2023-24 School Year Information

This page will be updated as we go throughout the summer – if a link is missing, the information is not finalized and we don’t want to include inaccurate information. It will be uploaded as soon as possible. Enjoy your summer!!


E-Registration – July 15-August 13

All students will need e-registered using the PowerSchool parent account again this year.

Parents with students new to the district should contact the building secretary to get a preregistration link to get a parent account set up to do this (phone 319-259-5340 – elementary ext 1300/secondary ext 1250).

Parents with returning students would need to log into their PowerSchool Parent Account on or after July 15th and complete the applicable forms by clicking on FORMS in the left hand menu list. Please be sure to complete all applicable forms #1-8 for each of your students. Only students who are brand new to Midland need to fill out the Home Language Survey – everyone returning can skip over that form!

Parent Eregistration Instructions

On the contacts page FORM #3 please be sure to include ANYONE you want to be able to pick up your child in case of illness, accident or emergency.

  1. Student Demographics
  2. Student Address
  3. Student Contacts click on the pencil to edit information for names already there, don’t add new for names already there. But please do add new for anyone you want to be able to pick up your child if not listed.
  4. Health Information
  5. Rural Transportation Request Form – fill out only if you live in the country and need a bus pick up/drop off there. Students living in towns or with parents transporting them should skip this form.
  6. Parent Consents
  7. Home Language Surveydo this only one time – skip if returning and know you have completed previously!
  8. Acknowledgement of Completion


Midland only accepts cash or checks for payment methods. All checks should be made payable to Midland CSD. We also need payments separated into these three categories for accounting purposes:

  1. School fees, including computer insurance
  2. Lunches
  3. Athletic passes

All fees need paid by August 14 to ensure the money gets into the student account prior to the first day of school.

Parents and students should be able to see their students’ lunch account balance and the charges made to their account during the year in their PowerSchool account. Lunch account balances at the end of last year rolled over to this school year. Parents of middle/high school students are strongly encouraged to discuss the amount you want your child to spend on ala carte items.

Here is the school fee list for 23-24 School Fees

Technology Insurance Info

If questions, contact the building secretary.


If you feel your income will qualify for free or reduced lunches we encourage you to fill out the application form and turn it in to the school office ASAP. A hard copy of this application form was mailed out on July 25th to all households not direct certified. If you received this letter you will need to fill it out to qualify for free or reduced lunches this year. If you have any changes in income during the year please fill one out at that time as well.

SY 23-24 Informational Letter (includes income eligibility guidelines)

SY 23-24 How To Apply for Free and Reduced Price School Meals

SY 23-24 Lunch Application Form


All K-12 students will begin school on TUESDAY, AUGUST 23rd, running a 2 hour early dismissal schedule. PS students begin school on September 5th.

Master school calendar, please be sure to check these dates and get them on your calendar at home:

23-24 Master Calendar

School start and dismissal times:

Elementary School day begins at 7:50 and ends at 3:15.

Secondary – grades 6-12 – school day begins at 8:00am and dismisses at 3:20pm

Our 2 hour early dismissal days: Elementary dismisses at 1:15pm and seondary at 1:20pm.


A big thank you to Midland PATS who will again be providing all of our elementary students in grades PS-5 with their school supplies. Those students will just need a backpack. PS and K students need a change of clothing to leave at school for emergency purposes.

Middle/High School students should check their schedule in Powerschool after July 15th to see what classes they have so they can determine what school supplies are needed.

School Supply List

School supply help available for students in grades 6-12. Call 319-462-5318 and leave a message with the student name, school and school supplies needed. They will be delivered to MMHS by the first day of school.

If anyone can help with this program they are taking monetary donations or donated school supplies as well.


August 21 from 4-6 PM in each center.

Open House is a great time for students to bring their school supplies and settle them in their desk or locker. Both buildings have a few new faces, come meet our new staff. Parents can tour the buildings and ask any questions they may have. Any fees not paid could be dropped off in the offices. Principal and counselor should be in both buildings.


Our Transportation Director, John Stender, is working on updating our bus information for the year.

If you are new to the district and need picked up on a country bus route please be sure to call him ASAP at 319-259-5340 ext 1350 so you get added.


Watch for complete routes on the transportation website in August for pick up times. Changes may need to be made the first couple of days of school, so please be patient while we work it all out to pick up every student in our district. Transportation Website


Students in grades 6-12 can access their schedules in their PowerSchool account later in July or pick up a hard copy on the first day of school. 

Tentative Master Course Schedule

High School Course Schedule Changes – high schoolers can make appointment online to visit with School Counselor Lasack on Friday, August 4 from 7:30am-12:30 pm or on Tuesday, August 8th from 1pm-7pm.  All course schedules need to be completed by the end of the day August 24th.

Make your appointment using this calendy link: 

Middle schoolers can only change their participation in music. They were signed up for band and/or vocal per parent request at the end of the school year. To change this have a parent email a counselor or Mrs. Hansen in the office. Sixth grade parents will need to let the office know what they want their child signed up for. Band and vocal alternate in the same period every other day. Students not in band/vocal will be assigned to a study hall instead.