Food and Nutrition

Midland Lunch Program Secretary – Erika Tubbs – 319-259-5340 x 1300

Midland’s food service provider is Opaa!

OPAA! is a family-owned and operated company that has been nourishing American K-12 school children since 1978. Our mission- “Make Their Day” -gives us a common purpose. It reminds us that a warm smile and an encouraging word can be as important to a child as a tasty, satisfying meal. By making a child’s day, we also make our own. A school meal can be the highlight of a child’s day. For some children, it might be the only wholesome meal they receive that day. What a responsibility—and a privilege—it is to be the ones who “Make Their Day.”

School menus can be found on the OPAA! Website

FYI 2021-22 Food Supply Chain Marketing Flyer

FYI 2021-22 Food Supply Chain Parent Message from OPAA!

Meals served at Midland Middle/High School the week of 9/13/21 included:

Meals from the Middle/High School on 9/1/21 were:

Parents are always welcome to come have lunch with your student. Just bring your drivers license to be scanned through Raptor as a visitor and bring $4.15 to purchase an adult lunch. Lunches are generally served sometime between 11AM-1PM in both buildings. Call the building secretary for exact time for your student.

Midland accepts cash or check to pay for meals. Payment should be made to the building secretary each morning for deposit by lunch time. Parents can check their student meal account balance and see the purchases in their account by going to PowerSchool and clicking on “Balance” in the left hand navigational column.

2021-2022 Meal Prices:

Student Lunch PS-5th – $3.25 per meal

Student Lunch 6th-12th – $3.50 per meal

Adult Lunch – $4.15 per meal

Extra entree – $1.90 per item

Student breakfast – $2.50 per meal

Adult breakfast – $2.75 per meal

Milk – $0.50 per carton

Ala Carte Items – market price

Lunch Application and info:

Free and reduced lunch program is available to all who qualify. Applicants need to turn the completed application form into the school office. It must then be validated by the lunch program secretary at the Oxford Junction center, so please turn it in before the first day of school or upon transfer to Midland. You will be notified as to your qualification. If questions, contact Erika Tubbs at 319-259-5340 x 1300 or email her at

21-22 Lunch Application Letter

21-22 Lunch Application How To

21-22 Lunch Application Form – this can be used all year and resubmitted if your family income changes during the school year!

Midland is offering no cost meals in school year 2021-2022 through the USDA Seamless Summer Option. 

The free and reduced price application may be needed for other programs and benefits, such as P-EBT and school fee determination. We strongly urge you to complete the application form and submit it at your earliest convenience if you feel you would apply. Also if your income changes during the year, please feel free to submit a new application at any time.

Please return or mail the completed application to Midland Elementary c/o Erika Tubbs, PO Box F, Oxford Junction, IA 52323