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Feb 18-24 - FFA Week - Dress Up Days: Tues - PJ Day, Wed - Farmer Day / Ag Transportation Day, Thurs - Slobby or Fancy, Fri - Blue and Gold Day

Feb 21 - Post Prom Planning Meeting 6:30 in cafeteria - all jr/sr parents welcome to help!

Feb 24 - Bronson building garage sale 9AM-Noon- last chance to tour the building!

Feb 26 - High School Winter Athletic Banquet 6:30 in cafeteria for HS athletes and their families. Family style pot luck supper followed by awards presentation. Bring table service and food to share. If you want a beverage other than water, bring that as well.

Feb 27 - 8th Grade Parents Meeting RE high school scheduling 6-7:30PM - see info below

Feb 28 - 1:00 Dismissal - AM schedule

Mar 2 - End of 3rd Quarter

Mar 6 - Parent-Teacher Conferences 4-8PM, all teachers in their rooms

Mar 8 - 1:00 Dismissal; Parent-Teacher Conferences 1:30-8:00, all teachers in their rooms


Mar 10 - FFA District Convention @ Waukon


Mar 14 - Athletic Booster Meeting 6pm in commons; Post Prom Planning Meeting 6:30PM in commons

Mar 15 - Jr/Sr Math/Science Trip 4:30AM-8PM

Mar 17-20 - HS Music Trip to Branson, MO

Mar 19-23 - Bus Driver Appreciation Week - thanks to all the fine ladies and gentlemen who get us to all of our destinations each day safely and on time!

Mar 21 - 1:00 Dismissal - AM Schedule

Mar 22 - NHS Blood Drive 1:30-6PM, contact Kim Buchholtz to make an appointment to donate

Mar 24 - Variety Show 7PM

Mar 26 - FFA Banquet 6PM, contact Jamie Christiansen for reservations by Mar 8

Mar 29 - GWAEA Hearing Van at MMHS 9AM - if hearing concerns you want tested contact Nurse Gent ahead of time!

Mar 30 - NO SCHOOL

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8th grade students and parents are invited to an informational meeting in the commons (cafeteria) on Tuesday, February 27 from 6 - 7:30 pm. The purpose of the meeting is to assist parents and students with the transition from middle school to high school. Topics of discussion will include course scheduling, opportunities in high school, assessments, & post high school options.

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Congrats to Midland junior, Brett Schoenherr who qualified for state wrestling in the 1A 220 lb. division!

A fire truck send off was held on Feb. 14th.

Brett lost his first match to top ranked Tom Rief of Missouri Valley 12-6, then won his second match Thursday 18-3 over Wilton's Calib Lilly. He will wrestle again on Friday at around 5PM at Wells Fargo Arena, Des Moines.

Good luck Brett!

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All classrooms which were housed in the Bronson building were moved over to the new academic wing during early January. Both students and staff are very happy and thankful for the new facilities. No more walks through rain, sleet, snow to get between buildings. This gives our kids a great learning environment!

Here are a few photos taken on February 2nd:

Thanks Midland Community!!

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Congratulations to Midland Junior Brett Schoenherr who recorded his 100th career wrestling win at the John Byers Wrestling Invitational. He was the champion in his weight bracket that day as well. Congratulations Brett, you are a perfect example to younger kids what hard work and determination will get you! Keep up the great work and good luck the rest of the season!

Brett's efforts helped his team place 2nd at the Invite this year! Way to go team!

Thanks to Deanna Martens for sharing these photos with us!

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On Monday, January 15, 2018, some 21 months after the project began, Superintendent Doug Tuetken called an all school assembly at the middle high school in the morning before all students started their classes for the day in the new facility. He provided all students, staff, school board members and visitors with donuts. He challenged our students to respect these new facilities and to lead by example so all who follow after them will also be proud of what we have here and take good care of it. He thanked the planning committee who had the vision that we could actually tackle this project and bring new facilities to Midland, the voters who approved the bond issue and who are paying for it, the board members for their countless hours working on the project, the staff and students who have had inconveniences but have managed to keep on educating. Here are some photos of the assembly.


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The offices moved in over the weekend thanks to help from their family members. Here School Business Official Megan Frankfurt discusses technology items with Mr. Greenfield while Michelle mans the reception desk.

Finally some 21 months later we are on the move! Students and staff started carting the classroom supplies from the Bronson building to the new classrooms. No desks or big items needed moved, mostly books and supplies. The students should be totally in their classrooms for class by Monday!

Some minor adjustments needed made, thank goodness our students and staff have handyman skills!

We have the best moving crew in the nation! They clean up after themselves too!

Don't worry, we didn't leave Sponge Bob in the Bronson to go down with the ship!

Some of the teachers got pretty well settled today. Relieved to have everything under one roof again.

We found seniors Brett S, Mason P, Hunter R and Rachel N making good use of the spaces today already!

Superintendent Doug Tuetken and School Board President Clay Pestka discuss the move.

Photos of the front door area from the front door and from the top steps.

We thank the Midland community for this fine educational facility! Without your support at bond issue time, none of this would be possible. Things are looking very bright for the Midland District! We hope you will all come check it out when we get an open house scheduled!

We will hold an assembly on Monday morning to thank our School Board Members on all their hard work on the project, some of them have put in countless man hours and pitched in and worked along side the construction crews - THANKS GUYS! We are excited to begin a new era in education at Midland!

Here is an arial view of the final project for anyone coming to events, you can find parking areas. Those south and east of the school have NOT been paved yet. Only paved parking is West of the gym between gym and creek.

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On December 22nd, the girls basketball team sold ice cream sundaes at their game to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. We ended up raising a little over $750. We used some of that money to buy baking supplies to bake lots of cookies at the Ronald McDonald House, and ended up donating a huge box of toys, five $25.00 Wal-Mart gift cards, and ended up donating around $527 cash. Huge thank you to all of the people that volunteered time, donated ice cream supplies, and to all of the people that ate ice-cream and donated money towards this great cause. Thank you everyone!

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Thanks to all who donated items to the boys basketball Hall of Pride collection. All items will go to the Ronald McDonald House. As always, we appreciate the support of our community!

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We are excited to welcome Ms. Barb Hollinrake to the Midland Staff in the guidance office. She will be joining us part-time, working on Tuesday afternoons, Wednesday mornings, and Thursday afternoons. She has spent over 30 years as a school counselor and also currently works part-time for the Maquoketa Valley School District. Her expertise is in college/career readiness. Please introduce yourself and help her feel welcome at Midland!

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Mr. Wilson incorporated our construction project into a writing assignment. His students were all over the school asking questions, taking tours, checking things out to gather information so they could write articles about our school construction project. Here are a few of the final projects:

The Difficulties of Construction By Trenton Rickels

Construction on The Midland High school has been difficult on students and the teachers.

The high school in Wyoming, Iowa has been undergoing construction to improve and add on to the newer part of the two buildings that make up Midland. Many people including staff, students, and the community are very excited for the new school, but the dilemma is all the complications the construction has brought up for most people at the school. The majority of the complaints are about what they have to wear, tardiness, and distractions in class.

Para Educator, Marcela Rickels says, "I think in the end it will be worth it, and yeah we need to be flexible and work harder, but everybody is doing a great job in getting what needs to be done, done, even with all the problems."

Midland Teacher Stephanie Kaftan, says, "I definitely do not wear as nice of clothes as I have in the past because they get ruined because of the dirt, the mud, and the limestone." The problems about clothing mainly stem from the gravel path connecting the two buildings, the mud that practically surrounds the school, and the dust that flies in the air. Dust and mud are constantly ruining clothes and shoes. Students and teachers are now forced to wear clothes that are not as nice as they would like because they fear that they will get ruined.

Another problem for students and teachers alike is tardiness. Different people at school have different views on it, but all the same, it's a problem. For example, the students find it hard to get from the gym to the top floor of the Bronson building (the old building) because there is a long gravel path going around the construction that connects the two buildings. Jenna Eldred, a student at Midland, says, "Well I have one tardy because it's hard for me to get from top floor of the Bronson all the way to the other school with all the construction because you have to go around things and go with the flow because it's really hard to walk across and not step in mud." On the other hand when asked, Carolyn Greenfield (teacher at Midland) says, "I really don't think there is a reason for being late to class because if they do need head to the restroom and didn't have a chance, they know to ask me and go right away. But they do have enough time to be able to go back and forth."

Students and teachers also agree that distractions caused by the construction are also a problem. Because the newer school is an addition to the school we already have, the construction is right outside our windows. Carolyn Greenfield has this to say on the matter, "It is challenging, it gets really noisy and the kids get distracted, and I find myself yelling over the noise and then the noise would stop and I'm yelling at the class." Jenna Eldred also says that, "It's kind of harder to focus and study because with all the noise it's very distracting"

Even with all the problems, the staff, students, and community are still excited for the school we all have been waiting for. Carolyn Greenfield says, "I think it's very cool, I think it's going to be very nice. We've had a lot of challenges, more than I thought we would've had, but it will be very nice when it's done."

Is It Worth It? By Chiara Dusanek

The construction that has been going on at the Midland middle-high school for over two years has caused some extreme problems during the school year. The internet doesn't work for days at a time and the Bronson building has been without running water. With all the mess and problems construction has caused, is there any way we as a district can overlook all these struggles and anticipate the new school with a positive attitude?

Although everyone who was interviewed had very different views and answers, they all had the same mindset. Calli Markmann, a senior at Midland this year, says it excellently: "With the new school and all of the upgrades, Midlands athletics, academics, involvement, and even the community will thrive."

The central idea is definitely that everything the new school is bringing will make life easier and lessen stress for staff and students alike. The interviewees provided many different ways in how the addition might do this. Mrs. Eckhardt, the Spanish teacher at Midland and a parent in the community, says that "I think it will bring everybody together. I think the teachers and the students will feel more connected." When asked how it might affect the younger students at Midland, she stated, "I think they'll be excited to come here. I think it will make education better because we're in one building, teachers are able to meet with each other easier, run across the hall for a question. I think it will be better." Those are just a few ways the new school is expected to improve education at Midland. "Just the design and the setup of the classrooms and the way they're placed and the openness will affect how much more community type projects we do within the school itself," Mr. Wilson, a Language Arts teacher at Midland stated.

These aren't the only problems the new school is expected to improve upon. "Not only will the learning environment be updated and improved, students will also be able to stay motivated and concentrated better. Student motivation and achievement will raise because students and teachers basic needs will be met. There won't be any more creaky floors, whistling wind, or hearing through walls." Calli added. Although she has such a positive view of the new school, Calli will not be able to fully experience the benefits of the new school before she graduates because she is a senior. When asked about how she felt about this matter, she said "Although we have suffered through majority of the construction and aren't able to enjoy most of it, I am grateful of what we have gotten to use. Being able to use some of the new facilities that are completed are a plus."

Construction has caused many struggles for the whole district, but the upgrades and changes within the new facility are expected to be well worth it. Mrs. Reilly, the principal at the Midland middle-high school, sums it up perfectly. She says, "It has been a tough beginning to the year. But, again, once we move into it, I think it's all going to be worth it. It's just getting through it."

The Progress of the New Midland Community School Building By Dakota DeLarm

The Midland community school district is back in session, and we are back stronger and more "open" than ever. Not just the holes in the walls due to the ongoing construction- the holes in our schedule and our new routine. The fact that the student body has continued to thrive under these conditions continues to amaze community members.

When asked about the idea of a new school, Chiara Dusanek replied with, "I was actually on a student committee that discussed a new school, and I thought it was a great idea." Earlier in the week, Chiara and I took a tour of the new academic wing with Carol Reilly, the principal of the Midland Middle/High School. We were amazed with the progress and the work that had gone into this project. The media and library room layout was astounding. There was a separate room with sliding glass doors for instructing classes and for teacher in-services. The industrial style and open ceiling mixed with scientifically proven "brain-stimulating colors"were calming. The "industrial style" of the exposed ventilation mixed with a few other details gives the new school a modern touch. The rooms were laid out by grade level, the sixth grade on the bottom floor and the middle school along with the high school in the west wing and top floor. The Choir and Band rooms are located on the North side of the building, along with the gym and Industrial Tech facility. The administrative offices are in the new entrance to the building, and two new in school suspension rooms are located behind the administrative secretary's desk. A new bathroom and a teacher's lounge are in the west wing, and there is one large storage closet on the first floor. There are multiple "learning studios" where students will go in small groups for improved focus away from the distractions of a classroom. The stage in the "commons" has been opened, and workers recently installed a lighting and sound control room. The entrance to the new Gold Gym is a very open and modern space, with the new concession stand and kitchen adjacent to the 'commons'.

However, there are always downsides to great things. Trenton Rickels, a student along with Chiara here at Midland, said "I thought it was a great idea and it seems to be progressing well, but it is kind of distracting while you are in the middle of class and a construction worker is walking by or someone is operating a crane right by your window." Chiara also commented on the subject, stating, "But since our tour, I'm a little concerned about people outside of the building and being more concerned about what's going to be going on outside rather than what the teacher is saying."

But in the end, this building will be worth all of the trouble the administration, students, and construction workers have put into this building. All of the exceptions, the schedule changes, shutting down the essentials, and the rerouting has gotten tedious and somewhat annoying, but we will all enjoy what has come from it.

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Congratulations to Coaches Casey Hack, Lennie Miller, Eric Martens, Tim Kreel, Ryan Dodge, Jacob Heinsius and the team on an outstanding season! They finished in the top 4 teams of 8-man football in the entire state for a second year in a row! They lost to last year's champion, football powerhouse Don Bosco in the semi-finals held at the UNI Dome.

The boys on this team represented themselves, their school, their families and their community in a most awesome way! Keep up the great work guys!

Thanks to our generous local businesses who donated towards the teams expenses on their state run: Jim and Deb Bisinger, 1st Trust and Savings Bank, Citizens State Bank, Crop Production Services~Terry Harris and Steve Poppe, Denger Farms~Nate Denger, Farm Bureau Financial Services~Walter Laetare, HUSCO International, Leytem Trucking~Derrick Leytem, Mahindra Tractors~Chuck and Krista Franzen, Maquoketa State Bank, Mineral Creek Cattle~Jerard and Diane Gnade, Ohnward Bank, Ohnward Insurance Group~Brian Franzen, Rack's Swinging Door, Streets Cattle~Steve and Carmen Streets, Wyoming Mutual Telephone Company, Hale Tap, Center Junction Telephone Company, Keith and Connie Christiansen. The community support has been outstanding for these guys!

Seniors, thanks for the memories! Underclassmen, next season begins as early as next week. The bar is set pretty high, keep aiming at the stars and you're sure to go far!

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Please help us welcome two new part-time staff members which we share with other districts. Barb Hollinrake and Becca Harvey will both start the first week of November in Wyoming.

We are excited to welcome Barb Hollinrake to the Midland Staff in the guidance office. She will be joining us part-time working on Tuesday afternoons, Wednesday mornings, and Thursday afternoons. She has spent over 30 years as a school counselor and also currently works part-time for the Maquoketa Valley School District. Her expertise is in college/career readiness.

Becca Harvey will be our Human Resource person we share with Monticello Schools. She will work one day a week, typically Wednesday's.

Please introduce yourself and help these ladies feel welcome at Midland!

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Congratulations to Austin Smith, Midland senior football player, who received the most votes and was named KCRG TV-9 Athlete of the Week for October 19.

You will be able to check out his video after completion at http://www.kcrg.com/sports/athleteoftheweek/.

We are so very proud to say that every Midland athlete who was named as a finalist for this recognition has been the winner! That says a lot about our community and how well they support our student athletes. We appreciate your support so very much!

We wish Austin and his team luck as they play for a District title this Friday at home against Lone Tree. Their game starts at 7PM, but all fans are invited to the Fill The Stadium Tailgate party starting at 5PM. The JV team takes the field at 5:30 for a 2 quarter game. GOOD LUCK EAGLES!!!!

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Congratulations to Kim Buchholtz who was awarded a Educational Excellence Award by Upsilon State Organization Delta Kappa Gamma Society International! Thanks for your many years of service to Midland Community Schools!

Kim is employed by Midland schools as AD Secretary and paraprofessional but does so much more for us! She can be found each morning and noon punching meal tickets for students. She is our National Honor Society Sponsor. You can also find her at nearly every Midland event behind her camera. She shares her love of photography by creating online photo albums that students and parents can access and save or print her photos for free. We finally got Kim in FRONT of the camera. Keep up the good work Kim!

Delta Kappa Gamma Society International is a professional honorary organization of women educators with over 77000 members in 18 countries worldwide. It promotes professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education through seminars, workshops, conferences, scholarships, and publications of members research. DKG provides financial support to educators and education worldwide. Beta Nu Chapter recognized Kim with a State Educational Excellence Award for her educational contributions to Midland.

Thanks to Mrs. Antons for recommending Kim and coordinating this surprise for her!

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The Gold Gym was opened and used for the first time at the volleyball game on October 10th!

This will be our new competition gym for all varsity contests. It will hold approximately 200 more spectators than the other gym. There are ten rows of seats on the home side and six rows on the visitors side but they run completely from one end of the gym to the other. Home side is still the north side, where the bleachers say MIDLAND. South side is for visitors, where bleachers say EAGLES. We look forward to years of memories in this fine facility for our teams!

The BLACK GYM, the old Eagle's Nest, will be used as needed when there are conflicts in the schedule or for middle school events.

Home locker rooms are on the West end of the new gym. They are currently in use by our teams.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


A huge thank you to the Becker Family for their generous donation! They have donated the scoreboard in the Gold Gymnasium in honor of family members who have passed away. What a terrific way to show your support of Midland Schools!

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Veteran's Day Photos

Thanks to all who served!

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Congratulations to Coaches Casey Hack, Lennie Miller, Eric Martens, Tim Kreel, Ryan Dodge and the team on an outstanding season! Many records were shattered on their way to a 9-3 season that was one game short of the state championship game!

Unfortunately perennial powerhouse Don Bosco again stood in their way and proved to be invincible again this year. Here are some photos from the state semi-final game, thanks to Kim Buchholtz for her photography skills - Photos from UNI Dome

Records set include:

Total offense in a season 5,121 - was 2.733

Most team yards rushing in game 486 - was 382

Most team yards rushing season 3,830 - was 2,495

Average yards per game in season - 426.75 - was 416.3 in 2015

Best Defenisve Avg. District - 21.3 - was 36.8

Best Defensive Avg. Overall - 32.9 - was 38.7

Most Yards Rushing, Game - 371 Austin - was 321 Ben Carstensen

Most Yards Rushing, Season - 2,892 Austin - was 1,516 Ryan Leonard

Most Yards Rushing, Career - 4,587 Austin - was 3,776 Ryan Leonard

Most Rushing TDs, Season - 47 Austin - was 27 Ryan Leonard

Most Rushing TDs, Career - 86 Austin - was 64 Ryan Leonard

Most Points Scored, Game - 58 Austin - broke his own record of 48

Most Points Scored, Season - 336 Austin - was 248 Ryan Leonard

Most Points Scored, Career - 648 Austin - was 568 Ryan Leonard

Most TD's Scored, Seasson - 58 Austin - was 39 Ryan Leonard

Best Punting Avg, Season - 36.6 Austin - was 36.21 Katlin Marr

Longest Punt - 59 Austin - was 57 Katlin Marr

Most Fumble Recoveries Career - 6 Austin - was 5 Ryan Leonard and Austin Smith

Records that were tied this year:

Avg. Yards per carry, season - 9.4 Austin - tied Tyler Stepp

Best Won-Loss Record - 9-3, tied 2016

WOW - Way to go Eagles!!!!

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The students and staff at the secondary building had some fun on Halloween. They dressed up as Scrabble pieces and the students were challenged to figure out what Halloween related phrase they spelled out. Miss Kelck gave them hints as the day went on. Winners were Damon Hainstock and Jacob Fuehring with second place to Ella Rupp and Alyssa Streets.

As a fundraiser for the PBIS students were allowed to dress in costume for the day. See more of the fun at: https://photos.app.goo.gl/xzhWvZWbJrmmw3he2. Thanks Mrs. Buchholtz for providing us awesome photos as always.

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Midland students afforded outstanding opportunities to explore local industries through Project Lead the Way and Advancing the Future tour opportunities.

On October 17th Mr. Ahouse took 20 students from Miss Christiansen's Plant Science class and some of his industrial tech students to Cedar Rapids to participate in the 5th Annual Advancing the Future Tour. This program is sponsored by Kirkwood Community College and is designed to spark students interest in the manufacturing. Students toured Highway Equipment Company in Cedar Rapids. The company producers specialize in building parts for road maintenance vehicles like de-icing spreaders for snow plows. They also develop parts for farming equipment to help spread fertilizer. While there they were included in this KGAN CBS news article - http://cbs2iowa.com/news/local/kirkwood-community-college-partners-with-local-companies-to-inspire-students

They also toured ADM. Students were introduced to the variety of careers available to them with varying amounts of post secondary schooling. Students were impressed with the sheer size of ADM and didn't realize everything that the company does with kernels of corn.

On October 19th, fifteen students from Ms. Doll's PLTW computer science courses and Miss Christiansen's PLTW Environmental Sustainability course were given the chance to see what the National Advanced Driving Simulator does to ensure we understand what happens in a variety of driving conditions. Students learned about the different research studies that they do to evaluate what happens in the 3.5 seconds that leads up to a crash. They used the word crash instead of accident as 98 percent of all crashes are due to human error usually from some form of distraction or impairment.

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Photographers were out on October 12 to take all retakes. They can be ordered online at www.inter-state.com/order using code 18777XA

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At the recently completed Iowa Association of Agricultural Educators Conference, Jamie Christiansen, agriculture instructor and FFA advisor at Midland High School was selected as the Northeast District Star Advisor. This is an extremely prestigious award as Christiansen's nomination and selection was determined by her agricultural education teaching peers within the Northeast District.

It has been well noted by the agricultural educator's within the Northeast District and the state that Christiansen is one of the hardest working agricultural instructors in the state. Jamie Christiansen has served as District Advisor, Curriculum for Agriculture Science Education Lead Teacher, and had many successes with her FFA members at the local, District, State, and National levels.

For her outstanding efforts throughout this past year as well as in her teaching career, Christiansen was presented a plaque by fellow Northeast District agricultural education instructors.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Congratulations to the football team on their win over Easton Valley!

Thanks to the many people who helped in any way with the 2017 Homecoming festivities!

Congratulations to 2017 Princess Anna Roseland, Queen Calli Markmann, King Austin Smith and Prince Hunter Rushford!

Congratulations to our 2017 Homecoming Court Members: Callie Markmann, Emma Paulsen, Anna Roseland, Faith Schoon, Emma Vacek, Fisher Bisinger, Kyle Paulsen, Brady Pestka, Hunter Rushford, Austin Smith, and special court member Nicolo Cianci our foreign exchange student.

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Parents and guardians:

We have a new PBIS website that is up and running for everyone to visit. The website contains information on the PBIS program at the junior high and high school level. Information that can be found on the website includes dates of PBIS days, what PBIS is, Eagle Bucks, Check-in Check-out information and contact information for PBIS team members.

A new exciting opportunity is for parents and guardians to refer their student into the tier 2 program where they would get extra assistance on a variety of skills. Students may also refer themselves for the tier 2 program. Entrance into the tier 2 program will be made by the tier 2 team based on a variety of different criteria.

PBIS Website is https://sites.google.com/midland.k12.ia.us/pbis/home

If you have any questions pertaining to the PBIS website, please email Raymond Dosland or Elizabeth Wright.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


School day begins at 8:10AM sharp!

School day ends at 3:15 - most Wednesdays we have 1:00 dismissal due to teacher inservice. On weeks we have another early dismissal OR no school day due to holiday, parent-teacher conferences, etc. then we have a regular full day Wednesday. Be sure to check the school calendar and get those dates marked on your calendar at home so you know. MCSD 2017-18 Master Calendar

Students who arrive after the day starts need to check in at the office in the East portable room.

Midland is a closed campus. So any student who needs to leave campus for any reason after arriving - whether via car or bus - need to check out at the office. A staff member must talk to a parent unless the parent has previously contacted us about them leaving. Students can NOT leave grounds at lunch or when the buses arrive in the morning.

Cell phones - students are asked to put turn their cell phones off and put them in a plastic holder provided in each classroom as they enter the class. Phones are not to be seen or heard during classes. If a teacher does see/hear a phone during classtime, the cell phone is removed and taken to the office. Parents would need to pick up the phone at the office. Sorry for this inconvenience, but they are a very big distraction to our learning environment.

Should parents need to contact a student please feel free to call or email the office and they can pass the message along. Otherwise parents will

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2017-18 Midland Yearbook Order Information

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MCSD 2017-18 Master Calendar

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2017-18 Registration Fees


Grades 6-12 School Supply List


2017-18 Lunch Application. We need separate checks for each category - textbooks and laptop insurance, meal money, athletic tickets.

2017-18 Lunch Public Release


2017-18 Midland Middle-High School Course Schedule

2017-18 Midland High School Course Registration Book

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Meningococcal Vaccine Notice

Please get this taken care of this summer and send proof of vaccination to the office by August 24th. Thanks for your cooperation with this state mandate!

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The process for obtaining a school driving permit for Midland students is this:

1. Complete this application form, with a map of the exact route the student will drive, parent signature and turn it in to the high school office. Application Form

2. An administrator must approve it. The office must complete the paperwork.

3. The student will be called in to talk to an administrator about the rules, regulations and expectations we have for student drivers. The student will be given the proper paperwork to take the to DOT office.

Parents - DO NOT SIGN THE FORM until you are at the DOT office or it will be invalid!

Drive safely all!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


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There is a system through govdelivery that we encourage all parents and district residents to sign up for. This sight can automatically send you any information you requestduring the setup process including the district newsletter, any district wide notification, school dismissal notifications, any school specific notifications or bulletins.

To sign up for the Midland version please go to this website: Iowa School Alerts or you can click on the Iowa School Alerts logo on the right side of the school webpage.

Once you create an account you can sign up to receive different information either in the form of an email or text message. You can choose as many levels as you want or need including: District, Middle/High School and Elementary.

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Notice - Powerschool upgrades will be installed every 2nd Sunday of every month from 6:45-8:45AM so it will not be accessible during those times.

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