Advisors: Mrs. Jen Westphal and Ms. Jamie Christiansen

2021-22 Officers:

President: Trenton Rickels
Vice President: Hannah Fishwild
Secretary: Karley Schaefer
Treasurer: Jared Crock
Reporters: Chiara Dusanek and Jayda Thomsen
Sentinel: Gracie Franzen

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FFA Photos by Kim Buchholtz

Congratulations to Justin Agnitsch, Trenton Rickels, Bryce Rushford and Reece Vacek on having their Iowa FFA degree approved. They will be recognized in April at convention in Ames. Only 4% of Iowa FFA members earn this honor.


Congratulations to all of our FFA members who competed at Nationals the last week in October. Their chapter was recognized as a three star chapter!

The Ag Issues team was selected as one of the top 5 teams in the nation. Then they moved on to compete in the top 4 competition.  This is the first time any State of Iowa FFA team has placed in the top four at the National FFA Convention. They did an outstanding job representing themselves, their chapter, their school, their community and their state!

They finished 4th in the ENTIRE NATION! Great job team!

Ag Issues team members include Trenton Rickels, Chiara Dusanek, Isabelle Ricketts, Advisor Jamie Christiansen, Hannah Fishwild, Alivia Smith and Kole Michaud. Advisor Jennifer Westphal not pictured.

Chiara Dusanek competed and was in the top 10 in the FFA Talent Competition!

Midland’s Agronomy team finished 12th IN THE NATION! Members include Jared Crock, Hope Saroka, Justin Agnitsch and Coy Petersen. Nice job team!

FFA BY THE NUMBERS…interesting info from Superintendent Bonjour…

Ag Issues started with 35 teams at the national level and finished in 4th place!

For talent, Chiara was one of 20/100 applicants that applied and is now in the top 10. (Talent placings not announced at publishing time).

This was a first for Midland to have any, let alone both, Ag Issues and Agronomy go past the first round.

In Iowa there are 16,597 students involved in FFA. Nationally there are 735,038. To think that we currently have students that are on a team that is top 4 in the nation and another student competing in the talent portion solo and has made it to finals is nothing short of spectacular.

Our FFA program (89 members) is a very strong one within the state and is representing itself on a national level. I could not be more proud of our students representing our school in Indianapolis, the students back here that help to make our FFA program what it is, and our sponsors and staff that have poured in countless hours to help our students achieve these amazing feats.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS! We are all so very proud of you! You represented yourselves, your chapter, your school, your community and your state in awesome fashion! Hope you have many great memories to take with you the rest of your lives! Keep up the good work!

Community members were invited to congratulate the members during a reception on Nov 2nd. Here are some photos from that event. We are all so proud of these kids and their advisors! Anything can happen if you work hard at it!


Midland FFA will sponsor a Glow Run on September 19th at 7PM at the Wyoming Fairgrounds. The run starts at 7:30. Entry fee of $20 covers t-shirt and materials with all proceeds going to two local families.

Lincoln Gravel was killed in a tragic vehicle accident early this summer. Lincoln’s mom Theresa is a paraeducator at the Middle High School and his dad, Rodney, is an assistant wrestling coach. Lincoln’s little sister Tae is a freshman at Midland.

Derek Denniston is currently undergoing cancer treatments. His wife Shelby is a teacher at Midland Elementary. Two of his children are students at Midland Elementary as well.

Both families will benefit if you sign up and come have fun with us. Thanks for showing you care Eagle community!

REGISTRATION FORM: https://www.midland.k12.ia.us/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Midland.FFA_.Glow_.Run_.Registration.Form_.pdf

POSTER: https://www.midland.k12.ia.us/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/FFAGlowRunPoster.pdf


Nineteen of our brightest FFA stars and their sponsors Mrs. Westphal and Miss Christiansen travelled to the 93rd Annual Iowa Leadership Conference in Des Moines on April 19 and 20 and brought home 8 plaques and one certificate for their countless hours of work they have put in on the various contests. They were shining bright on that stage and represented themselves, their school and their community very well indeed.

The Ag Issues and Perceptions team, consisting of Hope Saroka, Jensen Orr, Kole Michaud, Chichi Dusanek, Trenton Rickels, Alivia Smith, and Hannah Fishwild, received a gold rating and became the State Champions in this event. The Experience The Action team, consisting of Alyssa Streets, Hunter Wink, Logan Bicknese, Payton Rockwell, and Owen Sterk, received a gold rating and were fourth in the State in this event.

Chichi Dusanek sang “Thinking Out Loud”, by Ed Sheeran at State Talent, and won the talent show. She had the honor of singing in front of 5,000 people during the fourth General Session (If you would like to see Chichi’s performance at the General Session, The Midland FFA Facebook Page has a video). The Ag Biotechnology team received a gold rating and became the State Champions in this event. This team included Hope Saroka, Bryce Rushford, Chichi Dusanek, and Trenton Rickels. Chichi also became the two year reigning individual champion of the Ag Biotechnology competition. Ag Communications which included: Alli Paulsen, Elizabeth Soper, Karley Schaefer, and Sophia Coates, received a gold rating and placed third in the State, behind two very tough teams. Sophia Coates won her individual practicum of the Ag Communications competition. Hannah Fishwild, Jayda Thomsen, and Gracie Franzen received a silver rating in Ag Marketing Plan at State Convention. Jensen Orr was a Star Over Iowa finalist in the section of Agribusiness based on his business Jensen’s Steampunk designs. Four members were recognized for earning their Iowa Degrees: Hope Saroka, Callie Petersen, Jensen Orr, and Kole Michaud. The Chapter was also recognized in the area of Growing Leaders for the State of Iowa, and will submit an application to nationals.

The members hard work and dedication to their events has paid off tremendously. A BIG thanks to the sponsors who put in hundreds of hours on these projects too! Congratulations Midland FFA!!! We are proud of you!!!