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Congrats to our musicians and their teachers Mrs. Wright and Ms. Ralson on another successful and entertaining Winter Concert. Here are some photos from the December 2nd event.

To see all of the photos Mrs. Buchholtz took go to:

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Fall Play Photos

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Chiara Dusanek, 9th grader, Kaedynce Stevens, 9th grader, and Mia Ruley, 6th grader, were selected to participate in the OPUS Honor Choir Event on Thursday, November 15th in Ames, Iowa held at Iowa State University. Nearly 3000 students throughout the entire state of Iowa auditioned to fill only 720 spots. Congratulations on your selection, your hard work in both preparation and while at the event, and your incredible performance that moved many audience members to tears!

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Students Attend St. Ambrose University Junior High Honor Band

Congratulations to Seth Bixler, Natilie Folken, Jaicie Krutzfeld, and Logan Brandenburg for being selected to take part in the St. Ambrose University Junior High Honor Band on Nov 3!

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The Midland Theatre Department will present, Those Crazy Ladies in the House on the Corner, on Friday April 20th. Showtime is 7:00 p.m. on the all-new stage in the commons area. Admission is $5. What do you get when you have three geriatric sisters living in the same home, and all they want to do is talk (all at the same time) to each other? Join us for this heart-warming comedy loaded with one-liners, and a special guest appearance.

This is our first production on our new stage in the Commons area. Join us for the fun!

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Midland high school band and vocal students traveled to Branson, MO from March 17-20th.

Mrs. Wright said "Our tour escort has been doing her job for 15 years after her career in the music business among other things. She told me this morning our kids were one of the best groups she has ever worked with. We are extremely proud of them! "

Way to go Eagles!

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Congrats to Chiara Dusanek, Kaedynce Stevens, Jenna Eldred and Rashelle Cole for being selected for the SAU Junior High Honor Band!

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Six MHS students recently participated in the TriRivers Conference Art Show. They found out there are some pretty great artists in the schools in our conference.

Congratulations to senior Jaelynn Folkers who brought home a third place ribbon in the hand built ceramics division.

Here are the other pieces of art which our students submitted:

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On Saturday April 8th, Callie, Kaedynce, Jenna, Chiara, and Trenton traveled to Clear Creek Amana Middle School in Tiffin to present their artwork at the Art Educators of Iowa Emerging Excellence event. The students each met individually with a judge who offered feedback and rated their work. During the judging time students worked on projects arranged by University of Iowa Art Method students. They experimented with alcohol inks, chalk paper marbling, finger crochet, and bookmark making. At the end of the day all 5 students were awarded Division I ratings and recieved medals at the awards ceremony. Callie presented an oil painting of a lily. Jenna and Kaedynce presented mixed media collage works. Chiara entered a pencil drawing. Trenton created a stop motion animation video for the event.

Here are their works of art. Great job students!

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On March 11th, Brittany, Morgan and Liz attended the Saint Ambrose Honor Band in Davenport, Iowa. After arriving at Saint Ambrose at 8 am, the girls took part in rehearsals all day long including sectionals where they were able to work with a teacher who specialized in their instrument. They worked extremely hard and were ready for the concert that took place in Allaert Hall in the Galvin Fine Arts Center at 7 PM. Midland band director Mrs. Wright said, Thank you for your hard work, dedication and for signing up for an honor band that took place over your spring break! I am extremely proud of you!

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Congratulations to Miss Hannah Ralson and her cast and crew who put on a very entertaining musical Ever After - A Musical. This year's musical was performed at the Calkins Barn in downtown Wyoming due to gym floor issues. The musical was well attended and all who attended enjoyed a laugh or two along the way.

These students showed us what happens in fairy tales after the Happily Ever After using a game show style setting. Trevor Urban was the host. The performance even included commercials.

Thanks to the Calkins Commission for allowing us to use their beautiful facility this year!

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Saint Ambrose Junior High Honor Band

On Friday, November 5th, seven students from Midland traveled to Davenport to take part in the Saint Ambrose Junior High Honor Band. The students worked extremely hard on preparing their music and rehearsed from 8 am until 3 pm. The concert took place in Alleart Hall in the Galvin Fine Arts Center at 4 pm. There were two separate bands, one 7th grade band and one 8th grade band. Some of the best parts of the day for students were exploring the campus, rehearsing with students from other schools and eating in the cafeteria.

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On October 20th, seven junior high students attended the Tri Rivers Band Festival. Students left school and practiced all afternoon and gave a 7 PM concert that same evening. One of the great highlights of this band festival is that students are able to meet other students from the schools within our conference. A special thank you to Gennifer Zirkelbach for taking the students to the festival!

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Visit Miss Kelck's ART WEBSITE

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Music Department is still collecting old cell phones! If you have any collecting dust in your drawers or closets, they can be dropped off at either school office.

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Abbie K traveled to State Solo Ensemble Contest on Saturday, April 16th where she was awarded a division II "Excellent" rating from judge Jim Fritz. Congrats Abbie and keep up the hard work!

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Thanks to Mrs. Buchholtz and Miss Kelck who take fabulous photos of our events. They want parents/students to know they should feel free to save or print what they want from their collections:

Winter Play Stocking Stuffers Photos

6-12 Winter Concert Photos

Musical Photos

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On Monday, January 18th, Midland students attended the Tri Rivers Conference Honor Band hosted by Alburnett. Students started rehearsals at 11:30 am and continued rehearsals through the afternoon into early evening. After a dinner break, students performed at a 7:00 concert. The guest director was Mr. Thad Driskell who is the band director at Cedar Rapids Jefferson High School.

Congrats to Anna R, Abby K, Brittany C, Pansy Q, and Lauryn E who were chosen to represent Midland. Way to go ladies!

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Midland High School sent four students to participate in the Saint Ambrose Honor Band on Saturday, November 7 at Davenport, Iowa. Band instructor Mrs. Wright said " We had a great time at the honor band. It takes a lot of dedication to be at school at 6:30AM on a Saturday!"

Congrats to these girls for qualifying for this honor. Abbie, Amanda, Anna and Kristin should be proud of themselves. Keep up the good work ladies!

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Mrs. Wright, her students and a dedicated group of volunteers can be proud of themselves for hosting the 2015 Tri-Rivers Conference Instrumental Festival here on October 22. Over 100 middle school musicians and their instructors descended upon the halls at MMHS at 1PM for practice sessions. They were fed a spaghetti meal thanks to the awesome volunteers. Following dinner they put on a wonderful performance at 7PM for a packed house.

Midland middle schoolers who participated included (alphabetical order): Taylor B, Aaron B, Callie P, Hope S, Kirstin S, Briana S, and Dakota T

Thanks to Mrs. Wright for her tireless efforts to host a great event!

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Four Senior Art Studio Students participated in the Memory Project. The Memory Project is a unique initiative in which art students create portraits for children and teens around the world who have been neglected, orphaned, or disadvantaged. Given that kids in such situations tend to have few personal keepsakes, the Memory Project aims to provide them with special memories that capture a piece of their childhood - portable pieces of their personal history.

Trent Clary, Brooke Gade, Kyrstian Heiken, and Paige Sanders created portraits of children from the country of Paraguay. The portraits were sent to the Memory Project headquarters where they were packaged and hand delivered with many others to the children. At the time of delivery photos were taken of the children receiving their portraits, and shared with the artists.

The Memory Project was developed by Ben Schumaker as a graduate student of social work at the University of Wisconsin.

In 2003, while volunteering at an orphanage in Guatemala, Ben learned that the kids had few special belongings to represent moments of their childhood. They had very few photos, for example, to serve as memories from their early years. Since Ben had always enjoyed making portraits in school art classes, he had the idea to get art students involved in creating portraits for the kids.

The Memory Project was officially born in 2004 and Ben still coordinates it full-time today. To date the project has created nearly 50,000 portraits for kids in 34 countries.

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Art Show Results

Midland had 11 entries in the Tri-Rivers Conference Art Show held Saturday May 2nd at Alburnett High School. Of eleven entries Midland had 2 second place, 1 third place, and 4 honorable mention awards. Receiving red second place ribbons were Brooke Gade in Chalk Pastel and Alexis Tayor in Digital Photography. Jewel Manders placed 3rd in the colored pencil category. Earning honorable mention awards in a large pencil drawing category was Robert Boothroyd. All three entries into the ink drawing category, by Shannon Pestka, Jewel Manders, and Robert Boothroyd, were awarded honorable mention.

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Small Group Contests

Midland music students participated in the State Small Group Contests on Saturday, April 18 at Calamus Wheatland.

A HUGE congrats to Abbie Kasner who received a Division II "Excellent" rating on her first ever performance at Small Group Contest on April 18th at Cal-Wheat High School. Abbie performed "Theme and Variations" on the xylophone for her solo performance.

Congrats to HS Chamber Choir which received a Division II, scoring higher than last year. Madison Webb received a Division I on her piano solo and a II on her vocal solo. Congrats to the other two small groups and two soloists for their contributions.

A special thank you to all the parents who attended supporting the Midland music programs!

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Vans Custom Culture Contest Entries

Miss Kelck's art students created several entries for the Vans Custom Culture Contest. Here are their creations which fall in the categories of action sports, art, group, music and local flavor:

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2014-15 Midland Chamber Choir

Thanks to Stacie Miller from The Photography Mill for the photo!

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On Feb. 11th, 20 Midland High School Band Members traveled to Davenport for an evening of fun! The band attended The Blue Man Group Concert in Davenport at the historic Adler Theatre. The Blue Man Group put on an amazing show of music, technology and a lot of comedy! There were times they had the audience clapping along and even getting up and out of our seats to dance around. Our band students represented Midland extremely well and an amazing time was had by all!

Quotes from kids about the show:

Mrs. Wright "I loved how they were able to incorporate technology, music, and education all in one! I have wanted to see Blue Man Group for years and to be able to take my high school students to see them was a win-win!"

Tatum Koranda "The concert was awesome! 10 out of 10!!!"

Kristin Guenther "I cannot explain it, it was just awesome!"

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Students were engaged in high level choral music rehearsals all day Sunday and Monday with a final concert Monday evening. Students worked with highly esteemed choral faculty and had the opportunity to hear Nordic Choir, Aurora Choir, and Norsemen perform.

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Students from Midland HS took part in the Tri Rivers Honor Band on Jan. 19th at Maquoketa Valley. The students arrived at 11 am and started rehearsals immediately with Dr. Craig Hancock from Wartburg College. The students were extremely focused all day, they worked incredibly hard and ended up creating an amazing concert at 7 pm Monday evening. The number of pieces the students prepared in about 5 hours of rehearsal time included- The Star Spangled Banner, Andromeda, Pirates of the Caribbean, Coast Guards March, Rain, as well as brass ensemble, percussion ensemble, and woodwind ensemble.

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The 7/8th grade Choir went on a Service trip to Maquoketa to sing to three different care facilities. Lead, Think, SERVE!

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The Midland Middle/High School Vocal Department performed Cinderella Jr. and Snow White Lite under the direction of Miss Ana L. Freeman and Miss Sierra Winey. Over thirty students participated in the production in some way.

Thanks to the great crowd who came out to support our music students!

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Midland sent six students to represent them at the St. Ambrose Honor Band held on November 8th in Davenport. These students met early on a Saturday morning at 6:30 AM, they took part in a full day of rehearsals and then performed in a beautiful concert at 7 PM. Abbie, David, Jewel, Paige, Shayna and Sierra represented us well with their hard work and dedication!

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Congratulations to Wartburg Real Men Sing Honor Choir selections: Brandon Orr, Tristan McElderry, Chase Gruenwald and Trevor Urban

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Midland Online Art Gallery - Check It Out!

Check out the MS/HS online art gallery at Most students currently enrolled in an art class in grades 6-12 have artwork published in our classroom gallery. (Parents your student should have brought home a permission form letting you know about this and their work cannot be published without your permission.) Join fan clubs for your student artist and leave comments for them on the site. Without a lot of room to display artwork here at the secondary building this is a great way to show off what our students can do! There is also a shop on artsonia that allows you to purchase items printed with your students artwork. 20% of the price of the items purchased on the artsonia store is given back to the school. to go directly to the Midland gallery:

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Congrats to Sierra Ralston, Destiney Crowley, Lauryn Eganhouse, Kayla Folkers, Kirstin Schaefer, Jacob Ervin, Trevor Gudenkauf, Amanda Anderson, Brett Schoenherr and Nicole Guenther for being selected for the Tri-Rivers Band Fest on Oct 23 @ Easton Valley (Miles bldg.)

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Midland art students, with the help of instructor Kellie Kelck, made this documentary about what the arts mean to them and how it has helped their lives evolve. We hope you'll take a look.

heARTS education

Thanks to all who continue to support the Arts at Midland!

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