Parent Information & Forms



When it comes to weather related and school schedule change announcements we will be utilizing ParentSquare messaging again this year. We will also post on Facebook and get information to the news organizations as soon as a decision is made. At this time, the news organizations that we are set up with are: KMAQ (Radio), KCRG TV 9, WQAD TV 8, and KCCK. Mrs. Jurgensen will also email the Telegraph Herald and send out an email. 


Log on to our website and they are uploaded to that each morning around 10 as long as the secretary is at work: MMH Daily Announcements


You can also sign up to receive the Midland newsletter directly to your in-box by emailing me your name and email address. This comes out after the 25th of each month for the following month. You can always access these online at


The school calendar is online at – PLEASE be sure to write down our early dismissals on your calendar at home this year as they are NOT each Wednesday that we don’t have another early out or no school day this year, so please check the calendar closely.


Midland students and staff are required to have a Midland parking tag displayed in the front window of their vehicle. This helps us know who is in our parking lots and if we have issues, what student to ask to move their vehicle. Tags are $5 each and can be purchased at the office. Scooters and mopeds also need a parking tag.


During our school day all exterior doors are locked for student safety so you cannot come in any door but the front MAIN ENTRANCE. It is located at the SE corner where the old building meets the new, and it says in big black letters MAIN ENTRY above the doors. These doors will also be locked between 8:00AM-3:20PM on school days. If you arrive during these hours you will need to push the little silver button on the wall to your left as facing the doors. This will signal an alarm in the main office. If I am not right at my desk it may take a minute or two to get someone to unlock it. If no one comes in a minute or two please push the button again. When the office unlocks it you will hear a click and then you have 20 seconds to pull the door open. Then you will need to enter the door to the right that goes through the main office. All visitors must check in.

Parking for visitors is in the lot closest to the science wing of the building. You can short term park in the curved area along the sidewalk. Please do not park along the straight sidewalk south of the building during AM or PM around bus times.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are but an email or phone call away.


Midland offers an activities bus intended for middle school students who stay for practices, for Homework Help, or for detentions. The bus will run every day there is middle school practice of any kind or Homework Help is offered. Generally none on Wednesdays.

The activities bus will be loading kids behind the school out the north door by the shop next to the football practice field. The bus leaves at 5:05 p.m. sharp.