad Midland participates in this free event, many schools do not take the time to do this. She thanked Nurse Gent for actively engaging parents to participate and for having all of the needed consents here when they needed to be.

Thanks to ALL who helped make this possible, it is a win win for our students and their parents! Look for this program again next spring!

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Just one more way to look out for them.

Medicaid and CHIP (hawk-i) provide free or low-cost health insurance, and we're covering more kids and teens than ever.

Your kids may be covered for doctor and dentist visits, hospital care, prescriptions, and more

You need to renew his or her coverage every year - even if no personal information has changed.

For more information or to enroll contact Michele Canfield, HACAP, 319-739-1510 or email her at

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Health Services Application Changes January 1, 2019

Effective January 1, 2019, the Health Services Application1 form will no longer be considered a valid Medicaid application. If this application is received, the application date will be protected, but the applicant will be required to complete the Application for Health Coverage and Help Paying Costs2 form.

Effective April 1, 2019, the Health Services Application form will be considered invalid and will not be accepted as an application for Medicaid. If this application is received, the application date will not be protected and the applicant will be required to complete the Application for Health Coverage and Help Paying Costs form.

Providers must use the approved Application for Health Coverage and Help Paying Costs form when assisting individuals who are applying for Medicaid.

Health Care Coverage Application January 2019

In addition to using the PDF version of the application form, an online application may also be submitted through the DHS Services Portal3.

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Beginning with the 2017/18 school year students entering grade 7 and grade 12 must be vaccinated against meningococcal disease in order to attend school in the state of Iowa.

The change requires a one-time dose of meningococcal (A, C, W, Y) vaccine received on or after 10 years of age for applicants in grades 7 and above, if born after September 15, 2004; and 2 doses of meningococcal (A, C, W, Y) vaccines for applicants in grade 12, if born after September 15, 1999; or 1 dose if received when applicants are 16 years of age or older. This aligns with the recommendations by the national Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

One dose of meningococcal vaccine before seventh grade. If a student had the first dose as a sixth grader, then another dose is not required until grade 12.

A total of two doses are required before grade 12. Most students entering grade 12 received their first dose when they were younger and will be due for their second dose, or booster. This booster is needed because protection from the vaccine decreases over time.

The only teens that will NOT need a second dose before grade 12 are those who received their first dose on or after their 16th birthday. Parents are encouraged to check with their children's physicians prior to the start of the new school year to determine when or if they need to be vaccinated. A valid Certificate of Immunization with the new meningococcal vaccine will need to be submitted to the school the child is enrolling or attempting to enroll. If you do not have insurance or your insurance does not pay for vaccines, contact Dallas County Public Health at 515-993-3750 or 515-465-2483.

Meningococcal disease is a severe bacterial infection that can lead to meningitis (inflammation of the lining covering the brain and spinal cord) and bloodstream infections such as septicemia. Symptoms of the disease include a high fever, headache, vomiting, a stiff neck and a rash. Those who contract the disease may experience permanent brain damage, hearing loss, kidney failure, loss of arms or legs, or chronic nervous system problems.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found the highest rates of meningococcal disease to be among preteens, teens, and young adults, as well as among infants with certain medical conditions. The new law targets many in this age group and aligns with the CDC's recommendation to vaccinate 11- to 18-year-olds against meningococcal disease.

To learn more about meningitis and how to prevent it visit

PLEASE SEND PROOF OF VACCINATION TO THE HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE ASAP. Thanks for your help with this state mandate!

Meningococcal Vaccine Notice

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Public Health Information

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Warm Winter Items Needed Each Year

We are accepting donations of new or lightly used winter coats, boots, snow pants, and insulated mittens to pass on to students who may need them this winter season. Items can be dropped off at either school center.

I want to extend my appreciation to all who have donated in past years. I ask that you ensure you have your name on the bag when dropping off items so that I can send a card of appreciation and to also report your kindness and thoughtfulness to administration. Other items you might consider donating are socks and belts.

Thanks for caring Midland community!

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Remember students & staff, to stay healthy at all times please follow these steps:


2) Bathe at least every other day

3) Keep hands AWAY from your face

4) Avoid dehydration

5) Get enough SLEEP! (8-10 hrs per night is needed for growing bodies).


The following information can also be found in your child's student handbook.

- temperature of 100 or higher

- severe sore throat

- vomiting

- diarrhea

- undiagnosed body rash

- inflammation of the eyes

- significant fatigue/tiredness

It is asked by the school district that your child be free of any of the above symptoms for 24 hours before they come back to school. If your child has a 99.0 or higher temp in the am, PLEASE DO NOT give them fever reducing medication and send them to school. A low grade temp like that is actually a good thing when a child is on the mend from a virus. I would much rather receive a note telling me what the temp was before school and the reason why you decided it was OK for them to attend school. For example; my child denied having a headache or a stomach ache this AM or my child slept well and ate well last evening. If your child has one or more of the above symptoms, your child most likely has a communicable infection. For State attendance records it is vital we receive a written note or phone call from you to define your child's absence. If your child has been ill it would be so appreciated if you could also include a phone number that I might reach you at during that day.

Common sense should rule. You know your child best. When your child is not his or her self, is overly tired or crabby, is suffering from a cold or just a terrible harsh cough, a day resting at home will help their body fight an infection and get them back to normal quicker. Commonly, when your child feels this way, they get little or nothing out their school lessons anyway and in the meantime stand the chance of spreading their illness on to another student.

Here is an article that was on the Des Moines Register Website recently - it gives you some ideas from a nurse's perspective of how to stay well.

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Click here to see a complete listing of all medical requirements for students to enroll in school:


If you have specific questions please feel free to contact me any time.

Iowa Immunization Program Brochure from Iowa Department of Public Health

Recommended Immunization Schedules for Persons Aged 0 through 18 Years


Any student who needs to take any type of medication, either over the counter or prescription, during the school day will need to complete this MEDICATION PERMISSION FORM (click here). The medication will need to be in the original container with the original label stating what it is and who it is for if prescription. If you need to take some out for home, please do so and only send the quantity your child will need to take at school.

We strongly encourage parents to give their children their medication at home when possible. If you have specific concerns please feel to contact me at any time.

ASTHMA: Students who carry an inhaler of any kind at school will need the following form filled out by their doctor and on file in the office. Authorization for Self Administration of Asthma and Airway Constricting Medication Form (click here)


The State of Iowa requires all students entering Kindergarten and 9th grade to have a Iowa Department of Public Health Certificate of Dental Screening (click here) completed and on file in the nurse's office. We encourage you to have your dentist complete this form prior to kindergarten and then again during the student's 8th grade year or summer prior to 9th grade. Please send the completed form to the office as soon as completed so we can file it to take care of this requirement.

CHAPTER 51 DENTAL SCREENING: 641 - 51.1(135) Purpose. The purpose of the dental screening requirement is to improve the oral health of Iowa's children. Dental screenings will facilitate early detection and referral for treatment of dental disease; reduce the incidence, impact, and cost of dental disease; inform parents and guardians of their children's dental problems; encourage the establishment of effective oral health practices early in life; promote the importance of oral health as an integral component of preparation for school and learning; and contribute to statewide surveillance of oral health. These rules will enhance the I-Smile dental home concepts of prevention, education, care coordination, and treatment to provide a critical step in closing the gap in access to dental care for underserved children. 641 - 51.3(135) Persons included.The dental screening requirements specified in this chapter apply to all persons seeking first-time enrollment in kindergarten or ninth grade in a public or accredited nonpublic elementary school or high school in Iowa.

Dental Screening Frequently Asked Questions


Starting with the 2015-16 school year all parents of students in kindergarten and 3rd grade will have to complete a Iowa Department of Public Health Certificate of Vision Screening (click here)and have it on file at the school. See the nurse if you have any questions about this new state requirement.

Senate File 419, which was passed by the 2013 legislature and will become effective for the 2015/16 school year REQUIRES a parent or guardian of all Kindergarten and 3rd grade students to provide proof of a vision screening for their child. The screening can be no earlier than one year before and no later than six months after the date of their child's enrollment into Kindergarten AND 3rd grade. The vision screening may be conducted by a physician, advanced nurse practitioner, physician assistant, local public health department, public or accredited nonpublic school, community based organization, free clinic, or child care center. Although a comprehensive eye examination by an ophthalmologist or optometrist meets the requirement of this law, it is not required.


Any time you take your child in to get immunizations, please have the provider update the immunization record and send a copy to the school office so we can update our records. It is a state requirement that students have certain immunizations and that the school have proof of the immunizations and dates. Your cooperation with this ongoing item is greatly appreciated.

Iowa Immunization Program Brochure from Iowa Department of Public Health


These information sheets will help you determine what you have and if you should be in school or if you should be staying at home getting better. This is no substitute for a doctor's visit, but merely some informational sheets to help you determine what to do about school when you're ill. Hope they help.

Remember, eat right, get enough sleep, and wash your hands adequately to help stay healthy.

Influenza Facts

To go to school?

Influenza Fact Sheet

H1N1 vs Cold


Unfortunately head lice will probably always be an issue in schools. Please help us by keeping a close watch on your child's head and talk to them about not sharing hats or hanging their coats too closely together in winter.

Here is some helpful information:

Tips for detection of lice

Lice Letter to parents with pictures

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at any time. I am here to help you!

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Hawk-I Health Coverage Information

Get Covered. Get In The Game.

Access to affordable health care benefits shows up on the field and in the classroom. On the field, on stage, on the court or in the pool, hawk-i health coverage will continue once the season ends.

hawk-i is low cost or free care coverage. The amount you pay is based on your family's income.Some families pay nothing. Other families may have to pay between $10 and $40 a month for their hawk-i coverage.

Compare your family income on this hawk-i Guidelines (click here)

For more information contact them at 1-800-257-8563, Monday to Friday, 8AM-6PM or visit the hawk-i website

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Boots, belts, snowpants, sweatpants, mittens, gloves, scarves are always needed at both building levels to help our students. I can't keep enough in stock so I appreciate your hand-me-downs. I find it difficult to find them second hand or at Goodwill.

If you are cleaning out the closet and have black, brown, or braided "leather" belts that you would like to get rid of, I will take them!

We can always find a home for gently used and new boots. So please keep this in mind. Boots for the elementary (grades PS-5th) need to be at least size 1 with the most used sizes 5-9. Boots need to be waterproof. For Wyoming it is the opposite, don't bother sending in winter water proof boots or warm winter coats. They won't take or wear them. BUT, as I found out, the girls love the new warmer "fashion" boots.

I want to thank all of you who have sent in items! ~ Nurse Christine

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Other helpful information for parents:

Medical Statement for School Nutrition Programs (Diet Modification Request)

Iowa Department of Public Health Website

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