District Directory

Baas, Stefanie Paraeducator ElementaryEmail Stefanie Baas
Ballew, Theresa Paraeducator Middle/High SchoolEmail Theresa Ballew
Bascom-Oakley, Carrie Learning Center Supervisor 2240 Middle/High SchoolEmail Carrie Bascom-Oakley
Becker, Nathan MS G Basketball, MS Volleyball 2440 Middle/High SchoolEmail Nathan Becker
Bickford, Cheryl Elementary Paraeducator ElementaryEmail
Bicknese, Jim Custodian/Bus Driver ElementaryEmail Jim Bicknese
Biersner, Brayden English Language Arts Teacher 2300 Middle/High SchoolEmail
Bisinger, Deborah Preschool 3020 ElementaryEmail Deborah Bisinger
Boekenstedt, Amber Secondary Math Teacher 2440 Middle/High SchoolEmail
Boiler Room, OJ 3340
Bonjour, Caleb Superintendent 1050 Elementary, Middle/High SchoolEmail | Website Caleb Bonjour
Bowman, Mary Elementary Interventionist 3260 ElementaryEmail Mary Bowman
Brown, Eric Social Studies 2460 Middle/High SchoolEmail Eric Brown
Buchholtz, Kim Photographer Middle/High School Kim Buchholtz
Buol, Dawn Special Education/English 2560 Middle/High SchoolEmail Dawn Buol
Cannon, Ellen 1st Grade 3380 ElementaryEmail Ellen Cannon
Carlson, Haley Special Education 3120 ElementaryEmail Haley Carlson
Carr, Kristen Paraeducator ElementaryEmail Kristen Carr
Christiansen, Jamie Science/Ag, Asst. FFA 2080 Middle/High SchoolEmail Jamie Christiansen
Christiansen, Chad Bus Driver District
Clark, Judy 2nd Grade 3440 ElementaryEmail Judy Clark
Collins, Nancy Bus Driver District
Collins, Scott Bus Driver District
Compton, Michael Secondary Music - Band and Vocal Instructor 2120 Middle/High SchoolEmail
Conference Room, MMHS 1650 Middle/High School
Cozart, Shawna Paraeducator Middle/High SchoolEmail Shawna Cozart
Crist, Teryn School Board Member Email
Cronkleton, Stacie Board Member DistrictEmail
Current, Stacy Paraeducator Middle/High SchoolEmail Stacy Current
Current, Jessica School Nurse 1400 Elementary, Middle/High SchoolEmail
Denniston, Derek Board Member DistrictEmail
Denniston, Shelby Elementary Special Education 3060 ElementaryEmail Shelby Denniston
Dettbarn, Bobbie Paraeducator Middle/High SchoolEmail Bobbie Dettbarn
Director, IT Technology Director 1500 Elementary, Middle/High SchoolEmail
Doll, Michelle Paraeducator ElementaryEmail Michelle Doll
Doll, Kristina Librarian, MS G Track, STAND, ELMO 2260 Elementary, Middle/High SchoolEmail | Website Kristina Doll
Dosland, Raymond PE/Health, MS Football, MS B Track N/A call office - Wyoming 1250, OJ 1300 Elementary, Middle/High SchoolEmail Raymond Dosland
Dunne, Lorie Paraeducator Middle/High SchoolEmail Lorie Dunne
Eberhard, Barry English/Social Studies 2520 Email Barry Eberhard
Eckhardt, Jennifer Spanish, Spanish Club Advisor, Junior Class Sponsor 2540 Middle/High SchoolEmail Jennifer Eckhardt
Eganhouse, Carla Paraeducator Middle/High SchoolEmail Carla Eganhouse
Eganhouse, Jon Science, MS/HS Cross Country, Senior Class Sponsor 2040 Middle/High SchoolEmail Jon Eganhouse
Espinosa, Jorge Custodian Middle/High SchoolEmail
Fishwild, Sarah School Board Vice President, Asst G Basketball Middle/High SchoolEmail
Fitzgerald, Kalli Elementary Instructional Coach N/A call office 1300 ElementaryEmail Kalli Fitzgerald
Frankfurt, Megan School Business Official 2300 DistrictEmail Megan Frankfurt
Franzen, Jill Paraeducator ElementaryEmail Jill Franzen
Fuehring, Stacy Paraeducator ElementaryEmail Stacy Fuehring
Funke, Abigail Kindergarten 3100 ElementaryEmail | Website Abigail Funke
Gnade, Diane 1st Grade 3400 ElementaryEmail Diane Gnade
Goble, Kim Custodian ElementaryEmail Kim Goble
Gravel, Theresa Paraeducator Middle/High SchoolEmail Theresa Gravel
Gravel, Rodney Asst Wrestling Coach / MS Wrestling Middle/High School
Hainstock, Travis 4th Grade 3200 ElementaryEmail | Website Travis Hainstock
Hamilton, Terri OPPA! Kitchen - Asst Cook 1240 Middle/High School
Hansen, Travis Board Members DistrictEmail
Hansen, Michelle Administrative Asst.; PowerSchool; Website; 7-12 Student Records Technician 1250 Middle/High SchoolEmail Michelle Hansen
Harms, Dalton Special Education/Online Academy, B Basketball 2160 Middle/High SchoolEmail Dalton Harms
Harms, Sue Paraeducator ElementaryEmail Sue Harms
Hein, Sandra School Counselor / Art 3360 ElementaryEmail Sandra Hein
Henkes, Jan Paraeducator Middle/High SchoolEmail Jan Henkes
Hildebrandt, Ben PE/Health, B Track, Asst Football, Asst B Basketball, MS Baseball, Sports Performance 2340 Middle/High SchoolEmail Ben Hildebrandt
Holland, Joleen Title 1 Reading 3380 ElementaryEmail Joleen Holland
Hunt, Tina MMHS Paraeducator Middle/High SchoolEmail Tina Hunt
Hunter-Kurriger, Traci OPPA! Kitchen - Asst Cook 1240 Middle/High School
Husemann, Joni Elementary Paraeducator ElementaryEmail
Huston, Casey HS Wrestling Middle/High School
Johnson, Theresa OPPA! Kitchen - Cashier 1240 Middle/High School
Kaftan, Stephanie Social Studies, NHS, Golddusters Dance Sponsor 2480 Middle/High SchoolEmail Stephanie Kaftan
Kelck, Kellie Art, Art Club Sponsor, Junior Class Sponsor 2020 Middle/High SchoolEmail | Website Kellie Kelck
Kelley, Darren English 2360 Middle/High SchoolEmail Darren Kelley
Kleinmeyer, Nathan Secondary Principal 1100 Middle/High SchoolEmail Nathan Kleinmeyer
Klemme, Madeline Library Aide 3280 ElementaryEmail Madeline Klemme
Krista, Franzen Car Driver District
Lasack, Mackenzie 6-12 School Counselor 1550 Middle/High SchoolEmail Mackenzie Lasack
Lasack, Jamiee Paraeducator ElementaryEmail Jamiee Lasack
Lehrman, Pamela 5th Grade 3500 ElementaryEmail Pamela Lehrman
Lucas, Mary MMHS Paraeducator Middle/High SchoolEmail Mary Lucas
Luensman, Ryan Elementary Behavior Interventionist, ELP, G Track 3220 Elementary, Middle/High SchoolEmail Ryan Luensman
Marshall, Kandi 3rd Grade 3140 ElementaryEmail | Website Kandi Marshall
Martens, Deanna Elementary Principal 1150 ElementaryEmail Deanna Martens
Martens, Eric Asst Football Middle/High School
Martin, Kellie Paraeducator ElementaryEmail Kellie Martin
Maternach, Ryan Asst Baseball Middle/High School
McDermott, Mallory 5th grade teacher 3140 ElementaryEmail
Meeting Room, OJ 1700 Elementary
Messenger, Sarah MS Special Ed 2140 Middle/High SchoolEmail Sarah Messenger
Miller, Lennie At Risk Liason, Football 2180 Middle/High SchoolEmail Lennie Miller
Miller, Sharon Preschool Paraeducator ElementaryEmail Sharon Miller
Mitchell, Jackie Wrap Care Director 3040 ElementaryEmail Jackie Mitchell
Moore, Sheila OPPA! Kitchen - Co-Head Cook 3320 Elementary
Nusbaum, Diane Musical Sponsor N/A Middle/High SchoolEmail
Oldaker, Jacob MMHS Math Teacher 2220 Middle/High SchoolEmail Jacob Oldaker
Ortiz, Daniel 3rd Grade 3160 ElementaryEmail Daniel Ortiz
Otte, Brenda OPPA! Kitchen - Cook/dishwasher 3300 Elementary
Park, Kirk Boys Golf Middle/High SchoolEmail
Pattison, Emily OPAA! Kitchen - FSMC Director/Head Cook 2380 Elementary, Middle/High SchoolEmail
Paulsen, Kayla Nurse Asst 1450 Middle/High SchoolEmail Kayla Paulsen
Paulsen, Sheila Paraeducator ElementaryEmail Sheila Paulsen
Pegorick, Alissa Kindergarten 3080 ElementaryEmail Alissa Pegorick
Perez-Weirup, Peter 4th Grade Teacher 3180 Email Peter Perez-Weirup
Pestka, Sue Bus Driver District
Pestka, Clay Janitorial Staff ElementaryEmail Clay Pestka
Petersen, Bruce Bus Driver District
Podhaski, Patty Bus Driver District
Potter, Lacie Human Resources, Paul Petersen Fitness Center Coordinator, Athletics Secretary 1750 DistrictEmail Lacie Potter
Rickels, Marcela Paraeducator Middle/High SchoolEmail Marcela Rickels
Rood, Marc Vocal/Interventionist, assist with MMHS band lessons 3520 Elementary, Middle/High SchoolEmail Marc Rood
Ruley, Cheri 6-8 Resource 2280 Middle/High SchoolEmail Cheri Ruley
Rushford, Kaitlin Board Member DistrictEmail
Rushford, Nikki Board President DistrictEmail
Schnepper, Sara Career Counselor 1600 Middle/High SchoolEmail Sara Schnepper
Schroeder, Gennifer HS English, Volleyball, Asst Softball, Speech 2500 Middle/High SchoolEmail Gennifer Schroeder
Sconsa, Angie Vocational Rehab - Transition Alliance Program Coordinator through Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services Middle/High SchoolEmail Angie Sconsa
Scott, Dennis Bus Driver District
Smith, Dee Jay Asst Softball Middle/High School
Soper, Jason Girls Basketball Middle/High School
Soper, Josh Baseball Middle/High School
Sprague, Kelly Paraeducator ElementaryEmail Kelly Sprague
Steines, Ryan MS/HS Math, Activities Director, G Golf 2420 Middle/High SchoolEmail Ryan Steines
Stender, John Transportation Dir. 1350 DistrictEmail
Streets, Ryan Industrial Tech 2200 Middle/High SchoolEmail Ryan Streets
Therapy Room, Life Connections 2580 Middle/High School
Therapy Room, OJ 3240 Elementary
Till, Kelsey 2nd Grade 3420 ElementaryEmail | Website Kelsey Till
Tracy, Charlene Special Education 3460 ElementaryEmail Charlene Tracy
Tubbs, Erika Administrative Asst., School Nutrition Director, PS-5 Student Records Technician 1300 ElementaryEmail Erika Tubbs
Vacek, Joy Paraeducator Middle/High SchoolEmail Joy Vacek
VanAmburg, Christina Paraeducator Middle/High SchoolEmail Christina VanAmburg
Westphal, Jennifer Ag/Science, FFA Advisor 2060 Middle/High SchoolEmail Jennifer Westphal
Wherry, Lisa Bus Driver District
Wiese, Mamie OPPA! Kitchen - Co-Head Cook 3320 Elementary
Willimack, Megan Paraeducator ElementaryEmail Megan Willimack
Workroom, OJ 3300 Elementary
Wright, Elizabeth Interventionist 2400 Middle/High SchoolEmail Elizabeth Wright
Wright, Tim Custodian Middle/High SchoolEmail Tim Wright
Yousse, Jill 6th Grade 2320 Middle/High SchoolEmail Jill Yousse