MMHS PBIS Day is coming up on Wednesday, March 29th.  This is a regular 2 hour early dismissal school day with regular required attendance.  It is filled with fun activities that help build bonds for students.  Please support this activity.

High School students will stay here in the building and do a variety of activities that day.  Including National Guard laser tag, archery activity, night vision activity, boot camp games and other activities.  We are working on arranging something much bigger and more exciting, stay tuned and be at school that day to see if we get it pulled together.

Middle School students will be leaving the building! You will have three options of places to go, but it is first come first serve for sign up because some are limited! 

Sign up outside the art room

  • Bowling – 5 people per lane and only 10 lanes
  • Hurstville – explore wild animals, try out geocaching and archery – max is three groups of 20
  • See the Movie Shazam! – no limits

See Miss Kelck if you have questions! 

Enjoy your PBIS Day, and students be sure to thank the PBIS committee for working hard to create these opportunities for you!