Starting this year the Midland Athletic Office will be using a new program to track several items for students who participate in sports/activities.


Here is the information as sent out via email to all Midland parents of students in grades 6-12 on June 21st from the Athletic Director’s office:

Some of you are familiar with the platform Bound that is currently used for high school statistic keeping in the state of Iowa. Bound has expanded as a platform and is offering many more items that are useful to an athletic program. Midland has begun the process of transitioning to Bound for many items on the athletic side within the district. As we being to use more of the items, we will continue to send information out. 

Beginning this year, we will be using Bound for activities registration. Registering through Bound will be a requirement to participate in any athletic program at Midland. Part of the activities registration through Bound will be use it to track 3 documents. Each student will use Bound to electronically sign their concussion form and the player/parent expectations. We will also use Bound to track physicals. This will require a picture upload of the final page of the new athletic physical. 

Activities registration for the 23-24 school year will be available by July 5th. You can register for all sports for the whole year or just the fall sports. With this being the first time using the activities registrations, all students and a guardian will need to electronically sign the concussion form and player/parent expectations. Once these are signed, they will cover the entire 23-24 school year. I am in the process of uploading current physical dates that we have for all incoming 8-12 graders. Once your physical expires, you will then need to upload a picture of your new physical instead of turning it into the office. 

7th graders and younger are currently not in the system. Once an account is created for this age group, I will upload the physical date for anyone that currently has it on file.

If you have any questions with this process, Bound has an awesome help chat in the bottom right hand corner (a green button). Or you can email me at and I will do my best to help you with your question. 

Ryan Steines

Midland CSD Activities Director

School Phone: 319-259-5340 Ext 2420

Bound website is:

Please bookmark the site for future use. There will be a link on our school website as well.