6th Graders Tour Wyoming Museum

Mrs. Ruley recently took the 6th graders on a field trip to the Wyoming Historical Museum for social studies. Thanks to the museum members who taught our students about their community history.

Dick Fishwild and Byron Freese show 6th graders how corn was husked and shelled in the past at the Wyoming Historical Museum.

Jerilyn Danielson shows 6th graders sewing machines and kitchen appliances at the Wyoming Historical Museum.

Sixth Graders from Midland learned about how a pestle was used in the past by Joyce Fishwild at the Wyoming Historical Museum.

At the Wyoming Historical Museum sixth grade students learned about inventions to stay warm when traveling by buggy or early cars by Jim Eichhorn. 

6th graders enjoy a break at the Wyoming Historical Museum while they learn about what an early pharmacy would have been like.

Mel Haase teaches Midland students about prehistoric stone tools and arrowheads.

Sixth graders “finally learned how to make a decent sundae” at the soda fountain at the Wyoming Historical Museum by Jim Eichhorn.

Jean Oberbreckling shows 6th graders all of the different rooms on the second floor of the Wyoming Historical Museum.