Paul Petersen Fitness Center (PPFC)

Building A Stronger Midland Community

PPF email is:

Hours: Mon-Fri 5AM-10PM ~ Weekends/Holidays 5AM-8PM

Note: The Center does not close down due to school use, but please know that sometimes during school hours there will be PE classes using the facility. They also do before and after school strength and conditioning sessions for our athletes.


New membership fees for a family are $80, which includes first year membership and cost of the electronic FOB.

The cost of a replacement FOB will be $20 each.

The renewal membership fee is $50 per year.

These fees will be effective August 1, 2018 until further notice.


To qualify for membership you must fit in one of these categories:

  1. Live in the Midland Community School District
  2. Pay taxes on property in the Midland Community School District
  3. Be a current employee of the Midland Community School District
  4. Have children currently attending school in the Midland Community School District
  5. Be an alumni of any of the schools currently comprising the Midland Community School District
  6. Be a member of the Paul Petersen Foundation

Please help keep membership costs low by treating the center with pride.


  • Pick up after yourself, or better yet, leave the facility in better shape than you found it.
  • Don’t wear street shoes into the facility, especially when it is muddy outside.
  • Do not put your feet on the walls.
  • Do not throw thigs to hit the ceiling or walls.
  • Do not block open any of the doors.
  • Do not change the thermostat.
  • Put the weights back on their racks where you found them.
  • Be sure to shut off all lights when you are the last one to leave (don’t forget bathroom lights too).

Your help will keep our membership fees very affordable for all Midland families.


The FOB is the electronic key, and will be assessed on an annual basis. It will be good for one calendar year from issue date. A lost FOB will result in a $20.00 replacement fee.

All students must always be accompanied by an adult PPF member.

All high school graduates and individuals who are over the age of 18 are required to have their own membership including application and FOB/app.


The District has noticed on multiple occasions that our students are entering the facility without adult supervision. As much as we like our students taking advantage of the facility, for liability purposes we cannot have students unsupervised in the facility. Please be aware that if a student is found to be in the facility unsupervised, they will be suspended from the facility for a period of four (4) weeks. A second offense would result in privileges revoked for a period of eight (8) weeks. All further offenses would result in loss of privileges for one (1) year. These rules will also apply to parents who give their fob to school age students to use the facility without physically being present to supervise. The fob will be deactivated for these same time frames. We have computer software that tells us whose fob is used and we have video evidence of who enters the facility at what time.


PPF members are allowed to bring guests into the fitness center with them. But THE ACTUAL MEMBER MUST BE PRESENT AT ALL TIMES. You cannot loan your FOB to a friend or family member to use the center.


To apply to become a member of the PPF, fill out the last page of the application form below and return it to the Midland High School Office along with the $80.00 membership fee. The District Office will have to program a FOB (electronic key) for you.


You will be notified via email, phone call, or text when your membership is due each year.


The Fitness Center will be open from the hours of 5:00AM – 10:00PM Monday through Friday for use by the school and general public. Weekend/holiday hours will be 5:00AM-8:00PM.

All individuals must be out of the Fitness Center no later than 10:00PM on weekdays and 8:00PM on holidays/weekends. The last individual in the Fitness Center at the end of the hours of operation each day must make sure that the lights in the Fitness Center are turned off and all exterior doors are closed. The school’s night maintenance person will check the Fitness Center before leaving at night (10PM) to make sure the lights are out and the Fitness Center is secure.

The school does have priorty to use the center when needed for athletics or academics. Please check the hours they need to use the center below, keeping in mind that schedules do change based on weather or other gym use. Although the center may not be closed entirely to the public, access to machines or space may be very limited. Use your judgement when planning your workouts and please be understanding of our needs for students.


No one under 18 or any current student will be allowed to be in the Fitness Center without supervision by a key FOB holding adult/coach/school employee. The school will provide appropriate supervision for any school sponsored uses of the Fitness Center. Parents PLEASE help us with this rule that you agreed to when becoming a member. This is for the safety of the students, and the security of the center. Any student showing up without an adult will be asked to leave. If it happens more than once your electronic FOB can be disabled. The school provides supervised weight lifting time, check with Mr. Hildebrandt for more information.


The fitness center was designed so the school has priority use. They use the PPF center for fitness classes and sports practices occassionally. The center is usually open to public use during these times as well, just know that the equipment may be in use. They have the right to close the center for short periods for these purposes if necessary.


PPF members, PLEASE help us out by putting all weights back where you found them when you’re done using them. They can create a hazard for others using the center if laying around. The PPF committee and coaches have worked hard to create a nice environment and there are great places to store all weights, so do your part and burn those extra couple calories to put them back when finished.

HUGE THANK YOU to the members of the Paul Petersen Foundation for their countless hours of work on this project. Thanks to them our community has a first rate fitness center which is very affordable. Thanks also to all of the community members and businesses who contributed to the many fundraisers held.

Paul Petersen Fitness Center ~ Building A Stronger Midland Community