E-Registration School Registration Forms

These are the forms that we need filled out each year for each student as applicable (check grade level requirements).

If you are mailing in registration items, then please print and sign the forms necessary to complete school registration for your child(ren) and return to either school office or mail to Midland CSD, PO Box 109, Wyoming, IA 52362. Hard copies can be sent home on day one by contacting the office, be sure to return the items ASAP.

If you are making an appointment to complete e-registration at school, we will have the hard copy forms available there.



The Nurse asks that parents fill out a health information form for EVERY student EVERY year – so she can catch any health changes that you may not think to report. PLEASE fill out this GOOGLE HEALTH FORM to take care of this important detail. Please only do it once per student per year. If changes during the year please call the nurse directly 319-259-5340 ext 1400.

23-24 School fees – We will need separate checks again this year for payments made in these three categories:

  1. Textbook rent AND technology insurance
  2. Meal money
  3. Athletic Passes

You can have multiple students in each of these categories, but need one check for each category total on the payment of fees form. Thanks, this is required by the school auditors.

Midland only accepts cash or check as method of payment. It is very important that we receive the money in a timely manner to ensure your child has money deposited in a lunch account before their first day of school. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the school secretary at 319-259-5340 .

Please print off this Payment of Fees Form and return it with your money so we get the correct accounts credited. Can be turned in at either school office or mailed to Midland CSD, PO Box 109, Wyoming, IA 52362

IF APPLICABLE: Please fill out all those that apply and return the forms to the school office ASAP.

Free and Reduced Lunch Form Application – You should have received a hard copy of this in a separate mailing in July. This needs to be filled out completely including every person who lives in your house, returned to school and approved before students are qualified to use it. We encourage anyone who feels they might qualify to fill this out and on page 2 near the bottom be sure to sign the waiver box so any school registration fees can be waived if applicable. This may also make your family eligible for other things during the year, like last year’s P-EBT payments. Please return to a school office promptly. If you have income changes during the school year you can fill one out at that time as well.

Free and Reduced Lunch Application Informational Letter

Free and Reduced Lunch Application Instructions

MEDICAL FORMS: Please fill out and return to school office ASAP.

6-12th Grade Athletic Physical & Concussion Forms

Medication Permission Form – if your child TAKES ANY TYPE OF MEDICATION AT SCHOOL,
for both over the counter AND prescription medications. The medicine needs sent to the office in the ORIGINAL CONTAINER with this form completed. Students should NOT carry medicine of any type during school.

Authorization for Self Administration of Asthma and Airway Constricting Medication – if your child needs an inhaler at school

Dental Screening Certificate – Kindergarten and 9th Graders are required to have one on file by the state.

Immunization Law Brochure


Preschool and Kindergarten students must have their immunization record on file with the school before the first day of school. PS-K Health/Physical Form

VISION SCREENING – A 2015 Iowa Department of Public Health law states: A parent/guardian of a child who is to be enrolled in a public elementary school shall ensure the child is screened for vision impairment at least once before enrollment in Kindergarten and again before enrollment in the 3rd grade. The screening must be performed no earlier than one year prior to the date of enrollment and no later than 6 months after the first day of school.

Preschool classes begin September 2nd, not August 23rd!

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Students in grades K-12 may check out a grade appropriate technology device (chromebook, ipad, etc) as needed. All parents are asked to sign off in E-Registration PowerSchool Permissions page before the student will be allowed to check out the device. All students in grades 6-12 will need to sign their student permissions in PowerSchool saying they will follow the rules before they can check them out as well.

MCSD Technology Insurance Information for K-12 – Technology Insurance for 23-24 school year is $30.00 per student which covers one instance of accidental damage to the electronic device. This tech form will be updated soon.

ELECTRONIC DEVICE AGREEMENT – for students in grades K-12. Both the parent and the student must choose yes when doing permissions in PowerSchool before a device will be checked out to the student. All prior fees owed must be paid prior to issue of electronic device.

TECHNOLOGY POLICYNOTE JUST HERE FYI – YOU DO NOT NEED TO PRINT THIS: Students in grades 6-12 will sign the student technology policy electronically in their PowerSchool account again this year. Parents signed the same form electronically on the e-registration permissions page. This is just a copy of the entire document for your information: