District Welcomes Bonjour As Superintendent

Midland is excited to welcome Caleb Bonjour as our new Superintendent effective July 1, 2021. Caleb has jumped in with both feet this summer when needed during our recent student crisis. Our staff and school board have appreciated his guidance and leadership. We are excited to see what big things he brings to the Midland District. Please help us by introducing yourself and making him and his family feel at home here in the Midland District. Here is an introduction to give you some information and background on our new Superintendent.

Hello Eagles!

I am beyond excited to trade my wings as a Cardinal for those of an Eagle as your new superintendent. 

My name is Caleb Bonjour and this is my 5th year in educational leadership and 11th in education. Prior to becoming superintendent, I have served as an elementary principal, middle school dean of students, and a teacher at the intermediate and middle school levels as well as a middle school coach for multiple sports. I have taught and served in Pella, Grundy Center, Maquoketa and now Midland. 

I am originally from Webster City but moved around the state growing up with stops in Murray, Dumont, West Branch, and then Webster City. I attended Central College for my bachelor’s degree, Viterbo for my master’s degree, and am currently attending Drake to pursue my doctorate’s degree. 

Currently my family resides in Maquoketa. My wife is the middle school principal in Maquoketa and we have three children; Lincoln, McKinley, and our new addition, Madison. We enjoy watching movies at the drive-in, playing and going to sports games, being outdoors while hunting or fishing, and traveling the state to visit relatives. We have three dogs; Milo, Willow, and our therapy dog, Rosie. 

I am a lifelong learner and a forever student! I am currently in the process of completing a book for the Code Breaker Edu group and have been known to my coworkers as the “There’s a book for that,” guy and “The cool shirt” guy. 

I am honored with the opportunity to serve the Midland District and communities. The outpouring of support and amazing people that I have met thus far has simply been amazing. If you would ever like to talk or meet me please feel free to email me or set up an appointment using the youcanbookme site that I have linked below. I try to keep my door open at all times and want to continue to hear the amazing stories that make Midland the special place that it is!


I look forward to meeting you!

Take care and GO EAGLES!

Caleb Bonjour