In 2017, 268 kids died in house fires. In the fall of 2022, we experienced a tragedy with a
classmate’s death due to a house fire. The student’s name was Geniyah Morgan. We don’t
want things like that to happen to other people so we want to tell you about fire safety. One way
you could stay safe from fires is by having working smoke alarms. Make sure they have
working batteries and replace the smoke alarm every ten years.

If you’re ever in a situation where there is a fire, get down as low as you can to avoid the smoke.
You should also have a meeting spot. If there is a fire then you can meet at a certain place to
stay safe.

Another way you could do your best to avoid fire is to keep candles at least twelve inches away
from anything that could possibly burn. If there was a fire it would also be good to have a
working fire extinguisher. You don’t wanna play with fire. It is not a toy and can be very
dangerous. It could start a home fire very quickly.

A house fire happens every 87 seconds in the US. Help stay safe in case of a house fire by
getting free smoke alarms installed at your house wherever you need them. All you have to do
for free smoke alarms is participate in the Red Cross Sound the Alarm program. You can call
the number below and someone will take your name and number. A local fireman will set up an
appointment to come to your home and install FREE smoke alarms. Installing them takes only
30 minutes. Please take advantage of this program and get free smoke alarms!

Sean and Dawsyn
Midland 5th Graders

To schedule your FREE smoke alarm installation
Or call 1-833-422-1751