21-22 School Registration Information

Midland will hold registration for the 2021-22 school year through PowerSchool as we have in the past. All parents will need to log into their parent PowerSchool account starting July 20th to e-register their student(s). If you are new to the district or have new students entering the district please contact the building secretary to either set up your account or add your new student to the system.

IMPORTANT: We ask that ALL parents pay special attention to completing the CONTACTS area of e-registration.

Contacts was a new area added last year and most of you did NOT update each contact so we had very limited information on our parents and the emergency contacts. For parents we need ALL information filled out. For emergency contacts we need a phone number to reach them, we don’t need their home address, email or other items filled out.

We will offer on-site assistance at either building by contacting the school and scheduling an appointment. All parents can do this from home or any computer with internet access, but if you need help please set up an appointment to come in and do this process.

On site appointments are available (every 30 minutes) on these dates on a first requested basis:

August 9 at Wyoming 10am-5:30pm to schedule email Michelle your request

August 11 at Wyoming 8am-12:30pm to schedule email Michelle your request

Parent PowerSchool website is: https://midland.powerschool/com/public

Due to a recent change in PowerSchool you now need a username – your email address will NOT WORK to log in to PowerSchool. Unfortunately you will need to either email or call the school office to get this information. We will need to do a password reset for you as well. When you log in using that information you will get a notification box saying someone has reset your password, enter that password in the first box and then a password of at least 8 characters of your choosing in the next two boxes. Then you will be logged in and can follow these step by step instructions to complete e-registration process:

PowerSchool Parent E-Registration Instructions

2021-22 MIDLAND MASTER SCHOOL CALENDAR School begins on Monday, August 23rd with a 1:00 dismissal. Any changes to the calendar due to weather, etc. will be made up at the end of the year by extending the calendar. Additional “no school” days do not affect the early dismissal days as planned (with the exception of the very last day of school) or the A/B rotations at the middle/high school.

SCHOOL REGISTRATION NEWSLETTER is sent out via email or mail at the end of each month September through April. If you want added to either the email or mailing list, contact Michelle Hansen in the office

SCHOOL FEES were approved by the school board on July 28th. 21-22 School Fees List. Fees can be paid by check or cash at either school office Mon-Fri from 8am-3pm or mailed to Midland CSD, PO Box 109, Wyoming, IA 52362. If paying by check PLEASE write separate checks for these categories: 1) Textbook fees & computer insurance 2) Lunches 3) Athletic passes. Each of these go into separate accounts so need to be different checks. Also the school will not have a lot of cash to give change, so please try to bring correct fee amounts if at all possible.

LUNCHES: Midland is offering no cost meals in school year 2021-2022 through the USDA Seamless Summer Option. Families who feel they may qualify for free or reduced lunch are strongly encouraged to fill out the 21-22 lunch application form. If you do not fill out this form, your registration fees cannot be reduced or waived. Please sign the waiver information box towards the bottom of page 2 to waive or reduce fees. Return this form to either school at your earliest convenience so it can be approved. Erika would let you know if you qualify and for which status. Lunch application letter. Lunch Application Instructions. Any questions about lunch program or application please contact Erika Tubbs at 319-259-5340 x 1300 or email etubbs@midland.k12.ia.us.

WELCOME BACK NIGHT – Open House – Wednesday, August 18th from 4-6PM at each building

MMHS SCHEDULE CHANGES: MMHS students and their parents can now view their schedules for the 21-22 school year on PowerSchool. If any changes are needed to the schedule please use the instructions below to make an appointment.

Middle schoolers: The only schedule change they can make is their participation in music courses (band/vocal), if you need a change a parent needs to contact Michelle in the office via email or call the HS.

High schoolers: Mrs. Schnepper will be helping 9th and 11th graders with schedule changes. Mrs. Lasack will be helping 11th and 12th graders.

Mrs. Lasack’s scheduler can be found at: https://www.myscuta.com/appointment/LasackM

Mrs. Schnepper’s scheduler can be found at: https://www.myscuta.com/appointment/SchnepperS

Specific instructions how to schedule an appointment thru myscuta Just be sure to use the correct site listed above for the correct counselor.

Please email Mrs. Schnepper or Mrs. Lasack if questions.