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Mar 14 - Parent-Teacher Conferences 4-8PM, teachers in their rooms, parents come when it works. Pick up report card at the office.

Mar 15 - NO SCHOOL

Mar 18 & 19 - FULL SCHOOL DAYS, snow makeup days

Mar 20 & 21 - State assessment testing for grades 6-11, please try to be in attendance. Seniors do not test, so do not need to attend these days.

Mar 21 - NHS Blood drive 1:30-6PM in black gym, contact the HS office to schedule your appointment

Mar 23 - Variety Show 7PM in commons

Mar 25 - FFA Banquet 6PM in black gym

Mar 27 - MMHS Open House 4-7PM for Olin students considering whole grade sharing for 19-20 school year. Come check us out!

Mar 29 - GWAEA Hearing Van 9AM - if concerns about your child's hearing, contac the nurse.


These days will be FULL SCHOOL DAYS instead of early dismissals as planned to make up hours for the year missed by bad weather:

March 14, April 3, 10, 24 and May 1, 8

These dates will be FULL SCHOOL DAYS instead of no school as planned to make up for snow days missed:

Mar 18, Mar 19, Apr 19


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All parents of Midland students are invited to attend spring Parent-Teacher Conferences to be held on Tuesday, March 12 and Thursday, March 14th from 4PM-8PM each day.

At the elementary building parents are assigned conference times to meet with specific teachers. If you cannot make the assigned time, please contact the teacher or secretary for a different time.

At the middle-high school parents can come at any time, pick up report cards from the office and then proceed to the classroom of the teacher(s) you need to see.

We hope you will all show your student how important their education is by attending conferences.

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Dear Olin 6th through 11th Grade Parents and Students:

As you are probably aware, the Olin Community School District recently approved an additional whole grade sharing opportunity for your 6th through 11th grade students with the Midland Community School District. The Midland school community is extremely excited about this new partnership and the opportunities this agreement provides to the families of Olin.

At Midland, we are extremely proud of our school community and our student first culture. Even though our district is a relatively small district, we offer and provide to our students and families all of the academic and activity opportunities that any of our neighboring districts can offer. Our activity programs are competitive at every level. Like the Olin School District, as a smaller school community that truly cares about our children, we are also able to respond immediately to all of our student academic and emotional/social needs. Additionally, we provide a computer to each of our students at the secondary level for academic work. Midland High School students have the opportunity to take coursework and academies through Kirkwood at JREC (Jones Regional Education Center.) To top this off, Midland has just completed a $15 million secondary building project that is second to none. Our district is truly preparing our students for the 21st century.

Our food service is provided by Opaa! Our students enjoy a variety of items to choose from for breakfast and lunch. Breakfast and Lunch menus offer 2 main entrees. During lunch students have access to a full fruit and salad bar and an optional ala carte which includes homemade cookies, slushies, and parfaits.

The purpose of this letter is to cordially invite you to attend an open house of our facilities in Wyoming on Wednesday, March 27 from 4 to 7 p.m. This will be an opportunity for you to walk through our facilities, meet our staff, and ask questions about our academic and activity programming. We know that Anamosa is a viable and good school district. But if you or your child has an interest in Midland at all, we would highly encourage you to visit our district. We are quite sure you will be impressed. If by chance this date does not work for your schedule and you would still like to visit, please do not hesitate to give us a call and set up a tour at your convenience.

Midland is extremely excited about this new partnership, and we look forward to meeting you.


Doug Tuetken, Superintendent and Carol Reilly, Secondary Principal

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Congratulations to Kilee, Kaedynce and Lillian who received perfect scores at Individual Speech contests and advance to state competition.

They will compete on Saturday, March 9th at North Scott in Eldridge.

Good luck ladies!

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Midland's Large Group Speech team, under the direction of first year coach Heather Kidder, qualified for state competition which was held on February 2nd. At state they performed 10 Ways to Survive the End of the World by Don Zolidis and received a PERFECT SCORE!

Ms. Kidder explained the selection process to us for All State Speech because it is confusing. "The stages are districts, state, and All State. We scored the highest score in Districts - ranked by one judge. We earned a perfect score at State-ranked by three judges. All State is just a showcase of the top performers in Iowa. Out of every group who earned a perfect score at state, they choose a few to represent each district in All State."

"A handful of the groups are chosen to perform and a handful to attend and receive medals, though they don't perform. We are going as non-performing."

All State is on February 16th at the Iowa State Center in Ames. Congrats to all!

Congratulations to the team: Ryan Gailbreath, Kilee Stropes, Lauryn Eganhouse, Emily Hainstock, Bryce Rushford, Lillian Strait, Rashelle Cole, Kaydence Stevens, Chiara Dusanek, and Jenna Eldred.

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Marcella Rickels has a group of students who have been reading a book about Costa Rican traditions and traditional food from Costa Rica. Today they learned and practiced food words. They then enjoyed an authentic Costa Rican dish called Gallo pinto which is discussed in the book and is also one of their vocabulary words.

Marcella enjoys sharing her customs and traditions with our students and is a real asset to our Spanish classes.

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Midland Schools offers drivers education class during the summer. Mr. Brad Paulsen is the instructor. We will have sign up when we return from winter break in January.

Cost of class is $425, students on free or reduced lunch see office for cost. Payment must be made to Midland Schools before the first class begins. Student must also have a drivers permit prior to the first day of class.

Here is the course calendar, attendance is very important so please read the rules below and be sure these dates work before signing up for the class.2019 Drivers Ed Calendar

Here are the course rules. 2019 Drivers Ed Rules

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2018-19 Middle/High School Supply List

Unfortunately due to staff turnover this year we are still in the process of hiring the final teachers so the student schedules for 2018-19 have not been finished. Students need these to know which school supplies to purchase. Look for updated schedules in both the student and parent PowerSchool page after July 9th.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019


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There is a system through govdelivery that we encourage all parents and district residents to sign up for. This sight can automatically send you any information you requestduring the setup process including the district newsletter, any district wide notification, school dismissal notifications, any school specific notifications or bulletins.

To sign up for the Midland version please go to this website: Iowa School Alerts or you can click on the Iowa School Alerts logo on the right side of the school webpage.

Once you create an account you can sign up to receive different information either in the form of an email or text message. You can choose as many levels as you want or need including: District, Middle/High School and Elementary.

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RSchool Website

RSchool Made Easy Instructions

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This brochure explains the importance of good attendance for students and what parents can do to help with this.

Attendance Works

We thank all parents who help us by making appointments on early out days and such. Your help is vital to your student's success.

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Log on to our website and they are uploaded to that each morning around 10 as long as the secretary is at work:


You can also sign up to receive the Midland newsletter directly to your in-box by emailing me your name and email address. This comes out after the 25th of each month for the following month. You can always access these online at


The school calendar is online at - PLEASE be sure to write down our early dismissals on your calendar at home this year as they are NOT each Wednesday that we don't have another early out or no school day this year, so please check the calendar closely.


Midland students and staff are required to have a Midland parking tag displayed in the front window of their vehicle. This helps us know who is in our parking lots and if we have issues, what student to ask to move their vehicle. Tags are $5 each and can be purchased at the office.


During our school day all exterior doors are locked for student safety so you cannot come in any door but the front MAIN ENTRANCE. It is located at the SE corner where the old building meets the new, and it says in big black letters MAIN ENTRY above the doors. These doors will also be locked between 8:10AM-3:15PM on school days. If you arrive during these hours you will need to push the little silver button on the wall to your left as facing the doors. This will signal an alarm in the main office. If I am not right at my desk it may take a minute or two to get someone to unlock it. If no one comes in a minute or two please push the button again. When the office unlocks it you will hear a click and then you have 20 seconds to pull the door open. Then you will need to enter the door to the right that goes through the main office. All visitors must check in.

Parking for visitors is in the lot closest to the science wing of the building. You can short term park in the curved area along the sidewalk. Please do not park along the straight sidewalk south of the building during AM or PM around bus times.

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. We are but an email or phone call away.


Midland offers an activities bus for middle school students who stay for practices, for homework help, or for detentions. The bus will run every day there is middle school practice of any kind. Generally none on Wednesdays.

The activities bus will be loading kids behind the school out the north door by the shop next to the football practice field. The bus leaves at 5:05 p.m. sharp.

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Beginning last year students entering grade 7 and grade 12 must be vaccinated against meningococcal disease in order to attend school in the state of Iowa.

The change requires a one-time dose of meningococcal (A, C, W, Y) vaccine received on or after 10 years of age for applicants in grades 7 and above, if born after September 15, 2004; and 2 doses of meningococcal (A, C, W, Y) vaccines for applicants in grade 12, if born after September 15, 1999; or 1 dose if received when applicants are 16 years of age or older. This aligns with the recommendations by the national Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

One dose of meningococcal vaccine before seventh grade. If a student had the first dose as a sixth grader, then another dose is not required until grade 12.

A total of two doses are required before grade 12. Most students entering grade 12 received their first dose when they were younger and will be due for their second dose, or booster. This booster is needed because protection from the vaccine decreases over time.

The only teens that will NOT need a second dose before grade 12 are those who received their first dose on or after their 16th birthday. Parents are encouraged to check with their children's physicians prior to the start of the new school year to determine when or if they need to be vaccinated. A valid Certificate of Immunization with the new meningococcal vaccine will need to be submitted to the school the child is enrolling or attempting to enroll. If you do not have insurance or your insurance does not pay for vaccines, contact Dallas County Public Health at 515-993-3750 or 515-465-2483.

Meningococcal disease is a severe bacterial infection that can lead to meningitis (inflammation of the lining covering the brain and spinal cord) and bloodstream infections such as septicemia. Symptoms of the disease include a high fever, headache, vomiting, a stiff neck and a rash. Those who contract the disease may experience permanent brain damage, hearing loss, kidney failure, loss of arms or legs, or chronic nervous system problems.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found the highest rates of meningococcal disease to be among preteens, teens, and young adults, as well as among infants with certain medical conditions. The new law targets many in this age group and aligns with the CDC's recommendation to vaccinate 11- to 18-year-olds against meningococcal disease.

To learn more about meningitis and how to prevent it visit

PLEASE SEND PROOF OF VACCINATION TO THE HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE BY AUGUST 23, 2018. Thanks for your help with this state mandate!

Meningococcal Vaccine Notice

Wednesday, February 27, 2019



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Congratulations to the students in grades 6-12 who have made one of our honor rolls for their academic work during first semester. Keep working hard!

Midland Middle / High School Semester 1 Honor Rolls 2018-19

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Now that our construction days are finally nearly behind us, and the Midland students and staff are at home in their new school environment, we thought we would take a look back.

This process began back in April 2015 when the $12.83 million bond issue was passed by district voters by a mere 1.8 votes. School Business Official Megan Frankfurt said "The project actually came in slightly less at $12.343 million." Construction began the following April and is just now finally wrapping up, Principal Carol Reilly said "All that remains is a punch list of small items to complete, which we have to wait until the weather warms up."

Maybe the most noticable part of the project was tearing down our beautiful three-story Bronson building which was over 100 years old. Though this was a tough one for long standing community members to swallow, this keeps our students inside one building all day, no more walking between buildings in sleet, rain, snow and wind. Reilly said "It also eliminates an environment which was not conducive for 21st Century education. There was no sound barrier. It was very noisy, especially when students transitioned through the building. It was not handicapped accessible. It had poor heating and cooling." There is an area just inside the Events Entry that commemorates the Bronson building with a bench made from some of the old oak floorboards and brick being used on one wall.

Another advantage is now all of our students are safely in one structure. All visitors have to buzz in through the main office and all other doors are locked during school hours. We also have enhanced our security cameras both inside and out during the project.

The athletic facilities were greatly enhanced with the addition of a new bigger Gold Gym and a new wrestling room which doubles as a safe room for weather emergencies. The Athletic Booster Club gained their own concession stand, no more carting items to the kitchen from a closet and back each night.

One unplanned part was that by changing the school physically we also changed the school's address when Green Street was vacated for the project. The Middle High School now has a 106 W Webster Street address, this has confused many of our delivery truck drivers which has been a challenge!

Principal Reilly said academically the new facility is "world's above what we had. It is a cleaner, brighter learing environment. We all feel better being here." The school no longer needs to dismiss early for heat due to the air-conditioned facility. We also have an elevator making the two-story academic wing handicap accessible for all. Reilly praised the students and staff for their resiliency during the entire project saying "They were phenomenal through the process" as all had to deal with moving classes, changing bus drop-offs and living in a construction zone and some of the older students never even got to make use of the facility before graduating.

Midland NHS members gave guided tours to anyone who came on December 18th before the basketball games. When asked about the Open House, Brett Schoenherr, senior, said "I don't know how many people were there for sure but I did have plenty of good comments about the new school. Many people that I talked to couldn't even believe how nice the new facilities were. They enjoyed the Bronson bricks and benches by the food stand and they definitely think that Midland is heading in the right direction."

Midland students and staff are very grateful to the Midland Community for supporting the bond. This building gives you a real sense of how much the Midland community as a whole cares for the stuents and values rural education. "They believe in the future of the community here."

If you've not seen the new building yet, we encourage you! This is your facility. Thanks again Eagle Community!

Thanks to Kim Brooks, Monticello Express Editor for contributions to this article.

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Thanks to generous donations from our community of boxes, toys, candy and wrapping paper the FFA was able to create 125 We Care boxes to be distributed to our local food pantries to be given to kids. Thanks to all who donated or worked on this wonderful project!


A food drive was held during November and December at MMHS. We collected more items than usual as Mrs. Reilly challenged the kids and offered a movie outing for the seminar with the most items collected.

The winning middle school class was Ms.Yousse with 879 items which totals out to 41 items per student. The winning high school class was Ms. Kaftans with 265 items, approximately 22 items per student. All of the items will be split between the three food pantries within our district: Lost Nation, Oxford Junction and Wyoming. Thank you to everyone who participated!


Coach Nathan Becker and his girls basketball team held a ice cream sundae fundraiser at their home game on December 18th to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House in Iowa City. They will deliver the items donated and cash to the Ronald McDonald House on December 22nd. If anyone else wants to contribute contact Coach Becker at 563-212-5214 or

Thank you all for participating and eating some ice cream supporting the girls fundraiser. We raised a little over $500 and had a box of children's gifts and personal items to pass on to them. We will be taking these donations Saturday as well as staying and baking some Holiday treats for the residents.

Thank you all for the support and a thank you to all of the Cal-Wheat fans for participating as well, and a extra thanks to the Cal-Wheat boys basketball team for bringing a huge basket of stuff to donate!

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Each December Midland ag students get to learn the process of making Christmas wreaths. A big thank you to Jim Eichhorn who donates the greenery for us each year, we couldn't do it without him. Thank you to all who order wreaths so we can have this learning experience. We hope you enjoy them and have a special holiday season!

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Chiara Dusanek, Hannah Fishwild and Sophia Coates attended Kirkwood's Celebrating Young Women in STEM event on Friday, December 14, 2018. They explored engineering and technology with women in industry and education while collaborating with other young women through applied learning while having fun.

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This year, our students will begin taking a new statewide assessment. It will replace the Iowa Assessments. The new test ISASP (Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress) were developed by Iowa Testing Programs and the University of Iowa. The assessment is designed to measure student learning outcomes as outlined in the Iowa Core Standards. All districts in the State of Iowa are required to give the ISASP in a window during the final quarter of the school year.

The new test has some significant changes from the Iowa Assessments. First, the test can be taken online or on paper. Midland has decided that for the initial year, we will remain with a paper and pencil format for the test. Second, the ISASP has fewer tests. Students in grades 3 through 11 will be tested on Reading, Writing and Language, and Math. Students in grades 5, 8, and 10 will be tested on Science. Third, students will be required to write a passage from a prompt on the ISASP. Finally, the test will be untimed. Students will have as long as they need to complete each section.

After the first of the year, the state is going to release some practice tests. Students throughout the district will be given the opportunity to work through the practice test questions so that they can become familiar with the new question types and the new format of the test.

As in the past, families will receive student scores. However, we have been notified by Iowa Testing Programs, that the scores will not be released to districts until sometime next fall. Student growth, proficiency and readiness indicators will be reported to district at that time as well.

The MS/HS will be testing from March 20 through March 29. All students should plan to be in attendance at this time. HS students that attend Kirkwood should plan to be in the building in the building for testing all day on March 21 and 22.

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Mr. Hebl's geometry class was creating art using the shapes they were studying. There are some pretty good artists in his class!

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If you have not heard, one of our JH wrestlers did something that showed very high character and selflessness. Logan Bicknese was able to give a win (Logan let him win) to an athlete from Lisbon that is less fortunate than him. Although Logan himself doesn't have a lot of wins yet this season, he saw the need to give this one away as it would mean more to the other athlete.

Here is a link to the tweet with a video:

Coach Gravel's wife Theresa said "It was awesome to watch. Logan really made Midland proud. And he was simply asked to give the kid some mat time and not pin him right away. Logan made the decision to give the kid the win on his own and told coach as he was taking the mat. It really was a proud Midland moment." WTG Logan! Keep up the great work!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Congrats to Midland junior Kristina Agnitsch who was featured as a Show You Care article on KCRG TV9 on October 14th for her efforts to update the playground at the Wyoming Fairgrounds.

Students CAN make a difference! Thanks for showing others what you can do! Keep working towards your goal!

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Mrs. Koch is our business teacher that we share with North Cedar again this year. She is proud to announce that Alex G, Callie P and Jordan T have all passed the Microsoft Office 2016 Word Specialist Exam and the Microsoft Office 2016 PowerPoint Specialist Exam.

This gives them the right to include this certification on their resumes as it is a business industry exam (not a high school exam). Congratulations to all on a job well done and laying a good foundation for your future careers!

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