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May 23 - Last day of preschool; Preschool program 6PM in elementary gym

May 29 - Last day of school for all other students - Enjoy your summer 2019!

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Dear Families:

With summer approaching, I thought it was important to remind you how essential it is that your child be exposed to literacy and books throughout the summer. I also understand that it can seem virtually impossible to think about reading, and especially set aside time to do it, when summers can get filled up with all kinds of fun outdoor activities. The best, and sometimes easiest, way to incorporate reading is to read with your child at night. Just 20 minutes per day makes a huge difference in their literacy exposure. I've attached some talking points for you to use when you're reading together.

Another way to incorporate literacy is through electronics. Some examples may include long car rides, waiting for a sibling's practice to end, or any other time books may not be available or feasible. To help, I've tried to track down some apps and websites that you might utilize if it works for your family. I've also included some math apps. Some are free, and some are available for purchase. I've included prices so you are aware and can choose what works best for your family. Many of these apps have free trials (some for an entire month!) that you can sign up for to check them out before purchasing or subscribing.

Reading and Math Apps

This flier contains talking points you can use when you read together with your kids:

Parent Book Talk Flier

Have a summer of continued learning,

Kalli Fitzgerald

Reading Interventionist

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On March 10th our 5th grade teacher and girls basketball coach Nathan Becker was injured while tree cutting and was airlifted to St. Luke's where he underwent surgery. Mr. Becker is currently in the hospital where he is fighting to awaken from the coma.

Thanks to all who volunteered, donated, played and attended our Becker Basketball Fun Day on March 31st. A great time was had by all. We had an unbelieveable amount of baked items that all sold! We had a lot of basketball played and are guessing there were a lot of sore older muscles the next couple of days. What a great show of support by our community. A member of another community had this to say "Wow, this is incredible but not surprised, this is what your community does." ABSOLUTELY!!! We are MIDLAND and we are BECKER STRONG! Thanks Eagles!

There will be a few different fundraisers coming up for the Becker family to help with his medical expenses. Keep caring Midland....

The Believe in Becker group will be raffling off 1 market pig processed at Lindley Locker in Center Junction during July or August 2019 through Midland Schools as well as 1/4 of a beef to be processed at Tipton Locker this summer. Tickets are $5 each or 5/$20 and are available at Midland High School, Citizens State Bank or Franzen Tractors. Thanks to Brock and Michelle Hansen for donating the pig, to Joe and Jackie Bisinger for donating the 1/4 beef and to Lindley Locker for donating 1/2 of the pig processing fees. Drawing will be held at the June 29th benefit.

On Saturday, June 29th a community group will also be holding a dinner along with live and silent auctions and a bags tournament. Donations of auction items or baskets would be greatly appreciated, contact Shelby Denniston, Christine Kreel or Sheri Dosland to arrange those or drop off at Midland Schools, Citizens State Bank or Franzen Tractors.

Becker June 29th Benefit Flier

You can also donate directly to a benefit account set up at Citizens State Bank in Oxford Junction, Wyoming, or Olin. Cards with walmart or Casey's gift cards mailed directly to Becker Family, 1917 Bear Creek Road, Monmouth, IA 52309 are very helpful also.

Please keep the Becker family in your thoughts. We hope Nathan is right back with his kids where he belongs very soon!

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The winter of 2019 is certainly going to go down in the history books! The decision to delay or cancel school is never an easy decision for a district, but we always want to make sure that the safety of our students and staff is forefront in our minds when making those decisions. We recognize that a change in our schedule presents additional challenges for our families, so we want to limit the changes as much as possible.

By law, Midland students are required to attend school 1080 hours in a school year. We have been closely monitoring those hours and find that we need to make additional adjustments to our calendar in order to make up time lost due to the winter storms Iowa is experiencing this year.

As of the time of this publication, these changes to the calendar need to be approved by the school board at their Feb. 26 meeting.

Here are those changes for your reference:

Thursday, March 14 - No early dismal for Parent/Teacher Conferences. We will start conferences at 4:00.

Monday, March 18 - School in session. Using day as snow makeup.

Tuesday, March 19 - School in session. Using day as snow makeup.

Friday, April 19 - School in session. Using day as a snow makeup.

Wednesdays, 4/3 through 5/8 - No early dismissals for Teacher Professional Development.

Wednesday, May 29 - Last full regular day of school if we meet our hours.

Of course if we have further no school days on account of weather or etc., this plan will need altered yet again.

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2019-2020 Preschool & Kindergarten Round-Up was held Friday, April 5th at the elementary school.

If you have a preschool or kindergarten student for the 19-20 school year and missed round-up please let us know ASAP by calling 563-488-2292, ext. 3270 or email:

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After reviewing the calendar for the remainder of the 2018-2019 school year we have added back in some instructional days. Please read the updates to the calendar below for preschool.

Beginning Monday, March 18th, preschool will be held 5 days a week with the last day being Thursday, May 23rd. The Preschool Program will be held at 6:00 PM on May 23rd in the Elementary gym. More information will be available in April. The preschool students will not be performing in the spring elementary music program because they have their own program on May 23rd.

Wrap Care will also be available 5 days a week for those students who attend at the original $225 per month rate. If you would like to enroll in wrap care, please contact Kellie Martin at 563-488-2292, ext 3130.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school at 563-488-2292, ext. 3270

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Through hard work, Midland Elementary was fortunate enough to receive a $4,600 volunteer grant from McGraw Hill Publishing Company. Mrs. Funke was able to get this grant to help pay for flexible seating in the Kindergarten and Fifth grade classrooms which is a great alternative to traditional seating. This offers students more options and allows them to find a seat that feels the most comfortable and beneficial for them. This grant will also allow Kindergarten to purchase an online math program that is aligned with the Iowa Core Standards called Dream box. This program is fun and self paced which allows the students to grow independently and watch their own progress.

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Despite most kids having no school on January 25th because of the cold, KHAK announced their Teacher of the Week Award to Judy Petersen-Clark, a 2nd-grade teacher at Midland Elementary School in Oxford Junction.

Judy was nominated by Danielle Dirks, whose entry read: "Judy went from being a preschool teacher for many, many years, to teaching second grade. She is adjusting to the new move and taking on second grade! She is absolutely doing her best and loving it, always putting the kids first! Change isn't always so bad in the education field, especially when she has been at it for so long

Congratulations Mrs. Clark on this award and thank you for altering your teaching for the needs of our district!

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You can find information about the music program at Midland.

Music Website

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Mr Hainstock was given the victory belt and a $15 Subway card for being named Midland Elementary's Bearded Wonder. He carried his victory belt around the building in WWE style. Congrats to Mr Hainstock and thanks to our other teachers who participated and a special thanks to everyone for voting!

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Midland Elementary had a special visitor on December 18th as Clifford The Big Red Dog came bearing gifts for all. He delivered the books that the Friends of the Wyoming Library with cooperation from Ohnward Bank and Trust and Citizens State Banks collected from donations within our communities. Each family at the elementary got to take home one book as a Christmas gift.

Needless to say the children were excited with the visit and to get to take home a book was a bonus.

Thanks to the Friends of the Wyoming Public Libray, Citizens State Bank and Ohnward Bank and Trust for undertaking this project and seeing it through to a successful finish collecting over 160 books! Happy holidays everyone!

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Book Angel Presentations December 18

The Friends of the Wyoming Public Library group worked in conjunction with Citizens State Bank of Wyoming and Oxford Junction as well as Ohnward Bank and Trust of Baldwin to bring a holiday surprise to all of our elementary families. They want to make all of our students' futures brighter by placing books in their hands. A student who reads or is read to, is a student who succeeds.

They collected over 170 books. A special visitor will come to the elementary on December 18th and hand out the books.

Thanks to all who donated to this special project and helped make our students' holidays just a little brighter!

Thanks for showing you care Midland Community!

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On November 9th our whole student body and staff as well as many community members took time to recognize our Veteran's with a Veteran's Day Assembly.

Thanks to all who served to keep us free!

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3rd-5th grade students recently had a fun day at the Maquoketa YMCA!

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Social skills are important! This is a great list of social skills parents can work on with their children. Students have to practice these every day at school.

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Are you interested in learning some parenting strategies to use with your 5-12 year-old(s)?

Active Parenting Class led by Mrs. Hein, School Counselor 3 - 2 hour sessions held at Midland Elementary

Date and Time to be determined -videos, discussions, practice activities, parent book included

If interested, please call or email Mrs. Hein: 563-488-2292 ext 3250 or

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Officer Feldman, Mr Becker, and Mrs Lehrman took the 5th grade students out in the community for DARE Community Service. They spent the day raking and cleaning yards in area towns. A special thank you to PATS for purchasing pizza for lunch for the students. #midlandrocks

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2018-19 Elementary School Supply List

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Dear Parents,

I am writing to you about issues that are coming to school from students being on Snap Chat and other social media apps outside of school hours. The school is not going to monitor the student's usage of social media at home, but I am seeing an increase in social media issues between students that are starting to cross into the area of bullying and harassment. These situations are coming to school and causing issues on the bus, at recess, and in the classroom. Students are creating group chats and talking about other students in their class, having disagreements, using profane language, and not being responsible digital citizens online. I am not only writing this letter as the principal, but as a parent of a 5th grade child. Social media can be SCARY and FRUSTRATING as a parent. When I was growing up, we had bag phones that would only get reception on a large hill outside Monmouth. Now we have small high tech computers available at our fingertips.

I encourage you to have a conversation with your child about the responsibilities of using social media apps to connect with friends. Many of the students that come to my office will not read their typed conversations out loud and say they would never say what they typed to another person because it is too hard to say the words out loud. The phone gives them power to communicate with several people at one time and not have to face the person they are talking about so it is easy to say what they want to say and not have to see who they are hurting. These conversations can sometimes be read and accessible between large groups of students so the problem between two people may start involving several students at once and the conversation is available all day and night.

Social media is a BIG responsibility that requires the user to be able to think before they type. Many times when I ask the students if their parents know what they are saying online they respond, No. Do you know what your child is doing online? Do you know who your child is talking to online and what they are saying? Some of our students have mentioned talking to older people online they don't even know. Some are playing role play games, making videos, and creating secret group chats with friends. It scares me kids have access to the world online and with each other 24/7 through social media. It scares me we live in a day and age where we wouldn't let elementary age kids wander around the mall alone for fear of strangers, but with these apps and internet access, strangers can access your kid's information while they are in their own home. Some of these apps can access your child's actual location while using the app and shows a map to your front door step.

Our kids are growing and changing every day and I challenge you as parents to ask questions about your child's online usage and what they are doing on social media and other apps they are using. We can all help guide them to be responsible digital citizens and to keep them safe. If we as parents don't know what our kids are doing online and if we as parents don't know how to use the apps they are using, should we be allowing them full access to the world unattended 24/7? I know as a parent myself we worry about invading the privacy of our children. The bottom line is that if my child was talking to adults through apps online, their privacy goes out the door and safety becomes my highest concern. If my child was involved in online conversations at 9 pm at night and is only 9 years old, I would be asking why my kid needs to be accessible to friends at 9 pm. What is so important is can't wait until morning? There are growing studies about young people actually being addicted to their phones because of the endorphins released in their brains while using them from instant gratification. It is crazy what research is saying about our digitally wired kids and the effects of technology on the brain.

There is no textbook to parenting and I am in the trenches with you all trying to figure out how to raise kids to be the best they can be. Parenting digital learners is tough. Finding the balance with social media access will continue to be an area we will all have to keep learning about and educating our children to be safe and smart online.


Mrs. Ruley, Elementary Principal

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It's no secret that electronic games and devises are part of our lives. Here are some ways, with and without technology, to encourage reading at home.

1. Unplug - Turn off the television, computers, iPads, phones, gaming systems, etc. for 15 minutes while EVERYONE in the house reads.

2. Variety - Read fiction, non-fiction, picture books, magazine articles, newspaper articles, cookbooks, comics, baseball/football cards, etc.

3. Mix It Up - Read aloud or independently, read to your pets, Facetime or Skype with a family member and read to them.

4. Share - Do a shared reading and read together. Talk about the story, characters, setting, illustrations or pattern in the words. Reread, what did you notice the second time you read the story or article? Make a personal connection to what you are reading, "That picture reminds me of the time..."

5. Flexibility - Kids should have some choice in what they want to read; easy books, just right books, and sometimes books that are too hard for them to read. Someone should be available to help them get through the too hard to read books, or make those the read aloud books - which are great for vocabulary development and fluency.

6. Comedy Night - Read joke books aloud to everyone.

7. Visit the library together - We have excellent public libraries in our district!

8. Plug Back In - Read online news articles, read the school webpage, read from your favorite sports team's page.

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Midland as a group Parents And Teachers for Students - PATS for short - all parents are welcome to join. For more information on the next meeting contact the elementary office.

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By Angela Ruley, Elementary Principal

Technology shapes our lives everyday. I remember back in the late 90's when the internet became part of my life. It was a huge deal! I remember waiting for that magical sound of the dial up to complete so I could ICQ my friends or check my email. That was a time when checking your e-mail was the Facebook Messenger of the day! We also had to be strategic in planning your internet time around incoming calls because your landline phone would be busy for incoming calls if you were dialed in to the internet. Who would have ever imagined that in 2017 the internet would be accessible at your fingertips on a smartphone. You can text, call, snap, Facebook, e-mail, or Instagram your friends anytime you want. But how much time do we spend prepping our kids to this much access to the real world at the tip of their fingers or the responsibilities that go along with it?

In 2017, roughly 80 percent of children ages 13-17 own a smartphone. The average age parents decide to purchase a cell phone for their child is 10. Unlimited data, unlimited apps, unlimited contacts and unlimited free choice. As a parent and an administrator, I think it is important to really dive into the topic of "Cyber Civics" with any parent of a child with a cell phone. When we give kids a license to drive a car, they earn that license by getting a permit to drive, taking driver's education, and spending time behind the wheel with a more experienced driver. Why? Because giving kids such a big responsibility without guidance would be dangerous.

Cell phones provide 24/7 access to "instant feedback" from peers. How many people opened my snap, how many likes did I receive on Instagram, did anyone like my status on Facebook? It provides an empty blank screen to voice how you are feeling at the touch of a button that can be sent without voice to any audience of your choosing. You can't second guess anything you put online because it will always exist in cyberspace; even if you change your mind. Or a text picture that you sent to someone else that can be screenshot and sent to all of their friends. This year alone in our district, we have worked with students about sexting, online harassment, bullying, hacking into other student's accounts, suicide threats and more. I'm not saying that cellphones should be banned, but I am urging parents to talk with and teach your children about cell phone safety and "Cyber Civics."

Cyber Civic Basics: Digital Citizenship and Digital Footprint

Digital citizenship can be defined as responsible behavior with regard to technology use, within this is also your child's digital footprint. A digital footprint is the information about a particular person that exists on the Internet as a result of their online activity. Some basic areas to start with are as follows:

1. Do you know about the apps that are on our child's phone and who they are "friends" with? Several of the apps out there allow you to follow or be friends with people whom you might not know and the app allows that other person access to whatever your child posts within that app. Think it doesn't happen? This topic has been addressed in the elementary building on several occasions with the app

2. Friendship conflicts happen, but social media should not be the platform you choose to openly air your issues. I have talked with students about how some conversations should be in person and not via text messages. Emojiis do not give you insight into the "tone" of a text and sometimes these conversations become worse in times of conflict. Talk to your children about when to put the phone down and teach them to have face to face interaction with peers.

3. Digital footprints can follow you all the way into adulthood. When prospective employers search candidates, many times a google search can reveal a lot about someone. Are you aware of your child's digital footprint? Before they send that picture, remind them that anything can be screenshot and shared by someone else. You don't own anything you post online or share via text.

4. If something doesn't seem right, teach them to tell an adult. If your child receives information in a text or on an app that is violating someone's personal rights or shows someone making a threat against himself or others, please teach them to tell someone who can look into the situation. We live in a world where making a threat to harm one's self or others is real and many times it is discussed on social media before it happens.

We are raising the next generation of digital adults. Lets work together to keep our students safe online by increasing cyber civic discussions about safe cell phone usage. Parents be aware and ask questions about apps on phones and contacts with others through those apps. Safety is key and most important.

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Our local parent teacher organization, Parents And Teachers for Students, PATS, has donated many school supplies to be used by all children in our elementary school. This reduces the number of items that parents need to purchase.

Parents who want to become involved in PATS should contact the elementary office for more information on meetings.

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To sign up for the Iowa Alerts please go to this website: Iowa School Alerts or you can click on the Iowa School Alerts logo on the right side of the school webpage.

Once you create an account you can sign up to receive different information either in the form of an email or text message. You can choose as many levels as you want or need including: District, Middle/High School and Elementary.

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Box Tops for Education

Earn 5 Bonus Box Tops for our school!

Sign up to support our school with Box Tops for Education and earn 5 Bonus Box Tops for our school when you subscribe to the Box Tops email newsletter. You'll receive:

- Coupons

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Just go to to get started! Make sure to enter our Box Tops ID number so our school gets credit for the Bonus Box Tops. Our school's Box Tops ID number is: 168449

Thanks for supporting our school! Our earnings goal this year is $1,000. Let's make that happen! Keep clipping Box Tops and send them to school!

Be sure to ask your student about the Box Tops contest!

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Midland parents are encouraged to become acquainted with rSchool and use it. Sign up for the automatic notifications to your cell phone or email, then you will know instantly when a game/activity has been added, postponed or cancelled. Here is the website, as well as easy to follow directions for setting up your account and using the program.

RSchool Website

RSchool Made Easy Instructions

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Midland Elementary is collecting the following items this year.  They can be dropped off at either Midland school office.  Thanks for helping us to help our kids! Many items can be purchased with these funds - field trips, recess toys, etc.

 LABELS FOR EDUCATION  -  PATS organization collects (now includes Post cereals)

USED PRINTER INK CARTRIDGES - PATS organization collects


OLD CELL PHONES- Music department


Pop Tabs: The money from the tabs goes to help with transportation costs for people going to Camp Courageous that need to be transported to doctor appointments. These can be dropped off at either school location or to Cheryl Westphal.

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Elementary PBIS Info.

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Contact: Webmaster

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Summer Drivers Ed Calendar

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