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Ryan Steines is the Activities Director at Midland – or you can call 563-488-2292 ext 2330


Midland charges admission at two levels: students in grades K-12 and adults.

Middle school athletic events charge $2 for adults and $1 students (kindergarten-12th grade) at the door. No charge for MS baseball/softball.

Varsity high school events charge $5 adults and $4 students for everything except football which is $5 for both students and adults. Junior Varsity admission is $4 adults, $2 students.

Family passes are available from the high school office, $200 full calendar year, $150 school year only (no baseball/softball), $75 summer only. Single student passes are available to Midland students or college students for $50 per year. Also 5 event passes are available as well, saves you $1 each time you attend, available in V or JV and student or adult levels.

Senior Citizen Passes are available from the high school office for those who live in or own land in the Midland district and are 62 years or older.

Each of these passes will get you into all local athletic events with the exception of state tournament events hosted here.


School policy states that all athletes must ride school transportation to away events unless they have administrative approval for other arrangements. Parents and grandparents can sign their athlete out from any event by signing the checkout sheet with the coach at the event. If someone other than a parent or grandparent is going to pick up your athlete, the school needs two forms of notification prior to the event. Send a note with the athlete to give to the coach and email or call the office.


All parents of Midland athletes in grades 6-12 who participate in school sponsored sports are considered Booster Club members. The Booster club raises money, mainly through the home food stands, that purchases ALL middle school and high school sports uniforms as well as many other items needed by the coaching staff.

The concession stand at home athletic events is run by parent volunteers. The profit from the concession stand is used to purchase uniforms, equipment that the AD can’t purchase, and supplies to support our student athletes (posters and stuff for Homecoming mostly at this time). If other groups want to sell food at a home event or use Booster equipment at a event, please have that sponsor attend a meeting and ask us. It is not OK for a group to just assume they can hold a supper during a basketball game. We plan inventory and schedule our workers accordingly. We can’t give up every Friday or Saturday quad basketball date to other groups. I can’t remember when we have ever told any group they could not sell food, but it is only right that the sponsor and students learn that one must ask and be given permission to do something of this nature.

Athletic Booster meetings are scheduled the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30PM usually at the high school. All parents of athletes in grades 6-12 welcome and encouraged to attend!

There are a lot of ways you can help the boosters – attending meetings and giving ideas, organizing food stand workers, inventorying food stand supplies, picking up food stand supplies at Sam’s Club, inventorying/ordering beverages, coordinating apparel orders, etc. If you can help in one of these other ways it can replace food stand worker assignments. Please let an officer know how you can help them out.


Each high school athlete is asked to provide two volunteers for each sport that they participate in. Each middle school athlete is asked to provide one volunteer for each sport that they participate in. Volunteers can work the food stand during any season throughout the year and at any level. Volunteers are signed up at a first requested basis.

Food stand signup document

To sign up contact Michelle in the HS office via email or phone call. These are assigned on a first requested, first filled basis. If not signed up, a time will be assigned to the parents of ALL athletes.


Athletic Physical/Concussion Forms

Athletic Parent-Coach Relationship

Iowa High School Athletic Association – Boys

Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union

Iowa High School Sports Network

Varsity Bound

RSchool is the online program that Midland and the TriRivers Conference uses for scheduling all sporting activities and other calendar events. Parents can set up an account and receive automatic emails anytime there is a change to the schedule in any of the different sports, music, calendar, etc. categories. We highly recommend parents to set up an account for this reason. RSchool Made Easy Instructions