Safety is the number one priority in any operation, the same can be said for farms and their equipment. On October 4th, members of Midland FFA hosted and helped run a collection of 8 stations for 4th and 5th graders on Farm Safety. These stations included animal, gun, chemical, ATV, mower, tractor, and grain safety. Some of the key points of each station included adequate safety equipment, how to operate, and things to avoid while using and not using the machinery. Emphasis was also put on what to do around equipment and animals when visiting another farm. Members of the community also helped run the stations including Cody Dirks, Larry Meyer, Brian Eckhardt, Terry Lineburg, Scott Fishwild, as well as employees at Nutrien Ag Services. With youth ages 7-11 being at the largest risk of injury on farms we wanted to make sure that we are ensuring that Midland youth learn what they can do to keep themselves safe. We hope that our teachings will help save lives and prevent injuries in the future, especially during the stressful and occasionally chaotic harvesting portion of the year.